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BMW GT1 DIS V56 SSS V32 Fit all computer

14:12, 18/6/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

BMW GT1 DIS V56 SSS V32 Fit all computer

BMW group tester one (GT1) is offered to the aftermarket in the same specification that is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers. It is special-purpose tool of BMW Series.

Gt1 is supplied with a Pentium based laptop PC on a Windows platform connected to a high specification communications and measurement interface.

GT1 can complete coverage of ALL BMW systems, one thing that can only be done using the GT1, this function is called Electronic Control Unit (ECU) programming and configuration. Many of the original electronic systems on modern vehicles can now be re programmed using software; historically any changes to rectify software problems would involve a new ECU which would be purchased from the parts department and that is the only way that the independent market today is able to overcome these problems. The BMW GT1 system allows you re programme all BMW car ECU's to fix software or to install a blank ECU to a repaired vehicle. GT1 is the only system that allows you to do this and is absolutely essential if working on Freelander , the GT1 is also the only system that provides all diagnostics and programming for the very latest BMW launched this year.

BMW GT1 software kit comprises of five system ,TIS system .DIS data system ; diagnosis system .measuring system and manangement system . you can to test and check data information same time in GT1.

Test function
Read faulty code ,clear faulty code ,data stream .activate state,programming ,component test ,maintenance data information ,components location ,wiring diagram etc...,TIS AND DIS ARE SUPPLY all of system diagram of all of BMW car, Components location, maintainence method and coding information etc. Can do completely of BMW car system.

Language contain
DIS: English,Chinese and Korea
SSS:English,Chinese,Japanese,Korea,Thai,Spanish,Italian,Dutch,Greece,Swedish,Indonesian,Turkish,Portuguese,French and Russian.

Package Including

GT1-SCAN Pro mainbody
Network cable
GT1 for vehicles with 20pin diagnostic connector
GT1 for vehicles with OBII diagnostic connector

link: BMW GT1| X431| Launch X431 diagun| BENZ STAR| AK500| bmw gt1| T300| Lexia 3| Renault CAN Clip| BMW OPS|Techo pro 2008.1|GM TECH 2|

How to Use an Auto Scan Tool

16:56, 10/5/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
You're tooling down the road; it's a beautiful, sunny summer day, and to top it off, your car is running absolutely perfectly.

Perfectly, except for that Check Engine light shining like a beacon of bad news. What's going on? The car still runs well and idles fine. Maybe it's an electrical snafu. It's sure to turn itself off at some point, right? Which it does. And then it comes back,
AD90|AD900|AK400| sort of at random. Now it's time to pass the state emissions inspection to renew your plates, and your car ain't gonna pass with that light on.

Back to Basics
In 1996 the EPA mandated that the computer interface for all vehicles sold in the United States meet a common standard. This meant that aftermarket repair shops didn't have to buy a half-dozen different $2000-plus scan tools, one for each brand of car they wanted to work on.

The standard is called OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics, version II). The fuel injection,
AK300|BENZ KEY PROGRAMMER |BMW KEY PROGRAMMER|CAR KEY MAKER II GAMBIT| ignition system and automatic transmission on most modern fuel-injected cars and trucks are run by one or more computers. These monitor sensors that collect data from the engine and other systems all over the car. The computers send commands to the fuel injectors and ignition coils to fire the cylinders. They use the data to fine-tune the combustion process with the correct amount of gasoline and the correct ignition timing to provide efficient, clean combustion for good power, economy and low pollution. There are dozens of sensors, measuring such things as throttle opening, engine rpm, air and coolant temperature, crankshaft and camshaft position, and road speed.

It's a sophisticated, high-speed system with a lot of self-checks to keep your car running as intended for a long, long time.
Fiat key programmer|Ford key copy vise|Ford Mazda keymaker|Gambit programmer Car key master II| Tuneups are kind of outdated these days because this computer system self-corrects the fuel mixture and ignition at every crankshaft revolution. This is much better than it was decades ago, when you'd take the family bus down to the garage for that annual tuneup.

Sounds great, right? And it is--until there's a malfunction. Often, your first indication of anything awry in the engine room is that Check Engine light on the dash. The OBD II standard tags this light as the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp).
Hitag-2 key tool|Key code reader|bmw gt1| When that light is on, it means that the PCM (powertrain control module) is seeing data from some sensor that, well, doesn't compute--it's far enough out of bounds that the PCM doesn't know what to do. So the PCM guesses what should be a good number to substitute for the sensor's erratic output and presses on, getting you home from work. It also illuminates the MIL so you'll know something just isn't right. In spite of this, your car should run surprisingly well, although you may notice a slight loss of power and increased fuel consumption.

There's more. The PCM also stores a diagnostic "trouble code" so a service technician has some clue where to look for the problem. Scan tools, used to check these codes, were long the province of professional technicians because they were expensive and dedicated to one manufacturer's vehicles--a scan tool for a VW, for example, wouldn't work on a Chrysler. Scan tools are now inexpensive enough for car owners to buy. Prices vary from 20 bucks or so for a mindless code reader that only shows trouble codes, to maybe $400 for full-featured, upgradable machines with computer interfaces and multiple languages. Or, you may just be able to borrow a scanner from the auto parts store for an hour or two.

link:BMW GT1|BENZ STAR|X431|Launch X431 diagun|BENZ STAR|AK500|BMW GT1|T300|Lexia 3|Renault CAN Clip|BMW OPS|Techo pro 2008.1|GM TECH 2|

You elegant blue and white porcelain top university

03:55, 1/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Olympic Etiquette Lady and the Blue and White Porcelain

"Heaven Rain in green and so on, and I am waiting for you" ... ...

Jay Chou in "Blue and White Porcelain" This is the song hidden in the interpretation of the period of pale blue and white porcelain glaze inside the sadness. Women, such as porcelain, or a quiet elegance, or Simple and elegant, or beautiful and enchanting, or a mysterious distant ...... a woman should be fresh and elegant fine, such as the rare blue and white porcelain,GL203EF| GL303B| GL368A| gentle and tactful, elegant refined.

         From ancient times, people call the "human treasure" in blue and white porcelain has been its unique and graceful, quiet sense of occupying a country porcelain title.

Blue and white porcelain, is a very good-looking, it is interesting as a classic container.It made the whole process to go through the election embryo, embryo system, India embryo, glazing, painting, or carved flower drying embryo, into the kiln firing, etc. more than 70 working procedure, and both are carefully selected, thoroughly tempered, flowing out of a piece has a soul, utensils, white jade, porcelain, silhouetted against the faint of pale blue glaze.

Indifferent to simple but elegant simple blue and white porcelain shades, and only two pure tones of blue and white, its elegant lines, bright and blue flowers, with plenty of art, bright, unadorned with China and the United States color rendering of visual effects, exudes charming Yi Cai, achievements of the I's beautiful. This is like a woman to go through years of wind and rain, while life is ups and downs, thousands of suffering, precipitation Lilian, can grow to a full flavor elegant woman.

   Hu Jing and the Blue and White Porcelain

A woman with an elegant style, such as the blue and white porcelain-like naive and gentle. Exudes a quiet, elegant, fresh and unique personality. Pure indigo blue and white porcelain, it feels like pure water, sediment fineness never fade. With the elegant simplicity and warm without losing the romance, own a quiet and inclusion. If a woman porcelain style spirituality,vag immo 1+3 | easy carry key machine| GL303A| such as the blue and white porcelain-like subtle and elegant, quiet years revealed that elegant, feminine.

LU Yan and Blue and White Porcelain

          Purer light blue and white porcelain appearance, have not Xiewan meaning, but because of tough texture, more of a strength of character not from Liu Su. "Heaven Rain in green and so on, and I am waiting for you. Moonlight was recovered, the faint end opened. Such as the blue and white porcelain handed down a beautiful self-serving, your eyes with a smile ... ..."

Yang Lan and the Blue and White Porcelain

Blue and white porcelain inside face of the old, to grow old is just my own, and your beauty will always be in the never-fading blue and white porcelain grid where you can enjoy can be interesting, you can watch.

Fan Bingbing and the Blue and White Porcelain

Like a blue and white porcelain of the woman, because she natural to the carving," the United States, fresh and elegant woman as beautiful as porcelain, will be left to time roots of black hair, still independently known to the world of being indifferent to heart. Like the classic blue and white porcelain self-serving, self-serving of beauty, despite gloomy still with Time dazzling!

ECS designed by the elite computer, designed to form the shape of a blue and white porcelain vase, so that you could never have imagined the ultimate elegant top university!

Fashion reach people "Blue and White Porcelain" dress up Comments:

Hu Jing's "Blue and White Porcelain" dress:

Bright royal blue cheongsam style partial outline, with large areas of white in stark contrast to give people Qing Ying-clear, pure and elegant aesthetic impression. Color transparent white, bone thin light blue and white porcelain-type crush well suited to this sleeveless cheongsam fashion models.

LU Yan's "Blue and White Porcelain" dress:

LU Yan-wear this "blue and white porcelain," dress for her usual style of the kind of avant-garde nature of China into the elegant charm, simple style of dress so that Yan Lv from a distance looks like a rare blue and white porcelain Aquarius ! Meimei can also use blue and white porcelain in the reception occasion dress to highlight your elegant refined ah!

Yang Lan's "Blue and White Porcelain" dress:

Ms. Yang Lan's The Blue and White Dress the use of a high degree of saturation of the indigo, DCAN Interface| BMW OPPS|BMW INNER 1.4.0|Volvo vida dice| to the ancient batik methods to better highlight the Blue and White's unique content, and thus a better contrast of the clothing Yang Lan main charm of the mature woman intellectual ! If you want the taste to wear clothing with blue and white porcelain, it may choose, as Yang Lan as authentic indigo and a long batik fabrics, be sure you can express it in different temperament beautiful!

Fan Bingbing's "Blue and White Porcelain" dress:

To not only wear the modern fashion, they like to wear, "Blue and White Porcelain", then you are studying in this school Fan Bingbing bar! Fashionable and modern style small T-shirt, blue and white porcelain patterns of local use, with trendy hats, fashion and elegance coexist, and allows you to become a blue and white porcelain thoroughly fashionable lady!

link: Car diagnostic| X431| Launch X431 diagun| BENZ STAR| AK500| BMW GT1| T300| VAS 5054A| Lexia 3| Renault CAN Clip| BMW OPS|Techo pro 2008.1|GM TECH 2|

Can spring be far behind?

10:30, 20/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Students, Long time no see! We have recently right? 
Xie Gaozi. To change the manuscript. One day passed. One day they came out. 
Is not happy when I wanted to, the coldest winter periods are passed, can spring be far behind? 
Then, if we ushered in the birthday.


Reinstall a PC, PS not a good loaded, only the direct mapping of the. 
J. Crew's high-end denim brand Madewell, spring release. Oxford shoes will be red for a while this thing seems to have been afraid of the SBB KEY PRO|AD90|AK400|cold hearts of love but because of my direct bearing UGG is bound to purchase a pair.


Wan-hole edge Boyfriend jeans, spring and summer of 2010 show the market is also endless RL. 
Last year has been great to wear special clothing to students, this year, before you continue. 
My editor and friend Iger lady told me recently that production of cotton clothes and a row of carbon, is how many times the amount of cigarette smoking. From the environmental point of view, we should buy fewer clothes, less laundry. 
Then, I immediately passed on to another one,BDM100|BENZ KEY PRO|BMW KEY PRO|DIGIMASTER II| who is also a close friend of clothing procurement Miss H, which is sad to think of the unemployment problem. 
Uh ... ... So, I think, be better for us on a regular basis to the tree-planting bar! 
As well as the heavy lifting denim fashion - it is pure cotton, wear, and only need to re-cleaning, the more dirty the more Fan child thing.


Denim Shirt In fact, I love you, the lines holding up in good health, most suitable for my kind of pudgy bodies,GS500|MB C4|OBD2 KWP2000|VAG 405| people. 
This year should be dealing with are more tie-dye it? What a refreshing effect of blue sky and clouds.



In the 29-year-old's first two days, I remained unaware of. 
What is left woman, ah, ah ... ... ah older? 
I just felt there are so many fun things have not learned many, many paying the money waiting to make a profit,VAG COM 805.1|VAG TACHO USB 2.5|VAG COM 812.4|many, many places have to go. 
A sense of security for me, not a house like real estate. They are aware of always been loved, regardless of a man Ye Hao, parents Ye Hao, friends, Ye Hao, such as love like a glass paperweight, firmly press in his heart, and promote health as courage. 
As long as the fall that can energetically to stand up, the other is not important.

In view of this "more love of self and some very essential" to the idea and decided to buy only the new digital camera as a birthday present ... ...

Magic Wardrobe: "change" out of your evening is very simple

07:37, 4/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Went to the end of the year, and size of the party increased, at the party you still can only wear a formal suit or casual wear chaos do? Or buy an evening dress feel sorrow? Come on! Let me teach you a few tricks to use your existing clothes, simply transform into the Queen. You with a savings of rice, but also has a star on the red-carpet style. Loading is to increase the shiny sequined evening the most direct elements of the atmosphere, regardless of your style and more ordinary, but there are shining bright shiny fabrics will make you like the night of the gem. Lace gloves make you look formal and extravagance, if you have a plan in the Bra-style clothes, then with the same color Baoshen skirt, matched with a pair of lace gloves and a sense on the very evening, and Of course, matched with a long gold earrings, paragraph, or large and exaggerated wound Necklace pearl gold, it would be more perfect. Remember, gloves Magical oh. Remove hats, gloves and fur decoration, this is a very common sense of professional dress, I believe that girls will have a similar dress sense, then we play a magical Bianshen. Working hours ago, you was a dress suit and an office with a small girl after work upon these accessories, instant night girl Bianshen if you also believe that the magic exists. Fur scarf, small shawls, boots are essential for evening wear by the end of a single product. Red is a festive color, a warm red wine in the festival is no doubt, red evening dress must be enjoyable to use a large area, such as coveralls and red pants, red dress and so on, because the red visual tension, so clothing style can be simpler, such as you have been assigned a red did not dare, it is now bold "fire" one of the. Accompanied by a small mini-Shaqun suit jacket,X431|Auto ECU Tools|Launch X431 diagun|Autoboss V30|BENZ STAR|AK500|BMW GT1|T300| a combination of force and soft. If you are a MISS, MR, do not like the smell of evening wear is a woman, it can come with such kind of sexy, elegant coat Shaqun combination of stiffness and, of course, replaced by a very short shorts are also possible because the evening of the reason that the low-cut, corsage, is indispensable. Large and exaggerated ornaments evening's flash in the pan, cascading pearls the size of the length of repetition is very simple but very good effect late ornament usage, the velvet floral dress cheongsam sense that her mother's wardrobe, there is no shortage, so that you The mother is also relieved against jewelry shining over a New Year's bar. These styles of clothes in your wardrobe can be dug out a pile, through the beautiful mix of color and accessories, small MM who attend these gatherings is entirely possible Oh, butterfly knot, fold, small A skirt, lovely hair, candy-type necklace earrings, that is, with the sports shoes is also not a good feeling in their hearts. Beautiful scarves, belts, matching the color of collisions are needed for evening wear, elegant little black dress of course, but why not take a really good time to own "color" one does, according to its own color-season, wear clothing with your The most beautiful color in the color of the clothes wearing little to life will become weak, and the New Year, you may be due to a beautiful evening gowns and liked in the mirror. Dress because of a rewriting of life, it is not a myth. Chromic wearing a whole, it will become a formal and bright, beautiful, such as the clothes you normally wear can be quite separate from daily life, but there will be a whole evening dressed in a sense, of course, exquisite fabrics and details specially designed is also a need for attention. Alice in fashion this year itself has a strong shoulder decorative sense, it appears in evening wear is very decent. Fancy dress can act as a small evening groups, coupled with bright echoes and skirt shoes Changchun basket of flowers will be more stunning. Leather with Shaqun is a mashup of the game, these two different items are also very common, the key is matching the right path to jewelry, such as rivet punk sense, there is a sense of rough weight with Hou Dixie, smoke Eyes, do one alternative sense of style is also very innovative evening. Evening wear pants does not reject, the key to have a sense of decoration,VAS 5054A|Lexia 3|Renault CAN Clip|Ford VCM IDS|FLY108|BMW OPS| lace and tulle you should not exhaustive, and shoulder decoration increases the feeling of evening wear, you can change it to a big Chromic of flowers, will be able to achieve such effects. Light-colored shoes can play a role in finishing touch, do not want a color very Yan, you can use a small area of the Chromic for embellishment, this approach also applies to your life filled with mix. Since it is sure to evening wear, evening wear to be more exposed to the skin, the main is exposed shoulder, arm, chest, back, try not to barelegged.

link:BMW NNER 1.4.0|C168|DCAN interface|Compact4 star 2008|FLY100|Fly200|HDS|OBD2 OPEL TECH2|Star Scan|TOYOTA Tester2|VOLVO VCT2000|BENZ key Programmer|MVP Key Decoder 5.80V|GS500|Car diagnostic|Auto diagnostic|Automotive diagnostic|

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