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Abram Henry

18/12/2007 - Outdoor Wood Furnace Benefits

An out door wood furnace has many benefits over many other types of heating. Some of the benefits include: It uses a renewable energy source, wood is cheaper then heating with gas or oil, With an Outdoor wood furnace, you do not have to haul wood into house, which can make a mess, outdoor wood furnaces are very safe compared many other heating sources, and although slightly more work than just turning up a thermostat it's much more satisfying.

Not all outdoor wood furnaces are created equal. Check for high quality steel, stainless tends to last longer. Look for a quality warranty. One thing to remember very often with an investment this big it's better not to skimp on a couple hundred dollars if it will save you thousands later in the stove's lifetime.

Always check for certification on your outdoor wood furnace. UL, CSA, Warnock Hersey, or some other legal certification company should certify it. In many states, it may be illegal to install a furnace without certification. Also without certification, many insurance companies will not cover damages to your house because of an illegal outdoor wood furnace

Make sure to check with your town or county to see if you need a building permit. Or other type of permit to install a outdoor wood furnace.

It doesn't hurt to stick with quality systems that have been around for quite of few years. An example would be Empyre Outdoor Wood Furnace

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