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Sol-Tec Timepieces

The last message!!! (for now)

10:06, 13/3/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link



I'm back again. But this time it is for the last time. The project of Sol-Tec is finished.

Last week we did our last tasks and orders. I will now tell you some more about the last 2 weeks.

On Monday there was an exam about Btw and how we could fill in that form, also we had to give a pre-presentation of what we are going to say on the last stock meeting.

On Thursday it was my day to go to the VTI but I couldn't stay there very long. Because I had an appointment with Mr. Pilat and Mr. Stevens (stage mentor). This appointment was @10AM so that's the reason why I couldn't stay that long. The reason for my last visit was to make the last engraved clock's. Unfortunately there were some complications..... The students who would normally helped me where on stage. So now I have to go back another day.


On this week Monday we had another problem. The Clock mechanisms where sold out in the store. So because of the time limit we needed to improvise. So on Tuesday we improvised. On Tuesday we were in Utrecht for the Techni Show. I found an adresse of a store near the Techni Show. So we made a little road trip to the store. Luckily they had everything we needed in the store.


Sorry people but I've got to go, I need to go and study for my exams on Tuesday.

I hope you enjoyed reading everything!!!!

See you soon!!!


Greetz Will

Almost at the end of the line

16:31, 2/3/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello, it’s me again!


I hoped you enjoyed reading the previous entry. In this blog I am going to explain the title "Almost at the end of the line", some highlights about the previous week.


I used the title "Almost at the end of the line" because our little business is almost completed. We are now in the seventh week of our nine weeks.

On Monday we learned how we can fill in a BTW declaration. After some further explanation I now know how to do it correctly.

Another task we had to on Monday was to scour our aluminium plate with the letter five. There were a couple of scratches on it, so we scoured it for some hours. I can say that the result is perfect.

On Thursday I went back to the VTI in beringen to complete the last 2 plates that where ordered. I'm going to try to put the pictures online with the rest of the pictures.

On Friday there was a meeting with Mr. Camps. He wanted to know some more about our activities during the last weeks.

On Saturday we held an open door day, and if you where there you could have seen some of our finished products.


I'm sorry but I've got to go! I'm going to practice some more for the test we have on Monday. Because I can sure use some good points.


Still to come:

Next week, my last update!!

And a couple of weeks later a small update from the stock holders meeting!


Greetz Will

Hello again

20:46, 21/2/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

  Hello I'm back again.

Because of a school holiday and a lot of work it has been a while before we could give you a new update.

In the update for this week I can tell you everything about the engraving, the new pictures and the assignments.

First of all I want to let you know that there are new pictures online. You can find these under "My Photo Album" on the right side of your screen. Here you will find the pictures of the machines we use, our first prototype, and some pictures of clocks we have sold.

In school we had to do some assignments like: Make an eye-catcher, a poster,... Also we needed to search for more information about "starting your own business". At first sight these look like small assignments but it isn't. Especially the eye-catcher is hard work because we first need to find a subject that will interest the people. But enough over this now, let’s talk about the production!

Last week there was a little accident in the VTI. The students started with the engraving on an aluminium plate from 1,5mm thick. Because it wasn't tick enough the whole plate was damaged and we needed to throw it in the bin.

Today I needed to go back to the VTI. Murtaza came with me an hour because he needed to be back in school for is CAD lesson. After a few hours work we did the final touch on the first aluminium plate!!! (See "My Photo Album"  for the result)

Glenn is bringing the new thick aluminium for the new orders tomorrow and I will bring it to the VTI on Monday. (A good reason to be late in school )

Hope you enjoyed the update and if you want some more information, please send a comment and I will try to get back to you asap.

Greetz Will

Ps.: I corrected the previous posts of all spelling errors I could find.

At last production

19:37, 31/1/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

Hello again on my blog!!

This week was a verry good week!

The week is the week that we worked so hard for. The production finally started!!

We worked verry hard on monday yo complete all the orders. It was a lot of work but with our good team we managed to finish almost al the products. Some products we sold on the same day and this gave us a verry good feeling. It was the feeling that we are doing well in our job and it gave our team even more energy!

So the next words that I want to say are for all my fellow students "KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK"

That we have something to show is the best thing of the orders, because most people would like to see the end result first before they buy a product from us.

So people if you want u can all go to " www.sol-tec.be " to place your orders!! In the next week I will place some more pictures online so everybody can see the results of the finished products.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back next week!!

Bye bye

Greetz Will

almost in production

19:26, 25/1/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello it's me again

During this week we had more orders! Enough orders to bring it to the store where they could print it.

We also managed to get the plastic from BAG- Plastics. Thans to the perseverance of our director we have an agreement with the company that we only need to pay for the material and not for work they put in.

This is a good way for us to save money!

In the rest from tis week we taked care of the smaller things like the blocks on the back of the clocks. these blocks can be used to hang the clock on the wall.

Well this was a short tekst to keep u up to date!!

Bye bye greetz Will

The Second Week

20:19, 20/1/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link


Here is an update from the second week!

This week we talked about our orders, what's the best way to get them in production, how soon we can deliver them,....

On thursday I went to the VTI Beringen to bring al the materials for the engraving. But we had a little problem...! The thick material was damaged and the other material was to thin. There are some risks to engrave it in the thin material but the students from VTI would still try to do it!

On monday I will go back and take a look at the results of the engraving. Lets hope it's all good.

But now it's time to go back to work and tomorrow I am going to improve the press bulletin. This is do to tomorrow.

Ps.: Hopefully there will be pictures going online online this week so you all can have a look at it. We will let you know later where you can find them.

Bye Bye

Greetz Will

Let's Get back to business

20:33, 11/1/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello again,

Afther having a great Christmas holiday it's now time for action.

The beginning was a little hard, but we managed to make a planning for the next weeks. The next weeks we need to start the production and we also need to place some ads in newspapers.

Also we need to check all our orders, because everybody is ordering. (It's a good time for business)

On thursday there is a lesson "SPB designing" but after soms arrangements I've come to an agreement with the docent that I can work from my home. Because I am the technical director I need to go to the VTI in Beringen on Thursday to make sure that the production goes well. And if I needed to go to Xios and then to het VTI it would be a waste of time.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back soon!

All Your comments are welcome!

Greetz Will

A small beginning (part 2)

12:47, 7/1/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link


My name is William and during the next 9 weeks I'm going to tell you in this blog some things about my assigment.

The assignment is to make a blog of my Small Business Project witch is called "Sol-Tec".

Sol-tec is a company where we design personal clock's. And an extra thing we do is make sure the clock's are good for the enviroment. This is because we put little solar pannels in the clocks, therefore you never have to change your battery again. Trough the solar beams of the sun the rechargeble battery can reload automaticly.

So This was a small text to warm you up for the rest that is comming!!!


Pictures are on there way!! (but first i need to have everyone's promition)

PS.: If you wonder why the title is called "part 2"? This is because i lost the password for my old blog!

Greetz Will

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