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Steven Hauwkin's Blog

Hi, i'm Steven and i come from Canada. Here i'm gonna discuss with some newsfacts and use it like a diary.

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Who am i?

Posted at 21:02, 21/3/2012

Regina - Hello peeps, today i'm gonna tell you something about me. I'm gonna tell something about my hobby's, interests and my school. Since i was a kid i liked soccer very much. I play soccer for ten years now. I still can't get enough of it. I've been champion for three times. My position is central midfielder, control the game. Next to soccer, i'm also interested in music, games and the news. Every day when i'm on my computer, i will listen to music. And i also love to play games. Most of the time, soccer games. FIFA12 or Football Manager 2012. I'm kinda addicted. And i also love to follow the news and write some articles. This year i'm following Marketing and Communication as education. I'm in the second grade now, next year i will graduade after that i'm gonna look for an education in Journalism. Someday i will hope to be a newsreporter or make a worldtrip. What am i gonna post on this blog? I'm gonna post everyday and tell about my day and what is going around in the world. I'm gonna discuss this with you. Have fun with reading Steven
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