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Asked whether Zidane refused to discuss

07:22, 10/7/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Asked whether Zidane refused to discuss the renewal with the club, Florentino said, "he is to get rid of the pressure brought by the contract negotiations, he said he did not win anything, and now he Has won everything Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey. We will talk to Zidane, he is the leader of this team, there is no problem at all. However, because Real Madrid is the Champions League and La Liga champions, so only 7 teams, a free place to the rankings of the 8th Football Association League champion Cam Atkinson Jersey, that is, the Ukrainian Dunetsk miners. As for the Champions League group match two, three, four file file, will be in accordance with the end of the 2016-17 season UEFA UEFA ranking decision Markus Nutivaara Jersey, Barcelona, ??Atletico Madrid, Paris, Dortmund, Manchester United are top. In the Champions League in the 2016-2017 season, Juventus through the TV broadcast bonus, the Champions League win bonus and ticket revenue and other aspects of the wealth of 109 million euros, which also became the season to participate in the Champions League 32 teams In the highest income of the team Dalton Prout Jersey, and Juventus has also become the first Champions League Champions League income breakthrough 100 million euros in the team. Real Madrid Although the Champions League this season won the championship, but the Champions League income of only 80.9 million euros, came in second place, less than 20 million euros less than Juventus.

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