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A new beginning...

Posted on 5/9/2009 at 13:26


In the beginning there was nothing... No space, no time, no nothing... That's where I'm at now. After losing my dreams, hopes, my everything, I'm at a new beginning... One would think that losing and having nothing is a bad thing. But I'm embracing this new beginning, from nothing something new can emerge... In this blog I want too share my new adventure. I don't think that from now on everything is going to be perfect, but I know this new beginning isn't handed to me for nothing... It's a new chance, a new possibility, a new way to take responsibility for things gone wrong in the past...

Who am I? Well I already told you, I was nothing... But after that big bang, I came into this world aware of everything I wasn't. I probably don't have to tell you how frightening it can be to be so aware of everything you aren't... I was afraid of being different, of not fitting in... So what you do? You overcompensate every aspect of yourself you deem unworthy, or should I say you think others deem unworthy in you... Like an insecure star you try too shine more light then that you really possess.. You want to be seen, want to attract some attention too you... But in doing so you are denying something very important...

Denying yourself, denying the essence of who you are, is like taking poison... It's like running away from your own shadow... It's seemingly impossible cause you are who you are... So what's the other thing we do? We create behaviour we think we need to survive... We create a reality and adapt that reality every time we get hurt, dissapointed, upset, angry, jealous, and so on...

Maybe from this nothingness something new, something pure can manifest. This is my new dream, my new hope... That in this new journey I'll digg deeper... It might sounds a little obscure now... But this is a process... From nothing something will be born... Follow me into what it is that's going to be created here... To be honoust, even I can't tell what it is going to be... But I can tell you one thing: All aspects of life will pass the revue here... In a nonlogical order... This is going to be my journal, my life, my all...

Peace, RST

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