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Purple and Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted at 07:05 on 11/9/2013

Looking for inspiration on what your bridesmaids should wear on your big day? If your color palette includes lavender or purple, look no further. Here are some of our favorite purple and lavender bridesmaid dresses straight from the runway.

Ruffled Lilac Dress

Ruffled Lilac Dress: Badgley Mischka, Fall

Bright-Purple Short Dress

Bright-Purple Short Dress: Melissa Sweet, Fall

Chiffon Purple Knee-Length Dress

Chiffon Purple Knee-Length Dress, Magic Dress, Fall

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Prom Dress Trends 2014

Posted at 03:07 on 10/9/2013

Colored dresses have always been a major player for prom, but this year, the brighter the better. The recent surge in neon hued clothing in general is spilling into the prom world, meaning that bold hues are a great way to make a statement. The great thing about this trend is that it can also be combined with other trends, such as peplum or lace. We especially are seeing a presence of bright yet soft/fresh colors through the use of mints and corals.

Chiffon Sweetheart Green Long Prom Dress

Chiffon Sweetheart Green Long Prom Dress

Ombre is huge this season; we see it everywhere, from nail polish designs to hairstyles, and now prom dresses. The ombre can fade from one color to the next, or show a variation of one color.

Ombre Party Dress

For trendy style prom dresses, MagicDress.co.uk short party dress will be your right choice.


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Purple and Sliver Theme Wedding

Posted at 07:50 on 5/9/2013

Purple bridesmaid dresses are very easy to find so straight away it will not be difficult for you to find the perfect ones for your big day and also at a reasonable price. Pale purples through to dark purples can contrast stunningly with the purity of the brides white dress. So with this in mind why not add it to the beauty of your day.

sliver and purple wedding

purple and grey wedding

Sliver: http://bit.ly/1akWIiI

Purple: http://bit.ly/14lLo3l

Be careful which colors to match it with, depending on the shade of purple depends on what color best suits it. Shy away from bold, brash colors as these with not work well with the elegance of purple. Purple is contrasted beautifully with silver which is usually a favorite color for weddings. Why not choose silver high heels for your bridesmaids? The shoes and dress will look amazing together and will also give your bridesmaid a sense of femininity. Purple works at its best when matched with silver so accessories your bridesmaids with a silver hair piece, earrings, necklace and shoes. Lipstick shades are also important. Purple dresses can work better with neutral colors so stay away from that bright red lippy.

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2013 Hot Sale Blue Long Prom Dresses

Posted at 04:11 on 3/9/2013

At the end of summer, in 2013, half the time has passed, but do your know what the exactly prom trends in 2013? I recently find a dress which hot sale online, it may contain many of the trends, beaded, sweetheart, Ruffle... Simple but special... I will show it to you and please tell me which part do you love. Of course, if you have any ideas about “this is not so good for me”, just tell me why, I want to know what in your mind about the dress, thanks girls.

Taffeta Sweetheart Blue A-Line Long Prom Dress

By the way, this dress is from: Magic Dress UK.

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Magic Emma Stone Styles Throughout the Years

Posted at 10:23 on 16/4/2013 in Magic Dress
When it comes to the red carpet, you can always be certain that Emma Stone will find a way into our top picks. The 22-year-old actress is set to accept the MTV Trailerblazer Award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! There is something magical about Emmas - and we aren't talking about Hogwarts magic. One year after Emma Stone accepted the MTV Trailerblazer Award, Emma Watson takes the title! Since her 2007 big-screen debut in "Superbad," her red carpets are "super good.this natural beauty has always been on our radar and she just keeps getting better with age; whether she's sporting her luscious red roots or glowing with golden locks, we absolutely love everything she does. With an affinity for a more neutral muted palette, she has often caught us off-guard with a vibrant colored ensemble. From thigh-skimming mini dresses to curve-hugging floor length gowns, the new Revlon ambassador makes every outfit work. Either way, we like it all! Take a look back at her style throughout the years. She adds cool touches to classic pieces for looks with huge personality. Click here to see how to use her fashion math: Magic Emma Stone Style .

Sometimes we see celebs' clothes and we're so in love we catch ourselves devising elaborate plans to raid their closets (or at least put together a similar ensemble at the mall). Other times though, we see a famous face where something that would totally make us blush - in a bad way. We want to know your opinion on these Emma Stone styles. Please let me know without hesitation.
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Styles aren't Made to Last in Fast Fashion

Posted at 08:59 on 13/3/2013
"You see some products and it's just garbage. It's just crap, and you sort of fold it up and you think, yeah, you're going to wear it Saturday night to your party -and then it's literally going to fall apart. - Simon Collins, dean of fashion, Parsons The New School for Design

When she got out of college and moved to New York, Elizabeth Cline liked to shop at vintage-clothing stores. They were the kinds of places tucked away on side streets in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where a lot of hunting and a little luck might reward you with a great, inexpensive cocktail dress that no one else had.

Then she discovered the world of "fast fashion" - chains like Forever 21, H&M and Zara-and it redefined her whole notion of bargain shopping.

"The products are very, very cheap," says Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. "The design is pretty attractive. And if you walk into the store, I think, for a lot of consumers, it's virtually impossible to walk out empty-handed."

"We want to surprise the customers," says Margareta van den Bosch, the company's hugely influential style adviser. "We want to have something exciting. And if it's all the time hanging the same things there, it is not so exciting, I think."

Prices at stores like Forever 21 are so low, "it's virtually impossible to walk out empty-handed," says Elizabeth Cline, who writes about fast fashion. How can these stores make so much money selling $10 shirts? Mostly because of volume.

Poor quality has turned the fast fashion label into something of a pejorative, so much so that chains like Uniqlo and H&M now reject the term altogether. The industry will no doubt adapt over time, but the days when fashion gets faster and cheaper every year are probably at an end.
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Tips Guaranteed to Have You Shining Bright

Posted at 06:33 on 19/2/2013 in Cocktail Dresses
Sequins can add a touch of sparkle to a long formal gown or they can completely cover a short cocktail mini dress. Whatever length or style you choose you will find that a sequins dress makes any night a special occasion. Sequin dresses has a huge variety of dresses ranging from beaded evening gowns and couture dresses to magic dress uk cheap cocktail dresses with beaded trim and sexy little black dresses.

Sally McGraw, blogger and founder of AlreadyPretty, had some advice on choosing the right sparkles for your shape: "Since sequins sparkle and shine, they attract the eye. If you're self-conscious about a particular body part -- your hips, your midsection, your arms -- consider a dress design that features sequins elsewhere. For instance, a woman who would prefer to downplay her hips could seek out a dress with a sequined bodice and sleeves but a matte, sequin-free skirt. Direct attention to the aspects of your figure that you love with strategic sequin placement." "A sequin clutch adds a lot of glamour." Adds Kalli Mehra of Kokommo, "A chic sequinned bag is a must have to make a simple outfit look smart. Bags with dull sequins give a very antique and vintage look." So girls, get ready to rock that party!

Also, remember to wear one sequined item at a time. Since sequins are such bold pieces, always remember to go minimal on your accessories and makeup, if you want to make a stylish impact. Complete your look with small Swarovski earrings and a classy box clutch. Whether you are wearing the magicdress.co.uk cocktail dresses uk or floor-length evening gowns, an important tip to keep in mind is to use tone-on-tone sequins, i.e. black on a black base, white on a white base, etc. If it is a completely sequined fabric, a non-voluminous, classy silhouette will make a lot of difference in toning it down.
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2013 Highly Appeared Prom Gown Color: Pink

Posted at 08:57 on 31/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
Prom is an once-in-a-lifetime event and unforgettable prom events call for equally unforgettable prom dresses. What does your dream prom gown look like? Are there ruffles? Lace? Is it long or short? Which color?

The color you choose for your prom gown is very critical. The dress's color can match the colors of the school, if the school's colors are black and white, the dress can be black and white, or the prom dress can match the color of the prom; spring formals can be pink and pastels, ocean themes can be blues and greens, etc. Even when choosing a prom dress color that matches a prom theme, the color should also complement the wearer's own skin tone. Of course, some girls just don't look good in pink, while others will brighten up and glow in pink. But pink magicdress.co.uk prom dresses uk are really popular and gorgeous, it is highly appeared and the right gown can change you from prom young lady to make a young lady into a feminine and it is very simple to put on as it shows perfect with most skin and hair colors. So if you are searching to get a color which is on the part of style, nobleness, attraction and secret, there is no doubt it belongs to pink.

To really be outstanding from all the people and reveal your own beauty, catch everybody's eyes with a popular pink gown. Steer clear of pale pink and other light shades, provide you a great appearance. Swerve to the bold end of the color and lipstick pink to reveal a more feminine message. Nevertheless, if you choose a light pink, be certain that the style you choose is flattering and suit the color. So, if you desire to have pink to the party, just think about the color and style of your gown carefully. To make a dauntless, outstanding statement goes for something in popular color- pink. However, the most significant accessorize with silvery metallic, makeup and high heels for a more complicated appearance.

Being so gorgeous, pink gowns for prom are also a bit inexpensive than other styles. You can also find some cheap styles. The styles and choices for magic dress uk cheap prom dresses are as varied as the different personalities of those dresses. Choose from a wide variety of styles in vibrant, beautiful colors and color combinations, like the strapless look. Step out onto the dance floor in a hot pink strapless a-line dress or find one that whispers with tulle around the skirt. Look for beautiful shimmery ball gowns available such as ones in baby pink,. Find unique styles of dresses and evening wear including high-low hems, bubble skirts, one-shoulder necklines, and more. This is a great way to choose a formal dress while framing your ideal pair of dressy sandals. You can buy dozens of styles and numerous colors online, and for pink cheap dresses www.1.macys.com is really a one-stop prom shop.
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2013 Long Prom Dresses is Hot

Posted at 08:33 on 29/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet have inspired designers of prom dresses 2013 to offer so many beautiful and sophisticated dresses. Among the key fashion trends are ruffles, sparkle of sequins, sheer fabrics, chiffon and lace. But have you realized that almost celebrities prefer long dresses style. YES! Long dresses is more elegant than short.

For kids, we had no idea of what was going on in fashion around the world back then. Newspapers didn't feature much fashion. Magazines were expensive and at the tender age of 16, Teen Beat was the only title worth saving for. All we knew about clothes, we got from what we saw on our classmates -- classmates who either wore elephant pants and baseball caps, or, at the other end of high school's social spectrum, tube tops held up by next to nothing. After Halloween, it seems prom is the next best excuse to dress scantily, but you must resist.

Dress.vponsale.co.uk, a professional online retailer of formal wear, announces the launch of 2013 prom dresses promotion for Valentine's Day, and all the fantastic new products are offered with 10% discount during this period. Such a good news and if you know it, you will find more long styles dresses on their website, not short, so does other famous prom dress shops. Valentine's Day is an important time every year. An elegant prom dress will be a perfect gift for any woman.
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Party Food Ideas on a Budget

Posted at 08:36 on 28/1/2013 in Party Planning
Are you about to throw a party? You don't have to scrimp on festive food to stick to your budget, you probably want some easy party food ideas to please your guests. Get your party started with easy and delicious finger foods. These crowd-thrilling party foods are simple to make - and so tasty guests will think you slaved hours over them. So you can have enough time to find a perfect formal dress or a slack suit to wear in the party.

Picadillo Poppers
Hot and hearty, these appetizers are easy to make on the grill or in the broiler. Filled with ground beef, Spanish rice, cheese, raisins, and olives, the stuffed jalapeno peppers are bite-size bursts of flavor.

Easy Extra: Crab Cakes
Top bite-size cooked (from frozen) crab cakes with a dollop of lemon mayo and thin strips of lemon zest.

Taco Meatballs Recipe
It's all of your favorite taco flavors wrapped up in a meatball! Serve as an appetizer or as an entree with Spanish-style rice on the side. You can even use the mixture as a meatloaf.

If you just invite friends over for casual mid-day brunch and serve quiche with a crisp, refreshing, accessibly priced Washington State Riesling. One of the most versatile, food-friendly whites due to its intrinsic acidity, Riesling can hold its own with the saltiness of the bacon and the overall richness and creaminess of the quiche. From : http://www.myrecipes.com.

Chinese Coca-Cola Wings
Give traditional chicken wings a sweet-spicy attitude with Asian flavoring and a splash of fizzy cola. The saucy goodness is worth using a few napkins. Editor's Tip: To make an easy dip, mix up a second batch of the wings marinade in a small pan. Simmer the sauce until reduced by half, and serve in a small bowl.

Cheese Quesadilla
This is one of the easy party food ideas that you can make up on your own. Get some cheese, and whatever else you would like, and place it in quesadillas. Brown each side until the cheese melts. Cut into triangles.

So many different food for party, have you decide your food lists? Fortunately, you can mix the food no matter your party is formal or casual, just choose food for you taste and the guests' favor, but for dress, you can't mixed. So many cheap party dresses uk can be chosen online, you should know your need very well before you choice one.

Easy Extra: Salsa Dip
In a food processor, combine salsa, cream cheese, and fresh lime juice to make a spicy, creamy dip. Serve with tortilla chips.

Instead of just slicing nature's bounty and spreading it around a platter, transform fresh fruit and vegetables into miniature works of art that can double as table decor. Some simple ideas include: 1. Wrap thin slices of deli meats around scallions to make flower buds. Use a little dab of cheese spread or guacamole to hold the buds in place. 2. Cut bell peppers in half horizontally and scrape out the seeds and membrane. Fill the halves with dip for a natural serving vessel -- no bowl needed!
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Custom Made Evening Gowns Online

Posted at 08:09 on 25/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
Love the dress put up in the store, but can't get it in your size? Want a custom made party dresses fit you well but have no enough money or don't want to spend too mach for a dress that just wear for once?

You can buy online, no matter where are you from, for uk, so many cheap party dresses uk can be found in the website. Maybe you will worried about the quality of the dress online, so before you choose a dress, do some research about the shop. Generally, if the shop is famous or good enough, their customers are glad to share real photos online, or you can just find them and ask for more information that the seller will not tell you. Also you can know them well through their Facebook or Pinterest or Google+. No matter you want a casual party outfits or a evening gowns uk for a very formal party. The quality is as important as the style an color, so make sure to choose a trusted seller. Don't like the dress color on the picture, but love the design? You can also give them your color and get a dress in your favourite color. Even I know a shop can also custom-made dress according to your designs or pictures, which called: MagicDress.

In addition, if you have decide to buy a custom-made evening gowns uk, you should order it at least 20 days before the party, because every stores need a time to make and ship the dress, also, if the dress you buy not so satisfy you, you will have enough time to buy another one.
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2013 Prom Dress Hot Trends

Posted at 07:17 on 24/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
This prom season is all about glitzy and glam dress styles, a look which was indicated on major red carpet shows. It's time to strut your stuff in the latest prom dress selections for the 2013 season.

Rich and beautiful the prom dresses for 2013 are better than ever with the hottest styles to hit the runway in ages. Sequins, beaded gowns, and tons of shimmer are just a few of the most coveted dress trends. Many prom dresses designer have those design and you can also find them on prom dress shops online. Another gorgeous trend is a prom dress with a shorter length that shows off a bit more leg. You can try a demure A-line style with perhaps some mesh wire hemlines or go for a fierce bodycon dress. Try a high-low or illusion skirt—either style is completely on trend, and perfect for your big night. Along with glam and glitzy styles, softer pastel hues are also highly favored. Dresses this season are becoming more angelic with chiffon textures and hues of white, nudes, and soft purple bringing forth the innocent girl next door vibe.

Ombre dresses are your chance to go for fun color on prom night without the crazy prints! Similar colors, like pink and purple or blue and green, create a romantic vibe, while contrasting shades like black and red, are perfect for an edgier style. Metallic colors represent the hottest trend of the moment when it comes to prom dresses, club dresses, evening dresses and New Year's Eve dresses. Designer metallic colors prom dresses are all in high quality, if you want cheap prom dresses, you should not buy a metallic color dress because the quality can't be guaranteed. Golden or silver dresses easily create the Metallic Prom Dress WOW effect. So many magic dress styles and colors can be chosen, have you decide which one is your favourite or how to design your coming prom party? Read carefully and search online or find the hot trends on magazine.
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Choose a Formal High Low Prom Dress

Posted at 02:40 on 22/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
Girls obsessed with the high-low trend because it is so flattering on every body type. Also because it's a fun way to wear a maxi skirt and still show off their legs. There's something playful and flirtatious about this silhouette that makes it appealing to many different people. All of today's hottest prom dress designers have high-low gowns in their lineups. Whether you prefer the style of Sherri Hill, Blush, Terani or another designer.

Plenty of styles include dropped waistlines, which make for flattering and elegant fits. Sweetheart necklines are easy to find, and strapless designs are par for the course. Gorgeous touches like shimmering rhinestones and eye-catching appliques add plenty of allure to some of today's top-selling high-low prom dresses, and a vast selection of colors and materials is also available. For something a little different, you should take a look at one-strap styles and printed dresses too. And for a formal prom party, a long high low formal dress can be found in many places. In addition, many colors can be chosen, purple, pink, red, yellow, black... Any color you want, because many online shops offer "Your Color" service.

Thanks to its unique and cutting-edge style, a high-low prom dress can be accessorized in a number of exciting ways. The bodice will dictate the types of necklaces that will work with this type of dress, or you can match it without a necklace, but just about any high low dresses looks phenomenal with glamorous chandelier earrings. In terms of shoes, practically anything goes. Flats or high heels. To maintain head-to-toe style, you might want to go with a sparkly gladiator sandal or another strappy choice.
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What do You Need to Make a Cocktail?

Posted at 09:57 on 18/1/2013 in Cocktail Dresses
When it comes to creating cocktails, the main thing to remember is that most are based on a combination of a spirit, something sour, and a sweetener. A standard rule of thumb for ration is one for sweet, two for sour, three for strong and four for weak.

Decide on how many cocktails you are making... Are you making yourself just the one or are you planning on having a party with several guests? This will allow you to know the quantity of ice, glasses, ingredients for mixing and garnishing you are going to need.

Making Drinks in Advance. The first time I hosted a cocktail party, I spent most of my time preparing cocktails to order and thus didn't really get to spend time with my guests. The drinks were great, but it prevented me from having much fun. And isn't that what a party is for? Keep this in mind: there are two ways to batch up cocktails in advance: with and without water. A cocktail without juice can be batched up a few days in advance, but citrus juice goes off pretty quickly, so be sure to make any drinks with juice the morning of your party. Ice. One of the most important ingredients to any cocktail. This is usually the one most people forget about as they think a tray in the freezer will be enough. Sadly with cocktail making a fair amount of ice is required. Here in the UK, bags of ice can be bought from any supermarket for 1. An important tip to always remember when making multiple cocktails is to never use the same ice twice. Simple foods. Such as hors d'oeuvres and other finger foods, allow guests to graze throughout the event as they feel the need. Dress Code. It's your party—feel free to go full-on traditional, or mix it up in something short and flirty. Specify what guests should wear on your invitation ("cocktail dresses uk" is foolproof), and if you're having a bridal party, consider putting your own festive spin on the bridesmaids dresses. DJ. If you want a dance party, and piping in your own music from an iPod is out of the question, then book a DJ, as an 8-to-12-piece band would likely overwhelm the venue.
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Shopping Tips for Finding an Appropriate Evening Dress

Posted at 08:41 on 16/1/2013 in Evening Dresses
Whether it is a prom night party or a bride's wedding, there are dresses for all different sorts of occasions. With the wide range of fabrics, colors and styles, you are sure to find the perfect evening dress for you. However, no matter which style of tailored suit you choose from the tone and taste is a significant thing for your formal dress in this season.

The simple, elegant evening gowns uk, made of light satiny fabrics are a favorite of many. These gowns may be strapless or features a V-shaped neckline and spaghetti straps. Today, an evening gown can be a short dress, with a hem landing anywhere between the hips and knees. These dresses are every bit as formal as a floor length gown, generally featuring shiny, satiny fabrics, jeweled beading, dramatic necklines, and vibrant shades of bright colors, blacks, and ivories. In fact, some of these short gowns come with a removable train, offering you the best of long, glamorous evening gowns and short.

Long or short, simple or ornate, brightly colored or featuring simple black and white, real stores or online, there is a wide variety of gowns from which to choose. The world of evening dresses is one of elegance and diversity, giving every woman a chance to feel and look beautiful and elegant, no matter you can only afford the cheap evening dresses uk or a designer dress, like ASOS, Jovani, Simple Dresses.

Once you've chosen a dress, you'll need to choose several other pieces to complete your look. If you're wearing a brightly colored or embellished dress, keep jewelry simple with neutral tones and classic pieces. If your dress is on the plain side, a statement necklace or chandelier earrings can really add life to your special occasion look. If you're wearing a necklace and earrings, don't wear a bracelet. Alternatively if you're wearing a bracelet and earrings, skip the necklace. Unless you're attending a casual event at which ballet flats or sandals might suffice, you should always wear heels. A classic pump is a great choice, especially for more formal occasions. If your dress is making a statement, choose a simple bag. If your look needs a boost, choose a beaded or metallic bag to jazz up your outfit.
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Points You Should Consider Before Purchasing 2013 Prom Dresses

Posted at 10:29 on 14/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
When teenage girls get to high school, they dream big about their prom. Everything has to be perfect, and their dreams are filled with gorgeous dresses. Buying a prom dress is a major part of being a teenage girl-something to anticipate with excitement, not apprehension. It may be long or short, frilly or clingy, but the prom dress should be memorable both for the girl who wears it and for those who see her in it. This is why it is so important to choose a prom gown carefully.

BODY TYPE AND SKIN TONE. Knowing your body type can save you a lot of time because it can narrow down your choices to best suit your body type. For instance, a petite girl may look good in a short dress with ruffles or an asymmetrical hemline, but the same girl will not look good in a floor length dress. Prom dresses are available in many styles, so girls with different body shapes have many options. Typically when you talk about prom dresses, ball gowns come to mind. As the times change, short dresses are becoming more and more popular. Go with the style you feel most comfortable with because it will be a long night. Of course, black looks good in any skin tone whereas white will look even better if your skin is flawless. But knowing your skin tone before trying on dresses will allow you to choose a prom dress better. For cool skin tones will look best in shades of green, purple, and blue. Warm skin tones look great in earth tones like reds, browns, and yellows. Traditional prom dresses are still available in lavenders and pinks. You can also choose dresses in equivalent color, as an example green, magenta, violet, and royal blue. A variety of colors inside a dress is also preferred like those accented with floral, waves, checkered or geometric prints.

FASHION TRENDS. The trends for 2013 prom dresses range from romantic to sexy. Some girls find ruffled dresses are a bit too much, but for 2013, the ruffles lend a romantic yet flirty attitude to any prom dress. From my perspectives, essentially the most fashionable patterns for prom dresses 2013 are going to be these embedded with jewels, beads, sequence also as crisscross. What you'll want to do will be to make your prom dress shine in every single possible way and you are absolutely fit in it. You may stand out within this dress, what's extra it can add an accent of elegance. Sheer prom dresses for 2013 will have interesting cuts with minimal amounts of skin shown for a sexy but still wholesome look. Sequins are also making a comeback in 2013.

ACCESSORIES. No prom outfit would be complete with the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. When going for shoes, keep things light. Black or clear are the best ways to go. More than likely you will be without your footwear most of the night. Having the perfect earrings, necklace, and bracelet is essential to look your best during the big night. Whether you are buying your prom dress online or in the stores, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for adjustments and alterations. Try to buy the dress about 3 months in advance.
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Choosing Long Dresses for an Attractive Evening Look

Posted at 09:50 on 11/1/2013 in Evening Dresses
Evening dress length depends on the formality of the occasion. For semi-formal events, a cocktail dress is fine. For formal "black-tie" events, a tea-length to ballet-length formal dress is appropriate. For most formal "white-tie" events, gowns should be ballet-length or full-length. Debutantes should wear full-length gowns for their debuts.

Modern evening gowns, starting in the 1950s, allow for a shorter hem. While vintage evening gowns fall anywhere from the ankle to mid-calf, the most flattering fall just below or above the knee. Crucial to these shorter gowns is the style, which should be elegant and formal, lest you risk appearing underdressed. Evening gowns traditionally flow to the floor. A proper hem should fall even with the floor, and must be sewn while you wear the shoes intended to be worn with the dress. If not, the hem will be too long and drag on the ground, or too short and expose the feet. There is no strict rule for proper evening gowns length. If you desire a more traditional look, wear a floor-length gown. If you choose a shorter style, the hem should end at a narrow part of your leg, right below or above the knee. This elongates the legs and creates a leaner silhouette. Most importantly, pick a dress that fits your personality.

Evening gowns are available in many designs such as halter, backless, strapless, but by knowing the shape of your body you'll know what gown styles will flatter your body figure. For example, if you're very self-conscious about your wide shoulders, you may want to find something that will slim them down and perhaps add more volume to your hips and thighs to balance out your body shape. With careful planning ahead, you can be the belle of the ball. Begin by deciding on your hairstyle for the event. This may take some weeks to sort out, especially if you need to change hairstyles and learn to manage the new shape.
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How to Throw a Cocktail Party

Posted at 08:31 on 9/1/2013 in Cocktail Dresses
A creative theme can make your party feel special without adding to your budget, and it will help you come up with ideas for food, drinks, and decorations. If you have decided it's time to prepare to host a cocktail party, the first thing you should establish is the tentative guest list. After determining who you would like to attend, you can select a date and time for the party that will fit others' schedules, allowing as many of your invitees as possible to attend. Be sure to include the type of occasion, and the style of attire if necessary. Decide whether your guests would enjoy a casual gathering or a semi formal or formal event. The occasion for which you prepare to host a cocktail party will likely play a role in the level of formality. If you are hosting a gathering of friends or you are having a cocktail party as a birthday or anniversary party, your home can be a good location. A business party or other more formal affair may do better at a reserved room at a restaurant, the office conference room or other outside location. A cocktail party is not supposed to provide a full dinner for guests, so a cocktail party is best held later in the evening, say from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. An evening cocktail party typically also dictates the type of clothing the guests should wear. Simple yet elegant evening gowns uk is normal for an evening party. A woman should wear a simple dress or cocktail dresses uk pantsuit with minimal accessories while a man can wear anything from a suit to a casual blazer and slacks. A weekend afternoon is another fine time for a cocktail party, and the attire can be a little more casual.

Decorate with table linens, candles and simple floral arrangements. The complexity of the arrangements and quality of the linens should reflect the formality of the event. One of the trickiest parts of planning a party is knowing how much glassware to have on hand. First, consider simplifying your drinks menu. Make sure to provide a good selection, as well as offering non-alcoholic beverages for guests who do not wish to imbibe, but don't want to stand out. Another option to consider as you prepare to host a cocktail party is hiring a bartender who is capable of ordering liquor, wine, mixers, and everything else you will need, and is also able to set up an attractive yet functional bar. Some light finger food is recommended however, not just to live up to your Responsible Host duties, but also to add to the theme. Little spring rolls, a bowl full of wasabi peas, perhaps an antipasto platter with olives, sundried tomatoes, salami and cheese. Make sure you've got a good mix of music. Start with something upbeat to get people chatting, mixed with some classy mellow tunes.

Dress appropriately to welcome your guests. You are the first person your guests will see, so it's important to make a good first impression. It doesn't matter how nicely the party is decorated if you look disheveled or drab. If you indicated on the invitations that it would be a formal event, you should wear a formal dress; in fact, you're better off being overdressed than underdressed.
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Color of Your Prom Dress is Very Important

Posted at 07:07 on 8/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
The color of the dress is important. With prom dresses, the color choices are endless. With others formal dress, such as bridesmaid dresses you might not get to choose from a wide variety of colors. There are light colors such as light pink, yellow, white, light beige, lavender, mint green, and many others. There are darker colors such as black, silver, gold, burgundy, dark blue, and dark green. The key to finding the right color is one secret to how to choose a prom dress so you can match the color with your skin tone, hair color, and body shape. Your skin tone probably is the most important factor in determining what dress colors would look best on you. Try different colored dresses while standing in the most natural light possible, and note which ones make your skin look bright and not washed out.

The dress's color can match the colors of the school—if the school's colors are black and white, the dress can be black and white—or the prom dress can match the color of the prom—spring formals can be pink and pastels, ocean themes can be blues and greens, etc. Even when choosing a prom dress color that matches a theme, the color should also available is to each of the four seasons. Winter colors are stark and vibrant, think of a bare tree against the snow, showing the bright berries underneath, the bouquet colors of spring, the pale shades of summer and the muted colors of autumn are all easy to imagine.

Some colors make plus size women look smaller (black, bright, or dark colors) while other colors can make them look larger (light colors). The same goes for someone who wants to appear fuller figured in certain spots. Choose a color and design that look great with your particular figure. And keep in mind that what looks great on your friend might not look good on you.

If you still can't decide, then think about the clothes in your closet. What color or colors do you wear most often, and what colors are you drawn to when shopping for new items? You know what looks good on you, so use that knowledge to pick your prom dress color.
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Buy a Formal Prom Dress Online 2013

Posted at 07:52 on 6/1/2013 in Prom Dresses
Prom is just around the corner, which means it's time to start looking for that magic prom dresses. First, you should start browsing through the different silhouettes, necklines, colors and patterns. If you hail from a small town hours away from the closest dress boutique, don't fret. The internet is overflowing with formal dresses, especially around this time of the year. On the other hand, which stores provide dresses of high quality particularly for your very own prom? Do you have some knowledge of where these shops can be found? Here I want to share the top online prom dress shops information with you. The word formal when used in a fashion context does not only refer to the nature of consumerism but can relate to the design and cut of the dress as well. To make the best decision when it comes to buying a formal prom dress, all you need is to know exactly what type of dresses are at your fingertips. The best formal prom dresses are those that will make you feel gorgeous and display those parts that contribute to your amazing image. It will make you feel even more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

1. eBay An untapped resource when it comes to formalwear, you never know what you might find on eBay. The site has an impressive collection of vintage dresses and designer gowns, but be patient - a lot of "digging" is necessary to find your perfect frock. 2. eDressMe One of the most comprehensive dress shops online. Not only does eDressMe have a wide selection of typical prom dresses, but they carry many red carpet-worthy eveningwear designers like BCBG, Betsy Johnson, Anna Sui, and Rebecca Taylor. 3. Promgirl Look through these gorgeous prom frocks by price point, body type, color, designer, or event. If you don't discover your dream dress, take advantage of Promgirl.com's unique "design your own dress" feature that let's your concoct your own creation. 4. Nordstrom With free shipping and free returns, Nordies customer service simply can't be beat. Their prom dresses aren't too shabby, either. You can find fabulous options under $70 alongside designer dresses from labels like Nicole Miller and BCBG. 5. MagicDress Magicdress.co.uk is a dress online shop. You can browse many kinds of party dresses, which range from different events to celebrity style, and these dresses combine perfect styling with bright color, beautiful fabrics and detailed finishing. They offers only the highest quality products & service, allowing customers to shop with confidence.

The world wide web can also be a place for you to search for a dress on the upcoming formal event. All you need to do is key in the outfit you like and your screen will show all sorts of names of the stores which sells your chosen clothing item. Additionally, it's completely your choice which one you would get from them. I guarantee that you'll look and feel like the belle of the ball when you arrive in a stylish formal dress! No more do prom dresses have to be long dresses—they can also be short and chic! You'll look more beautiful than you ever imagined.
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