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A dairy to keep up what i've done and what im doing.

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Re-Opening shop


I've got my pc back.
This means that the shop is open again and that the sale will be up for a week.


Single - 10 cre.
Pack - 50 cre.
Custom order - 10 cre.

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People paid for DP's

People who i've paid:

Multigasm - 4.5k

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Due the fact that i dont have my own pc at the moment,
i will not be able to take care of any type of order.
This may be for a couple of days but could also be a couple of weeks.
I apologize for the trouble.

The sale will start at a different day.

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Avi pictures ideas.

As you may know I post avi ideas every week.
I decided to put them all together on this blog.
If u missed one of the themes and wanna see the references,
feel free to pm message me.
Started on 14-3-11.

Victorian age
Pin up
19th Century
Wearing nature
Color blue

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Imvu 26th March '11


My shop was closed because i spent a small week in London.
My shop is now open again and taking care of orders.

The poll is gonna be up for around a week.
Pin-up is leading at the moment.
Will make packs of the theme that wins.

The packs i make now are based on characters of movies.
U might recognise them.


I wont be able to check on my shop for a couple of weeks because of personal reasons.
There will be a sale at 31th of March which means:
Packs/Screenies/Custom Orders will be cheaper.
A new theme is also coming up ofcourse. ^^

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