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Diary from a vampire Home | Profile | Archives | Friends
I am a vamire not just a ordinary vampire. I can turn into a wolf for example that is because of my true parents. I got other parts. Just name a creature and mabey i am that creature.

This is who i am18/10/2017

i′m Juliette Hale/Salvatore. I′m the most creatures you can think of. Vampire? Yes. Werewolf? Yes. Hellhound? Yes. Kitsune?Yes. I live with my parents Ana and Ulissis. My brothers Damon, Stefan and Jesper. My grandparents Maria and Dracula. I live with the wives of my a brothers. Damons wife, Elena Salvatore–Gilbert. Stefans wife, Carolne Salvatore–Forbs. Jespers wife, Cytlyn Dunbar–Salvatore And i live with Jermey Gilbert. One of my friends. He is Elena′s litte brother. Elena couldn′t leave him behind. In their old house has too many bad things happend. Their parents lived there now they are dead. Their aunt lived there now she is dead. Their aunts boyfriend lived their now he is dead. Elena couln′t let him live in that house so he came live with us. A lot of people ask isn′t your house full enough? We say no in this home we have lived with more than we do now so no our house is not full. Sometimes comes my real brother Derek and then he stayes for a day or four. Besides i′m almost not in the house. I mostly am with my boyfriend (Theo) in Beacon Hills in Derek′s loft. We could stay ther that′s what he said before he left. In Mystic Falls i don′t have much friends. In Beacon Hills i do have plenty of friends. Scott, Stiles, Kira ( she left but still she is my friend ), Jackson, Ethan, Aiden ( dead but was a friend), Allison ( dead but was a friend ) Lydia, Nolan, Mr. Argent, Isaac (left but still a friend) , Liam, Mason, Corey and Malia. Some of them are or used to be before they died Werewolfs (Scott, Ethan Aiden, Liam, Jackson and Isaac).. Some of them are or used to be before they died a Hunter ( Allison, Mr. Argent and Nolan) They are on our side now. Some of them are a Banshee (Lydia), Some of them are Chimera (Corey and Theo). Some of them are Kanima (Jackson). Some of them are Werecayote (Malia). Some are just human beings (Stiles and Mason). They are no hunters. They are normal.

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