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A new mom trying to find her way in a new life

We have lift off!

10:05, 14/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Somewhat years ago, i used to blog a lot. About my life, my worries, my thoughts. Reading back and seeing that glimps of my world back then, i can't help but laugh and think: "oh lord.. Did i really think those were even issues in life?!" 34 years old. Just gave life to the most beautiful little girl. My first. My miracle. In a beautiful house, with a not so beautiful family. I need to fix this, fix my feelings, fix my life. My girl can't grow up as a happy go lucky child with an unhappy mother. I'm living proof of that. I've been beaten down (physically and mentally) so many times in life. Never once complained, but held my head high, made the best out of the situation and walked on. That's what I do best. So i will be damned if i let anyone get me down now. It's game time. Sometimes you'll read something in Dutch, sometimes in English (raised bilingual) some are poems, some are lyrics. It makes no sense at all. As does my life. So it fits the profile, doesn't it? Game on.

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We have lift off!


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