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Rest In Peace Dear Sonjo


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I remember the time when you came with us, a lot of years ago.

I thought you were a nice pony, and I was sure when I had had a ride with you.

In the beginning you were distant, reticent and hard,

But you had had a hard life behind your back at the moment.

Fortunately, Antionette took care of you and gave you love,

She vouched your luck here with us on the riding school.

But in spite of that I was still thinking you are the cutest pony I ever med.

Because you are simply the nicest Sonjo that exists.

You were that fast pony that I have to ride without a whip,

So I can avoid a faster running Sonjo.


On my birthday I always chose the same pony,

That pretty, from time to time annoying, Sonjo with her fast speed.

Sometimes, you went to ghost ride or you ran at a strech,

However, I have learned a lot from you and I’m grateful to you.


When I want to participate to the horse competition,

I chose for you of course, without some uncertainty.

I participated with you for the fun I felt inside,

Without the intention to win a price with you.

But last year you went right in the left gallop,

At that time you were my winner and I thought you were the best.


You had to had to ride more and more in the beginner lessons,

So I can’t ride on you in my own lessons anymore.

The last lesson with you, was on my birthday on 13-09-2008,

This lesson was too much for you and it took a lot of strength.


Suddenly, your fur was beginning to curl more and more,

You soon had hot and you had much less power.

Eventually, there appeared that you had the disease of Cushing,

I was scared myself, because I didn’t expect this.

Last year I could ride you each Thursday for my own,

I noticed that your condition deteriorated and that you suffered.

You weren’t anymore that fast and tough pony,

But a suffering pony that lived from day to day.

In week 11 of 2009, you couldn’t longer ride in the lessons,

Because you were weak and your strengths had decreased.


On 14-03-2009 I had had a walk with you in the box outside,

I suspected that the end of your live had come soon.

On 18-3-2009 I said goodbye to you all day long,

And I have made clear to you, that I won’t forget you!

On 19-03-2009 is the day that made an end to your pain,

It ensured that you can live a life without any pain now.


I speak for everybody who where loving you:

Dear Sonjo rest in peace and thanks for all the wonderful years!

Posted: 13:39, 5/4/2009
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