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16/8/2006 - Marco's Birthday

Posted in Updates

Hello Everybody..


Here Annet writing..

Just breaking in in Marco's Log..


Because its Marco's Birthday today..

Upload music at Bolt.


So Happy 26th Birthday Baby..

I Love U!!!


13/8/2006 - Sometimes i feel like.......

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Upload music at Bolt.


Sometimes i feel like screaming..

Yesterday was a day like that, i was driving in my new car that Annet an my best friends an parants in law..arranged for me,it was a automatic 1 so i could drive an was a bit free to go..


I was 2 kilometers from home an just came out of the village cald Driewegen

An other car was coming from the other side an was driving on the middle of the road real fast an he wouldent go to the side..

He pushed in to the side of the road an i came in a deep pit an couldent get it out anymore an i bump to a 25 year old tree..

The car that i was so proud of is totally scrap an will never be on the road again..

Im doing oke i got some brushes an a stiff body,my enkel hurts like hell again..

But im oke..


First the accident on my job an now this..



8/8/2006 - High hopes

Posted in Updates

"High hopes"

Im home now for 3 days an this is way better then the hospital..

The care is better..

The food is much better..

An i see a naked woman again..lol..


I know i have to go back to the hospital,but thats only for 1 day..

An friday i need to visit the revalidation doctor an then we know more i think..

So lets keep the "High hopes"


Upload videos at Bolt.

4/8/2006 - Big day

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Today is the big day, its now 11.50 AM an im trying to get al my stuff together..all the paperwork should be done at 2 PM an then i can get home..

I went to the the hospital at the 4th of July an its now the 4th of august..

As far as i know now i only have to come back to this hospital for 1 day to take the metal stiches out of my foot..


For the coming 4 weeks the skin on my foot needs to heal an get stronger an afther that i can try to walk again slowly..

I still have a long way to go but this part is over an from now on a new part is coming..


I want to thank everybody for all the support an help..


An i want to thank Prof. Someville, Dr Houben ,Dr van Bauwel an the nurses from B3 an then in special Kristel , Sofie , Caroline , Wenny  an Swetlana for all the good care an

for saving my foot..

3/8/2006 - Good news

Posted in Updates

Yessss finnely some good news this week..

Its was a strange week..an i never new what was possible an what not..1 doctor said thusday i will be home..thats know 3 days ago..

Yesterday wensday they said that i would be home today an today they say i will be home tommorow for sure..

So im know going home tommorow an nobody will hold me here..lol..

i got to report back here in the hospital in 2 weeks for 1 day so they can take out the stiches in my foot..

From then i can start to practice to walk again..

28/7/2006 - home for a weekend

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Today is a great day..

They opend up the bandage from the skin transplantation an it looks all very good an it seems that all the skin is accepted..


It goes that well that tonight i have a pass to go home for the weekend an i need to report back in the hospital on sunday..






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