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Visa run2/3/2006

Politics are dragging on in Bkk. New elections on the 2nd of april. a lot of demonstrations against the PM etc. My research includes a bit of this political unrest because of the extensive usage of mobile telephones, PDA's and Internet. Furthermore i am on my way to laos for 4 days to renew my visa. After that i am of to cha'am to conduct some research there at the university.

Its been hard to get into close contact with my respondents but hopefully that will change when i interview more students.


thats it for now


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Well im conducting my research and my first findings are trickling in. The people whom are using the internet in Starbucks are mainly bussines man. round the age of 35. I have been to the KMITL Un i and there the users are mainly students (which is logical). I am focussing more on the University right now because there are more people using it there on a regular basis so it gives me a lot more data. To realy get into the background and social relationships of the respondents is hard because i don't know them, and they are kind of reluctant to tell me anything on a personal level. The political situation in thailand is very interresting at this moment with the PM almost being impeached and a lot of demonstrations going on as well. For more info about that go to bangkok post website.



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On my way21/12/2005

The time has finally arrived for me to leave. On my way to france first and thereafter i will leave for the field.


My research questions are as followed:


What kind of 'public' emerges through the use of wireless internet usage at semi-public places in Bangkok?

- What kind of impact does the usage of wireless internet have on social relationships?

- How does a 'public' define itsself?

- How does a 'public' experience the virtual envirement versus reeel envirement?

- Is there a boundery between online and offline?


For further info about 'publics' read Warner.


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Time is floating away and the research is coming up. Just started writing the research-Proposal and hope to be finished in a couple of weeks

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