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Oxygen Generator machine

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Winter, spring, especially cold weather first warm, temperature changes

Posted on 3/12/2012 at 06:56 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Winter, spring, especially cold weather first warm, temperature changes, cerebrovascular disease, patients can easily be "knocked down", ranging from the risk of stroke, while life-threatening. Timely oxygen through oxygen machine, you can avoid or alleviate the condition, even in case of an emergency where the life of valuable time. Why cerebrovascular oxygen can ease the onset of the patient's condition? When the temperature changes significantly narrow the lumen of the arterial blood of patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency caused by movement, sensory dysfunction, that is commonly referred to as the "stroke". In fact, the underlying causes of the stroke the blood supply to the brain caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, hemoglobin carries oxygen ions can not support the normal activity of the brain cells, triggering a series of brain dysfunction caused by stroke. By oxygen Generator machines to provide a higher concentration of oxygen, and to improve the content of oxygen in the blood, the the maximum extent Live brain "oxygen" can reduce the risk of disease. Oxygen life oxygen machine is able to release more than 93% of the lowest concentration of oxygen supply, sufficient supply, stable oxygen concentration emergency would be more effective to alleviate the condition. In everyday life, in patients with cerebrovascular best daily oxygen two or three times every 20 minutes, if conditions permit, can be equipped with a special oxygen machine, oxygen not only enhances physical health, but also play a disease prevention . Oxygen life category complete oxygen machine, able to solve the oxygen needs of the patients in the various situations in a variety of environments, is a necessary product of cerebrovascular patients deserved.
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