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About Springer17/1/2006

Knowledge, information and quality – these are the three things that shape Springer Science+Business Media’s business activities. We develop, manage and disseminate knowledge – through books, journals and the Internet. We work with the world’s best academics and authors in long-standing loyal partnerships based on mutual trust and always open to new input. 

We aim to offer excellence – more than 150 Nobel prize-winners have published with Springer to the present date. Many of our publications are considered authoritative works in their field, read by academics and students, used by libraries and universities, academic professionals and practitioners in various branches of industry. 

In the Science / Technology / Medicine (STM) sector, we are the world’s second-largest specialist publisher, and the market leader with our integrated Business-to-Business publishing houses in the German-speaking and Eastern European countries.

Our main publishing fields are science, medicine, engineering, economics, architecture, construction and transport. Our 70 publishing companies in Europe, Asia and the USA make up an extensive network in these subject areas. We publish 1,450 journals and 5,000 new book titles every year, plus databases, online services, conferences and seminars. Behind all this are some 5,000 employees working in 19 countries around the world.  

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Springer Uitgeverij vertaalt de communicatievraag van opdrachtgevers naar magazines en/of internetportals voor interne en externe doelgroepen en werkt daarbij vanuit de communicatiedoelstelling van de opdrachtgever. Springer Uitgeverij stelt zich daarbij tot doel de mediatypen Magazines en Internet zo effectief en kostenefficiënt als mogelijk in te zetten.
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