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That Girl Dialy 

Hot Day 24-05-2012

22:28, 24/5/2012  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Today, was a very hot day. Just like yesterday and the day before. And it's not even summer! I can't wait for the summer! I want to swim all day and party all night! But I also need to work a lot of days! Thats really sad for me. Because I work in a Supermarket and that means I can't enjoy the heat of a Summer Day! I work inside.. :( Sometimes I feel very sad, not because of my stupid job, but because I feel alone sometimes and I know more people feel that way. But I have friends, but they are not even interessted in me. Is that because of me? Am I to different? Or just weird? I feel really stupid when I am not saying a word to them if they are asking me something. I know I don't speak and write very good english, but hee! I the new guy! And don't juged me because of that! I am just doing my best. Nobody is perfect. And I am really sure you feel sometines alone too! So I am not the only one.

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Hot Day 24-05-2012


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