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Op zoek naar God?
A love story?

My story.

I will write this blog in English, acctualy i wil write everything in English. Just because I love the English language. This chapter is not called my story for nothing. I wil tell you my story but before I start you don't have to expect a romantic love story. My life isn't a form of Romeo and Julliet or Tristan and Isolde. They were very lucky but that isn't real life. The last few weeks I tought about life. I discoverd that people wear masks. Everybody does. But sometimes people wear them so tightley they totally forget who they are. But sometimes you meet a person who shows us who we just WANNA be. And we can be with that person. I've met my person, I could be my self with that person, I've could be happy with that person. There was only one catch! He was unfaithfull. It is kind of a soap! He kissed another person in the bar. Unfortunatley for him I saw it. I lost my person for good.

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- My story.

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