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Warren kole blog


Blog dedicated to Actor Warren Kole, played in Common Law, The fallowing, perdon of intrestet , white colar

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Is Warren Kole a mess lately, Lets guess whats going on with him.

We all notice it the last vieuw days that Warren Kole acts a little different then useall , we heard the rumours  started over the internet and not much  time later the proof showed up on Gossio cop and E17 website. Proof from the charges that was done against Warren Kole, vieuw of his fans believing it, cause of his strange behavior this week. With deleting tweets after responding them, ore even block fans that whants to fallow up on Warren on his Twitter page. stay catched and lets see if we find this woman that pressed charges against him. If you know who this woman is that got raped by him then shared here.



Posted: 20:42, 2/11/2013
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Roderick, The Following

Posted: 23:12, 1/11/2013
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