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Invisible Me


Just a girl writing about her experiences

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I take these pills to make me thin I die my hear and cut my skin...

but even when I'm walking on a wire or set myself on fire, I always feel invisible. Everyday I try to look my best, even though inside I'm such a mess, I always feel Invisible.

and when things start to crumble down in little pieces, you want to be Invisible

Posted: 16:48, 23/9/2013
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Broken mess

I was thinking about why I think so bad about myself.. And I don't know! I hate that feeling! There must be something wrong with me, I can't eat 2 meals each day without crying or panicking...This is not normal!! but I'm so scared to tell friends or family about this. They notice that I'm getting thinner but they see it as a possitive thing..

They don't know about me

Posted: 16:52, 15/9/2013
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Knocking on heaven's door

People always say they care and be there for me if I need help! But where is fucking everyone!!! I feel so alone, I'm crying in my room and try to solve the pain with cutting! Why do you leave me alone!!!

Posted: 16:47, 15/9/2013
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Lost In The Dark

Do you know that feeling? Don't know where you belong? Seeing everything as negative? Don't know how to survive? You're not alone!


Everday when I get up and walk downstairs to take a shower I blame myself for waking up & go to the shower with a cold soul. When the water slowly warms me up I start to feel desperate! Where do I belong? Why am I alive?


I feel like there is no reason to live. I walk upstairs for doing my hair & make-up. But when I come in my room I realise that this will be a day like all the other days: Feeling horrible and fighting with myself. I always loose that fight. How can you fight to something you don't know what it is? 


I dream about waking up and being happy! I know that the only one who can do this is me..


But I don't know how!

Posted: 15:35, 15/9/2013
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Who Am I

I always wanted to be someone else, just something different than me..But who? Well I want to be perfect, but in which way? There are so many unanswered questions in life. When do I get the answer? But the biggest question I ask myself everday: "Why do I still live?"

Posted: 15:18, 15/9/2013
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