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K-on! Merchandise

Posted on 28/10/2009 at 16:19
K-on! an anime series which aired in Japan in April 2009 about 4 high school girls joining theyre Light Music Club is turning out to be one of the series who has the most merchandise released.

Just to give you a quick list

103 figurines are being released in the next few months, several apparel stuff, good luck charms with Mio and Yui and even instuments like castanets, tambourines and drum sticks and dont forget about the cd's

Mobip K-on Action figures

Mugi and Yui will be released in October Mio and Ritsu will be released in November

Instant order for me :)

Plush dolls

Ordered these 2 still thinking about Yui. Mugi Azusa and the other Yui

They will be released in November, December and March 2010

Cd Hokage Tea Time:

T-shirt and  Mio Parka

Ordered the Mio Parka still thinking about the T-shirt it has a gold detail which makes it very tempting to order :)

Last but not least

Drumsticks of Ritsu

If i had a drumset i would definitly buy them
Ive become a huge fan of the series and im trying to collect as must of the PVC figures as possible and other things they make of the series.

What have you already bought or pre ordered of the K-on! Bu girls?

My pre-orders of today

Posted on 27/10/2009 at 08:33
Pre ordered these Nendoroids today

Ritsu Tainaka Nendoroid

Instant get for me K-on is one of favorite anime and already ordered Yui and Mio

Love the little drumkit and the other heads with lumb and without the headband

Cant wait for Mugi and Azusa to complete the K-on Bu

Will be released in February 2010

Lucky Star Konata and Kagami The 65th Saitama Shinbun anniversary ver

When i saw them i just had to get them i love Lucky Star and missed the Comptiq versions

accessories will be recealed in December and  they will be in April 2010

Just in time for my birthday :)


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