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Random thoughts by a simple girl

Little sisters

11:45, 3/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Most of the people have them, little sisters. I love my little sister, but some times i just hate her... Like yesterday, i am not around and she's touching all my stuff, using my nailpolish, just taking things who are mine... it is so annoying that little sisters copy everything you do and want. And the most hated situation a little sister can create for you, is when a friend of hers come for a sleep over! When there are friends around it looks like they are more annoying then usual.... I just wanted to share this with you guys Let me know how you think about having a little sister ^^

Ed Sheeran

22:36, 2/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Ed Sheeran, who doesn't know him... His music inspires me, makes me think, express the feelings im searching words for! His voice is so beautifull But most of all, he is real, his music is real music, no beats made by computer or other mix things, just pure music made by real music instruments! If i listen to music, and hear that someone sings from their hart, is music way more intresting, and meaningfull to me. And i know that his music is real because of the way he sings it. To give an example: The first time i heard the song Give me love, after the first sentence i closed my eyes and i felt chills, i don't have chills often when i listen to music, if music touches me and has a meaning to me i have more the idea that it's music to me. And this is gonna sound cliché but with every single song Ed Sheeran has made, i have this feeling! It's wired but i wanted to share this ^^

These days...

21:37, 2/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
These days it is rare to have true and faithfull friends These days realtionships aren't between two persons anymore These days every girl seem to look the same These days i just get sick of society I hate it that people imitate eachother and that most of the people can't do something by themself... they always want attention and i hate that! Get your own life!

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Little sisters
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These days...


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