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Maple Story Mesos few things available

Welcome ladies and gentlemen. It's iamflip, here with your latest news on MTDynasty, the official guild of MapleTip! MTD Scania (MTLegacy) ~ artichokedan, Leader of MTD Scania We are back maple story mesos up, but we need members! Help us out by posting an application in our mass fill thread (Blacklist is in effect). MTD Bera ~ FlameChocobo, Leader of MTD Bera Thanks to the valiant efforts from our MTD members, we managed to gather more people after the accidental wipe. MTD Bera can always use more members though. ^^ MTD Broa ~ Hobbes, Leader of MTD Broa .

I will no longer be leader of MTD Broa the next time you see the MTD Mondays blog. maple story mesos During the week, I will be finalizing my resignation, and I will suggest a new leader for Flip to consider. Thanks for all the support you've given to our guild. I hope that MTDBroa will become a great guild! :] MTD Windia (Consurgo) ~ iamflip, Leader of MTD Windia MTD Windia can always use new members. If you're an MT forum member, don't hesitate to make an application to us. If you're not an MT forum member, don't hesitate to contact me or one of our Jr. Masters for an interview. MTD Khaini (Animus) ~ Moonlapse, Leader of MTD Khaini Guild meeting and possible FM party this Friday at 4 PM PST. Make sure to come!! We still have 3 slots left! Don't hesitate to make an application! MTD EMS Kradia ~ Dr Tran.

 Leader of MTD EMS Kradia It's been a rather exceptional week seeing that four members moved into the: '3rd maple story mesos Job advancers' category; Congratulations to them! On another note, we will be holding a Guild Event, please would all members who would like to participate, come to Victoria Island: Sleepywood; The date has yet to be announced but the time will be around 3:00 PM (UK Time). Finally, we have upgraded our member capacity to 40 members, anyone who wishes to join please make an application. Thank you. Other MTD News Congratulations to all those who participated and won something from our Race to CWK event! I hope you enjoyed the event. Advisory: School is coming up for a lot of you again, so the Weekend Policy is now in effect for all guild branches. We realize the importance of your studies, and we would rather have you succeed in them than be active everyday in MapleStory. Thus, members are advised to be active only when time allows, which usually will be around Fridays to Sundays. September is a unique month for your MTD leader... and there could be surprises in store for all of you. Stay tuned. ;] That's all folks. Make sure that you check us out here for the latest events and notices from us, and have a nice day! ~ iamflip ~ P.S. Make sure you get everyone to read these posts often.

Posted: 09:02, 5/9/2008

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