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Dramione to the core

Aurelian by BettyBlueEyes

This is actually the very first Dramione fic i have ever read. Someone posted on twitter that i should read Dramione cause it's the best shipping out there. I was a very avid Romione shipper, but after reading this story, i was hooked. The story Aurelian is very well written and the person who wrote it, has done her/his homework. It starts of with a very thrilling chapter and after that, the story floes nicely. The Dramione shippers will love the pensieve scene in the beginning of the story. Everyone wants their Draco just like that (at least i do). The story is full of exciting scenes and makes you want to finish the story in one go. I love stories with an epiloque. Just so you know what happens with all the characters. Please give it a go and tell me what you think! @TillTheEndHp Freddy http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6590337/1/Aurelian

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I post Fanfictions of Dramione on my twitter page everyday. Here i tell you what i think about it!

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- Aurelian by BettyBlueEyes

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