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Rocket public relations to find us that today

07:22, 10/7/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Rocket public relations to find us that today after the game is the Rockets win he may not be able to Zhou Qi to our connection interview, because Zhou Qi played today too bad, only a bit, the second half does not seem to have What performance, and later the story, saw the ball friends know, Zhou Qi set up the shoulders and elbow, finally rushed into the inside Brent Seabrook Jersey, the basket played a few after the return of the two sides threw two points, To his bit with the Nuggets striker Pete - Kernelli played tears. At the end of the Orlando summer league yesterday, the Mavericks won the championship with an unbeaten record of 5-0. During the Fujian men's basketball foreign aid Dwight - Baike performance is very impressive, he averaged 17 Martin Havlat Jersey.8 points and 4.2 assists, and have the opportunity to return to the NBA. According to the Union sources, the Knicks would like to sign the Baike Si Pierre Pilote Jersey. The bulls trade out of Butler this summer and have completely entered the reconstruction model Dennis Rasmussen Jersey. From their lineup they can see that they want to start from the summer league began to exercise the young core lineup, Qi Puze, Payne, Marco Ning, Dunn and Valentine these hope stars have come to the casino. Marchein is this year's No. 7 show, Dunn was last year's No. 5 show, Qi Puze Although last year's No. 48 show but he got a lot of last season, playing time, Payne is the 2015 14 Show, Valentine is the last year's No. 14 show. So from the book strength, the Bulls hope to get good results in the casino.

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