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online selling and classified ads

Ad Sites in Hong Kong

Posted on 2/8/2014 at 10:54

In the modern era where almost everything can be done via the web, online advertising has become increasing crucial to a business growth and longevity. The websites in which you place your ad is also a vital factor to consider when placing a classified ad.

The most famous and obvious site for ads is Ebay.com. EBay provides the user with flexibility to place both free and paid listings (of course this will have different privileges). The ads you can expect to find online are extremely diverse and include ads for buying, selling, swapping and renting. Users can use classified ads to find or offer employment, personal ads for singles looking for soul mates and so on. Classified ad websites are really very practical and useful if used carefully and with the right knowledge.

There are numerous websites that are dedicated to online selling and classified ads such as TheGoodDeal.com.hk. The ads placed on TheGoodDeak.com.hk are published according to their region of origin and the province. Also in this case the ads are placed free of charge. This website allows users to post ads about absolutely anything (within reason and with approval). You can find almost anything, from a new job closer to home, to a new wig to for the Halloween party or even a new pet (if you’re looking for a new best friend).

Positive aspects

The positive aspects are many; through these sites you can find any object, home or work you want. The ads are then, in most cases, by region and then by county, then you can safely narrow your search to neighbouring areas in their own homes.

What could be simpler? Once you find the announcement you contact the user who posted it, it is agreed as regards the payments and if you can you meet physically and eventually ends the deal if you like.


The drawbacks of such websites is that you have to install a certain level of trust to the person that you are contacting and hope that they are able to deliver 100% what they advertised. The method of payment is always a tricky situation as most sellers, (unless product is a collection only ad) will expect payment of the product before they dispatch the product, however in that case you just have to rely on mutual trust.

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