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ADO The Hague


Posted in Unspecified

I give my opinion in the last 11 blogs of ADO The Hague. I thought it was amusing to share my knowledge and I thought it was amusing to make a blog. I did get a little bit more cognition in this section and about my hobby (to support ADO).


I wrote in my blogs every time a little bit about important things from inside and outside the club. My blogs were based on facts and on mine opinion.


In the last few years the policy has been changed and this is really good for ADO. The organisation brings everything back on their feet and works piece by piece to make the things from the inside good for the outside.


Every week things get increased. It isn’t always about the players or the board, but it’s about ADO. Every person inside the club needs to make the best of the club and when this was done, ADO can build a strong team.


After all I’m glad Mark van der Kallen helps ADO with the finance. Without this man I think ADO didn’t exist anymore. At the very begin I had my doubts about Mark van der Kallen, but in the end I’m really glad he came. I can take back my words from the begin.


I hope you enjoyed my story about ADO The Hague. It was a pleasure to tell my story and point of view to the rest of the world about ADO.

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Changes I would like to make for the club.

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Every day it gets better with ADO, but there are more possibility’s. The team and the organisation are settled and is well regulated. Now ADO has to work further for more possibility’s to get some extra earnings.


There can be arranged a lot more at the marketing. The product can promote ADO better. There must be more communicate with the supporters and ADO needs to involve the supporters more. The supporters take care of the club, because when there are no supporters, there is no club. That’s why ADO needs to show their appreciation.


Further I think the catering in the club can be better. Van der Kallen brings his own catering in to the club. The bread is every week finished or cold and the coffee isn’t nice. This screwed up the idea of a nice sandwich and a nice cup of coffee.


I think ADO can arrange more to make it a lot more fun for the supporters. They need to give more appreciation to show that the supporters are doing great. They can organize par example an extra fan day.


Sometimes I ask myself if the sales policy can’t do it better. There are very often players on trial, while people know they aren’t going to bring a value to ADO. ADO needs to change the ways she is buying her football players, the club needs to go on with the youth players.  I think they need to make a better contract and they need to take care that the youth players won’t go away without a transfer. After this year there are 3 based players who aren’t sold to an other club or did get an offer of ADO to play longer with them. Those players are free to go and won’t bring up some money.


If all these little stuff can be arranged, I’ll have faith and I’ll be happy.

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Communication supporters/fan club/organisation.

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After all those years of disorder and ruin, they made a deal with a group of supporters that they are the intermediaries between the board and the supporters. Piece by piece both groups get faith in each other. They need each other, without a good co-operation there will be no ADO any more.


The fansupport, like the intermediaries are called, arrange every environment action, like new club songs and banners. They put a lot of money and time in the club. Now that the communication is better are there less drama.


The club and the board has their wishes and ideas, but the supporters do to. That’s why it’s important to find a way to make everybody happy. Fortunate they get along with each other and is the communication much better.


There is a kids club where children can apply to do stuff. There are also open days. These days are a lot of fun. People can walk with the players or they can take penalty’s in the stadium. They can also get an autograph from their favourite players. The parents are proud of their children and ADO feels like home. It’s safe and reliable. There is no fear and everybody is welcome, unless they aren’t decent and show bad behaviour.

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ADO was almost always negative in the news, this was with the help of the vandalism, governance scandals and the almost bankruptcy. Because of the negative, they weren’t a favourite with the politics. The municipality has to jump in with the finance. At some point they thought it was enough, everybody was trough with ADO. Now when it’s going better with ADO and their finance, they can serve beer again and supporters without a personal card can come to the games.


ADO does a lot in the sector politics and social. They do everything to get back on their feet, get a good name and getting involved with their audience.


Like I said before, ADO is more than just football. Football players goes to schools to talk about bullying and what it’s like to be a football player. ADO participate with foundations and there is a plan for New Year’s Eve. They would like to let the players be a cop on this evening. This plan is still in consultation with the Cabinet. They think ADO will get a lot of respect from the people. ADO helps also with the safety and with the politics.


ADO gets more appreciation and they are already awarded to most social club of the year. In about 2 weeks the municipality The Hague can thanks to ADO be awarded to sport municipality of the year.

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Since the new stadium, ADO has a new and bigger fan shop than before. They sell  scarfs, shirts, tracksuits, caps etc. They sell everything you can think of. Not only the fan shop in this stadium sell ADO stuff, but there are also a lot of stores who sell stuff of ADO.


The merchandising brings the club a better name by the youth and other interested people.  It yield ADO a certain profit percentage. If the club does it very well, there will be bought a lot of merchandising.


Since this year is ADO switched to an other clothing sponsor. First it was Hummel and now is EREA the sponsor. They switched from clothing sponsor, because they didn’t get any money from Hummel when there was a shirt sold, but now things are changed and they get 20 euro per shirt from the new sponsor. The shirts are 65 euro per piece. EREA isn’t a well-known brand, but it yield a lot of more money than before.


ADO make nowadays also shirts for special occasions. They also make a lot of merchandising for business man. Business man doesn’t walk in a green-yellow suit, but they thought of something smart, they decided to make a logo in the collar of their suits or on their tie. They think it’s nice.


I think that the merchandising is regulated very well. There are a enough outlets and there is also a fan bus, who tours with ADO stuff. The youth is crazy about the shirts, definitely with a autograph from their favourite player on the back of the shirt. When ADO decided to use merchandising intensive, they make a lot of money. Definitely when they took EREA as sponsor.

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Transfer market.

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Every year a football club has 3 months to buy and sell players. The months are slashed from 1 July till 31 August and 23 December till 23 Januari. These periods are very exciting for football clubs. Most of the transfers are at the last moment. This is detrimental because you can lose your best player and you need to change the system of the game you had discussed. At this moment is it very excited, because there are a few days left before the market is closing.


If ADO loses their best players, they can forget about the Europe League next year.


Selling players is pretty difficult, because other clubs pay a price compared to their salary. ADO has low salary prices, so they can’t ask a high price for a player. ADO can’t also buy expensive players, because they have a low budget. ADO must be always creative on the transfer market. They try to hire talents by big clubs for experience, because they aren’t good enough.


An other way is to get players out a lower League, this is ADO doing since last year. What they did before was not helpful, I think. They took transfer free players without a contract, but they paid them a significantly salary.


An other mark what I think was moderate, is the contract who are really short. They signed young players for a short time. How shorter the contract, how lower the selling price. It happens regularly that players go away for free, because their contract was ended. They need to give young players a longer contract without clauses. The players get more self-confidence because of this and thanks to the self-confidence they can achieve much more.


An other way to let the players achieve better is to give them bonuses when they achieve an eight place, or higher.

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When we talk about marketing, everybody thinks of advertising. Marketing is much more than just advertising. Marketing is the requirement to satisfy the consumer. ADO must first respond to the requirement of the consumer (supporter). The consumer wants to see a game and be entertained.



The product what ADO offers is the game. The competition isn’t only other footballclubs, but also other pursuits who entertain people like other sports or concerts.



The price is the ticket you need to buy to see the game in real life or the price you pay to see the game on TV. It’s the consumers choice. Not everybody wants to pay a lot of money to see a game in real life.



Promotion is very important. Every football club in the Eredivisie makes publicity together. They do this for example by starting a campaign with football cards, which you can collect. Sponsors like Albert Heijn helps also with the publicity. The massive promotion is not enough, so ADO needs to make local advertising. ADO has in The Hague a lot of posters, there are also deals like the second ticket for only 5 euros. Season card holders gets 7 of the 17 games free. This is a promotion ADO performs.



You can follow the games of ADO on different ways. There is a possibility to see the game in the stadium. There are a lot of places you can sit in the stadium as supporter. You can also watch the game from your own seat or in a pub on a large screen. The consumer can decide where he/she wants to follow the game.


The marketing isn’t only the marketing mix, but exist out a lot of more things. These aspects is ADO missing and they can improve this. It’s for example very important to build a good relation with the supporters who pays a lot of money for the games (on screen and off screen). The service ADO is offering can be improved, but all in time.

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On commercial is where there also a lot of changes. ADO The Hague is more than a club who plays a game for 90 minutes. There are a lot more factors important to let the players achieve the 90 minutes of playing football. General director van Driesbergen and commercial director Dick Vierling take care of the commercial policy. They manage the income and the expenditure. What I already told before in my blogs was that there was more expenditure than income. Dick Vierling and Cees Driesbergen won’t expend an euro too much and they save on energy.


The new stadium cost a lot of money and they had to borrow some money for it. This debt will be paid piece by piece. The games are nowadays sold out, this is good because it produces a lot of money instead of on cost.


ADO has a budget of 13,2 million euros. For about 8 million euro’s goes to the salary of players and trainers and it goes to hire or buying players. Not only the players and trainers must be paid, but the directors and all the other employees must be paid to.


Since 2 years ADO has a catering service who produce about 500.000 euros extra. The parking tickets, who cost 10 euros, produces also a lot of money.


There are a lot of office parties and nowadays there are a lot of concerts in this stadium. All this extra money goes straight to the debt sanitation.


The supporters thinks it is strange the club isn’t buying big players while the finances are much better than before. The board explained the situation, they want the club to be back on the track before they do big investments. If the debts are paid off, they will think about the investments of buying big players. I think this is a good plan, because the supporters must realize that ADO must be stable to buy some great players and getting in the top 5 of the highest division. If ADO gets in this category, so playing every year in the top 5 of the highest division, they get a lot of money because they can sell the images of the game to television stations and they can get money from Europa League or Champions League. The Champions League can produce an amount of some tons or maybe even million euros.

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The stadium and its facilities.

Posted in Unspecified
Since 2007 has ADO a new stadium. The name of this stadium was Forepark. This was the name because it’s the name of the area of this stadium. The supporters named the stadium Aad Mansveld stadium, because Aad Mansvels is one of the best players ADO had in all the years. This year bought a Japanese sponsor the name of this stadium. The name of the stadium is now Kyocera Stadion. ADO made a lot of money when they let Kyocera buying the name. Kyocera paid approximately 1 million euros.


Why did ADO gets a new stadium? It’s easy, they wanted to be a bigger club and the old stadium was too dangerous and too small for this plan. The Kyocera Stadion is one of the safest stadiums with cameras everywhere. They have very good facilities for the players and supporters. There are 24 business rooms, this is for businessman who can give parties after the games or they can use it as office.


The stadium has a capacity of 15.500 and recently every game is sold out. The changing rooms are very luxury, just like the massage room.  Every game is there a large buffet for sponsors. There is a gym in the stadium for supporters. There is a rate of 15,95 euros per month to fitness unlimited.


Since the new stadium is the sociability disappeared, but since then there is no such thing as vandalism any more. An even greater asset is that there are lot of sponsors who wants to sponsor the club. There are now electric billboards who are big. Sponsors can use this billboards for their advertisements. Thanks to the decrease of vandalism and additional sponsors has ADO made a lot of money in 2 years.

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Posted in Unspecified
In this piece I would like to tell about the organisation of the club. The organisation is since the practically failure totally changed. Previously was every department for itself, nobody thought of anybody else and there was no structure. The club bought players who hasn’t any adding to the club. They were also very expensive. The club was almost bankrupt in December 2008 because of this. A rich businessman and a big ADO fan with the name Mark van der Kallen has insert millions of euros in the club to safe it. He gets in exchange for the million euros more participation. Since then he started to make ADO a club who is stable in the Eredivisie without any debts. Mark van der Kallen,  Wijersbergen, Cees Driesbergen and Dick Vierling gave the rest a lot of clear tasks. Then they took care of a team manager and scouts for internal and abroad.


There is now a youth plan. Before all of this were there too little youth players who end up in the first selection. ADO decided to work together with secondary schools. De youth players has thanks to this a lot of time to train, but also a lot of time to do their homework.


Thanks to the better structure from within, there is no complaints about the organisation. Nothing is leaking to the outside. This gives a lot of self-confidence and security.


Van der Kallen has brought a great structure to ADO with his experience in the business world. One problem was a business man has a little knowledge of the game. ADO has brought a plan to the table, they asked different players of ADO to work with van der Kallen to work on a better structure. ADO is almost debt free and I think they can achieve profits. Because they are almost debt free, they can buy in less than a year bigger players and they can work together on a better ADO.

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Technical staff and players.

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On this moment plays ADO in the highest division in Holland. In Holland they call this division, de eredivisie. ADO is a team who is between the good teams and the bad teams. ADO is at this moment in eleventh place. ADO achieved with the selection the preliminaries of the Europe League. This is extraordinary for ADO, because there was no success like this in the last 24 years.


ADO has a selection of 24 players. The players make a decent salary, but the club wants to decline this thanks to her new policy. In this crisis with the economy isn’t it possible to buy new and expensive players and when the club is paying too much salary, the club will be bankrupt. The selection consists of young players who earn between €100.000 and €250.000. The salary is nowaday less than before, because ADO pulled a lot of old players who were very expensive and they had a low sales. But thanks to the changes in the selection, like getting younger players, the club gets better with the finances.


ADO has adopted a new staff of trainers. The new trainers were always involved with the club, has a lot of love for this club and know a lot of football. The trainers feel really connected to this club and are willing to try to fix this club to get higher (with the finance and the achievement).

They adopted also a lot of new recovery coaches, fitness trainers and better carers. This is good for the achievement they want to gain, an example is: the team is getting points in the final minutes instead of wasting points like before. This is about the better facilities they have right now. All this measures are good for ADO, because ADO has better achievements and the game is more beautiful than before.

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Introduction about ADO The Hague

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ADO The Hague is a football club in the Netherlands. It's a football club of the city The Hague. The club was founded in 1905. The club has a big history with a lot of ups and downs, a big low point were the hooligans who takes care of a lot of trouble and vandalism. The consequences for ADO were very bad, the club was almost bankrupt because of them. A big peak were three things: the first and second peak were when they won the championship, this was in the years of 1942 and 1943. The third peak was when they won the final KNVB-cup, this was in the year of 1968, because of this ADO created a (good) name.

ADO The Hague has created a bad name thanks to the hooligans. Lately made the club more progress, there are better results in the game and the organisation is on the way to get better. But commercially they can do better, this includes also for the marketing.

The reason I chose ADO to write about is because I’m a big fan of ADO and my heart is in this club. With this blog I want to handle the points who can take care of and information about all kind of surfaces. First I would like to tell about the club at this moment and at the end I would like to tell my opinion what kind of changes there can be made with the club.

My blog is going to be about the next points:

  • Introduction about ADO The Hague
  • Technical staff and the players of ADO
  • Organisation
  • The stadium and its facilities
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Transfer market
  • Merchandising
  • Politics
  • Communication (supporters/fan club and organisation)
  •  Changes I want to make for the club
  • Conclusion

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