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3/5/2006 - Artwork Robert-Willem Dol at Saatchi Digital Gallery London

The artworks of emerging artist Robert-Willem Dol (Amsterdam and London) can be viewed permanently on the Saatchi Digital Gallery! Saatchi Digital Gallery was on BBC News, tuesday 02nd of May 2006: "Saatchi scours web for art talent:" Art mogul Charles Saatchi has turned to the web to hunt new talent after setting up a site for undiscovered artists show off their work. Saatchi, who championed the likes of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin in the 1990s, has launched a Your Gallery section on his Saatchi Gallery website. The site lets collectors and galleries around the world view talent and buy paintings direct from artists. Saatchi is expected to keep a close eye on the site but says the main aim is to help the wider art community. He hopes to offer collectors and artists a way to save money by cutting out art dealers - although dealers can also use the site. "The viability and relevance of the project might also impact on the way that much business is conducted within the art world in the future," a statement said. Stella Vine, Artist: "The internet has helped the art world to break its veneer and initiatives like this make it a little less precious and exclusive." I wish this had been available to me when I first started." Go and see the artworks of Robert-WIllem Dol at Saatchi Digital Gallery: http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/artist/details.php?id=230 http://www.artmajeur.com/robertwillemdol Expand Your Mind.
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