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Replica rolex watches

Posted on 13/3/2010 at 03:28
   Louis Vuitton is the first famous brand in the field of leather and luggage , which named after the person called Louuis Vuitton who was born on August, 4th, 1821 and died on February,27th,1892. Besides, it is a symbol of upper-class society after a century. Not only is the Louis Vuitton brand limited to sale superior bags, but also in involves cloth, accessories, leather shoes, luggage, media, famous wine and so on. Replica rolex watches are popular with many female friends according to the poll.
   The celebrated luxury Louis Vuitton is found in 1854 and attached to the firm named Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton which products superior luxury articles specially. The founder, Louis Vuitton, his first job is tidying up luggage for upper-class people. He has testimonied the invention of vopour trian and the development of steam vessel, also felt the defficult to pile up the rounding top cases at the same time. So he made the flat top case revolutely and setted up his first shop in Paris. His special design style was plagiarized in a short time. The flat top case is porpular with the public. That is to say, it becomes a fashion. To the beginning, the cover is gray canvas.

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