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22/12/2012 - Ion beauty instrument Detailed

Ion beauty instrument Detailed

Skin tissue from the outermost layer of the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue of the fat-containing composition. The skin cell renewal cycle of 28 days, the epidermis of skin protection barrier film can be isolated and the adverse external environment and material, and thus play a role to protect the skin, but at the same time hinder the skin to absorb nutrients.
The negative ion beauty instrument reference to international advanced import technology, so that the ion effect and ion import feature is further strengthened, the most desirable of negative ions can be carried out according to different age skin repair and maintenance, and security to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians to achieve the effect of beauty care, in Europe and the United States is referred to as a beauty expert.

Negative ion  beauty instrument  4 re-Efficacy:
Cleaning (bactericidal, antibacterial)
Photocatalytic reaction activity of oxidative ingredients can kill the aureus ,0-157 Jundeng harmful bacteria by more than 99%, and at the same time enhance cellular resilience.
Far infrared function
Repair after-sun UV damage to the skin, Security warming role to promote the expansion and accelerate the metabolism of the hair cells of blood vessels, to discharge black air and yellow gas, whitening skin.
Pulse current generated ion function
The most moderate most effective pulse current anode (+) and the cathode (-) water-soluble product is absorbed into the skin.
Improve hyperpigmentation, skin whitening fade also help cosmetics nutrients deep into the absorption.
Physical vibration function
Slight vibration massage the acupoints, shrink pores, to enhance skin firming relaxation organization and enhance flexibility.

The effect of the negative ion beauty instrument:
1. Freckle whitening: environmental pollution, age, skin pigment metabolism has slowed down significantly, stranded on the skin surface class points and yellowish, beauty instrument produces high-performance ion shock wave, like a laser-like break up melanin, and get rid of the yellow gas Blemish whitening skin.
2. Of cell replenishment: skin every day almost lost 1/2 water, regular replenishment products only moisture stays in the folds of the skin surface and hair follicles, can not be deep moisturizing. The beauty instrument will be broken down into the skin to add moisture ionic state 24 hours to keep the skin cells in a water surplus state.
3. Nutrition import: the loss of nutrients and skin rejection is not easy to absorb the nutrient molecules, resulting in significantly accelerated rate of aging. The beauty instrument nutrients broken down into water-soluble ionic state, the molecular structure is very similar to the skin easily absorbed, so the skin cells in a strong fresh state, the skin firm and elastic.
4. Flat wrinkled face-lift: the formation of wrinkles is mainly due to a decrease in the loss of collagen and elastin fibers. The beauty instrument by cell resonance principle, activate an endless stream of the dermal layer of fibroblasts to produce collagen and repair the elastic fibers, and decomposition of excess facial fat cells, defy gravity, in eliminating facial wrinkles at the same time to achieve face-lift to tighten outline effect.

Negative ion beauty instrument for home use steps:
Stage: Clean function = beauty salon, steam cleaning
Second stage: massage function = beauty salon lymphatic drainage massage
Three stages: Anion massage function (nutrient supply, iontophoresis) = beauty salons essence Import
Beauty salon IPL rejuvenation of four stages: infrared massage function (repair, contraction, diffusion) =
Ion  beauty instrument  using the characteristics of ionic charge opposites attract, and the formation of a local electric field between the surface of the skin and the germinal layer, second largest export import function. Iontophoresis: with the the full export essence clear skin dirt and grease, better cosmetic residue deep in the pores, such as pigments, metal ions sucked, to reduce skin pigmentation, the risk of premature aging. Iontophoresis: essence with the import can rapidly penetrate the barrier layer, the import of the germinal layer of the skin, so that cells can fully absorb the essence of efficient skin care ingredients, and promote skin metabolism, played whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect.

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22/12/2012 - The magic of ultrasonic skin care Device

The magic of ultrasonic skin care Device

Skin care there are a variety of ways, many ways, but usually daily chemicals mostly an endless stream of brand effect is unsatisfactory, With ultrasonic Skin Care Device, you can rest assured that the use will not stimulate the skin, where I will give you introduce some basic ultrasonic skin care equipment.

3MHz ultrasound (vibration 3.000.000) ENA BLE maximize the absorption and utilization of the cavitation effect.
Care large molecule, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid can not be injected ingredients ultrasonic makes this possible. In addition, by the mutual influence of the electric force and negative ion care anion promoting ingredients to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum.

Double skin care provides better results than iontophoresis only. Existing skin treatments can not reach the stratum conium. However, the double skincare allow the permeate. 3.000.000 times per second ultrasonic vibration, iontophoresis treatment combination, to maximize the absorption of nourishing ingredients is usually too large molecules can not be in your skin
Widely used in beauty salons.

That the human ear can not hear high-frequency ultrasound. Previous facial massage is mainly used to 1MHz. However, the device uses a 3MHz dermatosis study based on technology. Achieve the most effective results, from various data, e.g. the thickness of the vibration technology. Cavitation effect to help the skin to absorb the beauty products and creams, which further results can be expected.

Using these methods and techniques, the macromolecular components (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid), and non-ionic component (vitamin A), can penetrate the skin layer, in order to maximize the absorption into the skin.

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13/12/2012 - Why choose Family Digital Cooking Scale

Why choose Family Digital Cooking Scale

?????Scale Familyholder digital kitchen scale is currently on the market, the best-selling kitchen scales, it is easy to see why. Apart from the ease of use, it is a large range of colors, and makes it such an ideal rebound. Co-ordinate with almost any color, fluid and integrated kitchen looks so much, we now.

Let us not forget that, although the low price, this is one of the cheapest available Cooking scales.

?????Can be used almost anywhere In fact, the Family of primo digital kitchen scale. In fact, it is so light, means that it is only at home weighing package, because it is a food.

Let's take a look at the main features. This is one of our preferred shares, and when it comes to scale, so let us explain why.

A variety of means that it is suitable for all kitchen design
Weight from 1g to 5 kilograms (11 pounds)
Automatic shutdown
Tare function
The use of a simple two button

The main benefit
Family Digital Cooking Scale in addition to cheap prices, it is simple to use, really appealed here. Two buttons, this is it. A nice bright, easy-to-read LCD display device, you will not be nervous, your eyes see a very accurate figure.

Standard of leather buttons, you can put your bowl or plate on the scale and press the button to return to zero. The case of a scale not use this feature, it is simply not worth buying!

If you do not use very short period of time, then the scale will automatically turn off to save battery life, which is a characteristic of our love too. Kept as simple as possible is always helpful when it comes to kitchen utensils. Less there is how it is, and then to go wrong.

Very lightweight

Cheap Family promotional numerals one of the main benefits is that it is so light. This means that it can be stored easily, there will not be any problem can be quickly pulled out a drawer. Its relatively small size, it is a real bonus.

But it is a simple color combination really make anyone need a reliable but very afffordable electronic scale, this is a draft pick.

There are over 700 quite a lot of critical acclaim, and the formation of our preferred suppliers, and you know that you are a very good company, if you choose this option. Sturdy built on low prices is about good as it gets, which also provides all aspects. The of the Familyholder is available from the Family website, but if you use our recommended suppliers, you can buy a lot cheaper. That's why we're here. To let you know how the best prices to buy some of the best scale.

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13/12/2012 - In your vehicle for easier breathing

In your vehicle for easier breathing

Our lungs and respiratory system is very important to our well-being, from harmful, polluted air can help make them strong and operation to achieve the best state. In recent years, the general public to breathe the air, it has become increasingly aware of. Many aspects of the anti-smoking campaign and environmental education, there is a growing air under the conditions of education where they live, and how important it is the overall health of only a few examples. Suffering from allergies or asthma, or who are looking for sinus relief is particularly conscious of the air quality.

Due to the popularity of the increasing understanding of the car air purifier, has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. HEPA air purifiers are becoming more and more common, because they remove harmful particles in the air in private homes, businesses, hospitals and clinics, only the most clean, healthy air for people to breathe. Health-conscious individuals, as well as those who suffer from various respiratory diseases, all know that the air you breathe is important, because you drink water or eat food, your purity.

This is why it is surprising that a relatively small number of people who think they spend much time in their cars every day. As a form of domestic transport, car travel is a huge part of many people's daily lives. Day commute and work, usually including a large proportion of the town is becoming more and more designs to meet the car to work. People want to know, then, what kind of harmful pollution, they are in contact at the same time, they travel in their cars.

Fresh air in here which does not know this, too, and decided to do something. Our research shows that people often come into contact with many harmful pollutants, while driving in their cars. Respiratory hazard is most obvious from the surrounding vehicle exhaust pollution and automotive. Especially if you travel frequently crowded on a busy highway, you are no doubt in a broad array of unpleasant and harmful particles breathing. In fact, the Clean Air Task Force found that the presence of the diesel particulate four to eight times higher than the outdoor air in most American urban environment commuter car.

Motor vehicle pollution and emissions, the beginning of time, what we found. The average vehicle internal parts or accessories, full of harmful particles, which may affect the quality of your breathing. The most obvious example is the car air fresheners everywhere, you will often see dangling from many automotive rear-view mirror. Aroma emitted from these seemingly harmless items actually contain harmful chemicals that can damage your vehicle's air quality. In addition, these projects attempt to conceal or disguise the unpleasant odor and harmful automobile exhaust in an attempt to paralysis you think your car is not that bad in the air.

Completely concerned with what we found in vehicles on air quality, so a lot of people driving, spent so much time, clean air plus the team decided to do something. Behind some of the best HEPA air purifier on the market has been our name, we recognize that solar portable car air purifier can be used as an effective tool in a vehicle clean and purify the air inside the double . Although this product was originally designed for its portability and the ability to move from one room to another room, it makes it easy, convenient to use the car.

Solar portable air purifier to its advanced technology and efficiency, indoor air quality of your vehicle. This particular product used in some of the most cutting-edge engineering, joint efforts, so you breathe clean air, may have many functions. Medical grade HEPA filter to remove particles from the air, including 99.97% of mold, bacteria, pollen, dander, and viruses.

Prior to the air, even in the face of the HEPA filter, which is run by the state of the pre-filter to remove larger particles in the art. Activated carbon cloth to eliminate toxic chemical gases and unpleasant odors. All of these components work together to maximize the purity of the air you breathe. An optional activated carbon / zeolite mixing tank project, to remove volatile organic compounds - volatile organic compounds - which is known to aggravate the condition of such as asthma and allergies. All of these powerful features are going to work in your car, when you choose the optional auto adapter kit.

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