Try to get Dragonica everything to special

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Try to get Dragonica everything to special

Hello players, this Thepowerlevel, glad to meet you here!

Do you often play Dragonica? Are you interested in ordering Dragonica gold? If so, please come here, you will get the best service from us. Then we will introduce you some useful information on teach you how to try to get Dragonica everything to specia given by Culinaryl.

Advance Weapon(Dragonica Online gold)-Acc
Advance Armor-Vit
Advance Wings-Acc

Special Weapon(cheap Dragonica gold)-Acc + Vit
Special Armor-Vit + Int
Special Wings-Acc + Vit

Artifact Weapon - Acc + Vit + Int/Mattk
(Alternative) Artifact Weapon - Acc + Acc + Vit (Weapons can add acc in direct and % meaning it can add +10Acc and also + 5% acc)
Artifact Armor(buy Dragonica gold)-You could save the souls for the accessories and weapon. Vit/Int are already great in armors. But if you must, just go with AGI for the acc bonus.
Artifact Wings-Acc + Vit + Int

Set items really start to shine starting at the lvl 47 one.
There are 2 options highly recommend
-5 Parts Chaos set and the 6th one should be a 1 part set item as Elluman's Crown or Burlunes Mask
-6 Parts Chaos

Attack speed = more important than mattk for you.
The item that all Oracles strive for is White Tooth's Hat.

You're definitely going to want some ACC items. You could save necklaces, rings, belts, etc. for ACC items. Since they add about the same as Armors Does and , Armors provide a much higher bonus in Stats like Int and Agi than accessories does. The main reason for getting ACC is because your normal attack is your main attacks. Skill attacks has a higher chance of hitting a monster or opponent, if you don't get acc, you could end up missing, even if your lvl goes up.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself.



Equipment Stats Information in Dragonica

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Equipment Stats Information in Dragonica

Dear players, welcome to Thepowerlevel!

This details will introduce some Equipment Stats Information in Dragonica, and I got it from other websites. If you want to know some relevant information, please read the following information and enjoy your Dragonica gold.

Don't bother with Str, Int is obviously something you want a lot of but you should go for 30%int 70%vit(1int=about 4mattack, not much, it adds more mp than dmg, but oracles don't need that much mp anyways since their main attack is a normal attack spam(Dragonica Online gold). If you happen to get sets and get the mp recovery bonus though, go ahead and go hardcore 100% vit). Vit will keep you alive longer, you need it.

Vit, you want a lot of this for instant heal. Here you can get cheap Dragonica gold. You need this to stay alive since mages don't have a lot of hp to start with, and you don't have a mp shield Agi isn't bad, if you find something with it, it's better than regular or something with str. Gives some ACC and Evade. Agi doesn't aeffect attack speed or crit rate. You're attack speed it based more off of how good your computer is. Test this out by using your guild buff, to see if you attack faster. If you don't notice any difference at all, and you see other oracles attacking faster than you, then it's just like your computer. If this is the case then just improvise by getting in the Name of The Guild Medal instead of Continental Explorer, and a oracle hat instead of white tooth.

Would you like to buy Dragonica gold? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time. We are online 24 hours everyday.

Thanks for your reading and have a good hunting.


Some Dragonica PvP information(part two)

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Some Dragonica PvP information(part two)

Hello guys, here is Thepowerlevel!

We collect some useful Dragonica PvP information form other websites, hope it could help you. If you are in urgent need of some cheap Dragonica Online gold, welcome to place orders from us, we will deliver the gold at the lowest price in an instant.

Harlequin-Oracles best enemy. They are on pretty even terms. Once you're locked, you're dead. Once they're frogged, they're dead. Skill(Dragonica gold) plays the most important part in this. You could to be wait till they miss one of their skills, since they all last a while, and go in for a frog/flash.

Paladins-1v1 you can't really do anything. Here you can get cheap Dragonica gold. Chances are one of your frog or flash is gonna miss and he's gonna escape out of your lock, just for they have a lot of life. All he has to do is lock you once. In team though, you should frog the paladin, and come back to them later. Luck is needed to beat paladins.

Myrmidons-Good match. If they're a lot higher lvl than you, they can probably knock you with their tornado moves, but if you're on equal lvls, they're combos are easily stopped and you can lock them quite easily. Rangers and Trappers both have naturally high evade and 1 launch = dead. 1v1 you can't kill them unless they really suck.

By the way, here you can buy Dragonica gold with the fastest delivery. We promise you will be greatly satisfied here and we are online 24 hours everyday.

Thanks for reading and have fun.

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