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Capella had a picture and Chelsea star Azar31/5/2017

Yesterday, Capella had a picture and Chelsea star Azar's photo, and today he met football star Henry Kris Bryant Jersey, in social media, Capella praised Henry. "As a young man, you worship idols because they have achieved the athletic achievements, but they do not necessarily have the same height of charisma, while Henry is an excellent athlete, but also a good man, thanks for your hospitality also Have your words full of wisdom. "It seems that Henry meets Capella to learn a lot Miguel Montero Jersey. It gives me the opportunity to know when to play is the most important. I did a good job all year round, but it was not important whether or not people would pay attention to this, whether or not they would be willing to talk about it. The most important thing is that I need to keep this performance on the big stage of the finals, and that's what I'm trying to do. I wish I could stay steady for the next three weeks. "Said Curry. "As for the missed guys and the two guys (Harden and Wei Shao) for the regular season MVP Jon Jay Jersey, I think this is not the most important, as long as we win the 2017 championship, I will laugh at the end, the summer people talk about the focus. Curry said. In the NBA official announcement of the 2016-17 season regular season MVP candidate list, only Wei Shao Duane Underwood Jersey, Harden and Kewei - Leonard three, Curry as the past two season MVP, did not get the nomination.

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Atletico striker Gleeszman was surrounded by rumors31/5/2017

Atletico striker Gleeszman was surrounded by rumors, but he was not affected by these factors. Previously, he went to the scene to watch the NBA's Eastern Conference finals. A few days ago, he also appeared in the streets of Boston Carlos Zambrano Jersey, and the fans photo. Today, the Boston Celtics sun out a small photo of Thomas and Gleeszmann. You look at the two guy's data, is simply stand out, so that they are very prominent Felix Pena Jersey, they deserve attention, because they played a magical season, are eligible to compete for MVP. Of course, the regular season MVP I also won two, but now out there is no meaning chicago cubs jerseys, because I do not need this award to prove their role in the team to prove my ability to help the team win and so on Greg Maddux Jersey. For Carrefour, the last two years the finals like a nightmare, 2015 finals he did not hit the root due to injury, 2016 Finals offensive end is inefficient, defensive end was targeted, averaging only 26.3 minutes only contributed 8.5 points , 6.8 rebounds, shooting 36.2 percent, third hit rate of 26.4%. As a salary of more than 20 million US dollars of the top salary, Mr. Carrefour's role is not as good as the veteran Richard - Jefferson.

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Fulz also specially issued a document for their own celebration31/5/2017

This year's finals, everyone has been saying that the knight won the present, while the Celtics won the future. This summer, the Celtics have a champion sign, they are likely to choose Fulz. Today is the 19-year-old birthday of the fortress, in the social media, Fulz also specially issued a document for their own celebration, "very lucky ushered in a new year. 68 years ago today, PJ-Carlesimo (P.J. Carlesimo) was born in Pennsylvania. In 1971 Carlos Zambrano Jersey, 22-year-old Calaisimo opened his coaching career at the University of Fordham Victor Caratini Jersey. From 1994 to 2013, Calaisimo has served as the Portland Trail Blazers, Golden State Warriors, Seattle Super Sonics, Oklahoma City Thunder and Brooklyn Nets coach, coached the total record of 239 wins and 315 negative, Winning 43 Duane Underwood Jersey.1%. Faced with the top defender of the Warriors, the Knight can find a good chance to get a good shot early in the attack time? Before the Spurs can not find the opportunity Miguel Montero Jersey, only in the case of little time to attack the cast, the Cavaliers must start early attack, the use of good warriors mistakes.

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This seasons playoffs31/5/2017

This season's playoffs, the Wizards were eliminated by the Celtics Carlos Zambrano Jersey, recently interviewed, Wall position, the team lost because the bench is not to force. Do not know strong brother will not suffer Paul embarrassment, for a long time can not touch the partition floor. 35 years ago today, Eddie Griffin (Eddie Griffin) was born in Philadelphia Greg Maddux Jersey. He is 2 meters high 08, is the first round of the first 7 in 2001 rookie in the NBA campaign 5 season, has played for the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves 2 teams Koji Uehara Jersey, career averages were 7.2 points 5.8 rebounds and 1.7 blocks The August 17, 2007, Griffin in driving a SUV ignoring the railway warning, forced through, with a high-speed train collision, Griffin was killed, his car after the fire, the body was burned beyond recognition , And finally through the teeth to confirm the identity. Recently, Jocchi has returned to the Serbian holiday, but for the NBA Finals, he is still very concerned about. "I hope the knight can win," said Jokic, who spoke about the two teams in the finals this year Kosuke Fukudome Jersey. "Because Durant joined a very strong team, we knew they played very well, so I think it will be a very good duel," Jocchi said.

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