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Alternative Clothing Fashion

31/1/2013 - Tips on Selecting Steampunk Corset

There are so many styles and patterns in the corsets, so it is difficult to select one. As the steampunk clothes becomes popular in nowadays fashionable world, the corsets in this style has been favored by many women. And as a hard choice to make,I will talk about how to choose a corset in the steampunk style. Firstly, you have to decide the boning of the corsets. There are mainly two kinds of boning: one is the steel boning and the other is the plastic boning. The steel boned corsets, of course, are in good quality. It holds the body tight which could show a much slim and sexy figure. This will be expensive than a plastic boned corset. But if you just want to match the dress and wear only several times, than a plastic one could be picked. It serves as an additional clothes to finish the whole steampunk look.
steampunk clothing
Other than the boning, the bust patterns are also an important element for you to choose a corset. It includes the overbust corset and the underbust corset. From the name we can see the difference lies on the two kinds of corsets. Underbust corsets places much emphasis on the the waist. And the overbust corsets are good for revealing the figure of the wearer. Steampunk corsets are always in the copper or brown color. The striped detail and the leather fabric are the features of a steampunk corset. But the boning and the bust pattern are still the two most key elements for you to choose a corset. According to what I mentioned above, I hope you will have a corset that fits you well.
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25/1/2013 - Dressing Cool for Women

Fashion for women are becoming more and more unique and special. Women in nowadays are becoming simply smart, beautiful, curvy, sexy and bold. Young woman’s fashion and trendy young woman’s clothing is in demand by most fashionable women of the society who always want to look cool. They love to be fashionable and stylish. They adopt every possible ways to look cool. Here are some of the trendy young woman’s clothing and fashion accessories that you can use to make you look fashionable and stylish by providing you all woman’s fashion that is most needed.
clothing fashion
If you are fond of young women’s trendy clothing, you can try on skin tight jeans and tops.Simply if you have the right legs for it you can have the right fashion for yourself. Young women who have toned, skinny and slim legs can try out these skin tight jeans and tops and feel comfortable with this young woman’s fashion. Dresses are good options too. Like for skinny figure you should not choose the loose clothing for you. You should instead use the right trendy clothing that cling to your body in the right places and makes you look smarter and sexier. The aspect of accessories should not be neglected for you to get those fashionable and trendy looks. Trendy accessories like jewelry, watches, handbags, etc. not only add extra style and smartness but also have the ability to attract others attention.
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22/1/2013 - Dressing in Gothic Punk Style for Men

If you are fond of this gothic style and want to dress in this way, you have keep on point in mind that do not over do it. If you dress in a very full gothic punk, you will look as a poser. You can just put some pieces here and there to add some touch of the gothic punk style. In the following part I will illustrate the men’s gothic punk dressing ways and fashion to you in a brief way.
gothic punk clothing
For the most basic part is the tops. The most outstanding characteristic of the gothic shirts is the various logos or alternative prints on the shirt. The print such as band image, dark anime and horror pictures which you think great and you can pick it. Apart from t-shirts, try on a mesh t-shirt. When we choose the coats in the gothic style, the choice which we have is various too. Pinstripe blazers, leather biker jackets, wool overcoats, dogtooth coats are unique and prominent. Don't buy a leather trench coat. You've seen the types that wear them. There are mainly two kinds of pants you can choose to match your gothic style. One is the jeans and the other one is the leather pants. Black jeans are the standard it seems. If you can, wear them tight which is just regular skinny not that skinny. Worn jeans are better than new ones. Tripp pants are the way to go. Apart from jeans, try leather pants. The leather pants are cool. They can best show the gothic ane even punk style to you. This article serves as a guidance to you if you want to be a gothic punk stylish person. The tops, the pants and the coats are the necessary parts that affect your style. If you want to be in the gothic fashion trend, just follow the above ways.
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17/1/2013 - Harajuku Fashion--Being Alternative

harajuku fashion
There is a term to describe teenagers dressed in any fashion style who are in the area of harajuku, Japan: harajuku girls or harajuku fashion. It is alternative because it combines multiple looks and styles to create a unique form of dress. My article will serve as a guide to harajuku style. It will show you how to wear in this harajuku fashion to complete your own alternative style. In this harajuku style, the girls always dress them up in a very individual way. You may feel hard to find the two in the same kind. It belongs to a kind that applying all kinds of different style clothes together. It is kind of creative and self expression. You can take a hat even a helmet on your head. The most important part is the clothing. First of all the patterns are unique. There are many patterns you may not even imagine yet. Some of the girls who in favor this style may wear a t-shirt on the top and a bloomer in the down part. Then what makes it different is that it is used a lot of unmatched colors. For example, the blue, red, orange and the green. It seems applied all the colors we know. Except the clothing part, the decorations on these girls’ clothes are exaggerated. The oversize bow adornment in the back and the floral printed in the whole dress are the most prominent features in this style.
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16/1/2013 - Rock Fashion That Rocks

 For newcomers the rock fashion is a brand new thing. They have not much information other than the music they are fond of. And in such cases, they only have their musical references to characterize the style. In recent days, the most popular styles of the rock fashion manly include punk rock and rockabilly. And I will focus on the two rock fashions and some tips on them.
rock punk clothing
First of all, let us come to the punk rock. Punk rock fashion is a unique style. It breaks rules and traditions. If you practically rip your clothes to shreds and mismatch your clothes, you're already well on the road to mastering punk rock style. People who are follow the punk rock fashion aren't afraid of mixing bold colors, prints and textures. Look like the queen of punk style by pairing an orange off-the-shoulder zebra print top with heavily ripped skinny jeans and sky high studded platform heels. The only clothes are not enough. You can use the bold makeup and a funky hairstyle to finish your look. Secondly, it is the rockabilly style. Rockabilly style is popular in recent days. Out of all the rock and roll sectors of fashion, rockabilly style is by far the easiest to master. If you want to become a master in the rockabilly style, you can achieve it by filling your wardrobe with a plethora of polka dots, knee-length 1950s dresses, high heels and girly details like bows and ruffles. To complete this rockabilly style, you can apply the prim and proper pinup hair and makeups. The punk rock and rockabilly are the main popular rock fashions in nowadays.After having know something about these fashions, you can dress yourself in a more appropriate way.
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15/1/2013 - Punk Clothes for Women with Plaided Design

Women have an equal interest in the punk style clothing. They love it for the unique design and attractive final effect the punk clothing achieves. There are so many different patterns in one style of clothing. Here I will focus on the plaided accents in the punk clothing field for women.
punk clothing
The plaided skirt in women's punk clothing in recent days has become a new fashion. We can see this kind of dress in almost everywhere. Although the plaided accents appear almost everywhere and anytime, the plaided skirt especially matched with a punk style is now in the trend. The plaided skirt impresses people with the feeling of elegance and simplicity. Women could wear it in any occasions. The element of the check occupies an essential place in every year’s fashionable dress elements. At present the styles of the checked skirt are in a variety. Except the traditional long skirt, there are still other kinds includes the skirt with differ in length, asymmetry in color and ruffle, etc. The short skirt with plaid in black and red is the most classic one. The beautiful Scottish style is the fountain of this check element. The combination of the color of red and black adds a tone of beauty and refinement. The check in the color of black and white is another excellent type. The plaided accents prevail in nowadays’ dressing and style. It brings the vigorous and youth spirit and makes women who want to be attractive more charming.
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14/1/2013 - Medieval Clothing History

The Medieval Ages began around the 400's and lasted until about the 1500's. In the age people were bound. This meant that their lives were limited because they were not allowed to move out. The only time people moved was when there was a festival near by. This was the only time the people could look or buy different goods. It was also the only time that the people could attempt to trade for something they needed. Since the people’s lives were limited, they did not think to have a clothing trend. People made their clothes at home. Peasants usually wore a form of a long dress made of coarse wool. They might have a linen undergarment. There was almost no change in style at all.
medieval clothing
In the early middle ages people wore fitted clothes replacing the loose, flowing cloaks and tunics. Women wore a tunic that turns into a dress and laced to fit the upper part of the body. Men started to wear loose undergarments called breeches under their tunics. In the late middle ages, some women wore veils, metal hairnets, and draped throat coverings called wimples. The wars at that time changed the medieval clothing to some extend. The style didn't change that much, but the fabrics used for clothing did. Some of the material used were silks, satin, and brocades. In the later times, the crusaders brought in some different styles. A tunic stayed the same, but hose took the main place, and were made prettier with jewels, embroidery, and fur trimming. The clothing of the middle ages was very comfortable. Men and women wore basically the same types of clothes, only men's clothing was shorter. That is the clothing of Medieval Times.
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11/1/2013 - Gothic Victorian Fashion

It is easier to define gothic victorian fashion and clothing than the gothic fashion and clothing for the gothic fashion and clothing is a large and overall concept. The gothic victorian style clothing is a subgenre of the gothic style clothing. From the name we can know that it is a mixed style combining both the gothic and victorian element.
gothic victorian clothing
As Goths like to say about themselves, "I want to be left alone but I want to be seen. I want to see the shock on other peoples' faces." As a branch of gothic style, gothic victorian clothing of course follows suit. The shock always comes from the colors that applied in the clothes. The most outstanding one is the color of black. Although there there are many more colors worn than it would appear, it will usually keep some of the darkness and black as part of the mixture. The colors serve as an factor to achieve the gothic element in the gothic victorian fashion and clothing. The style and the pattern show the victorian part. A women’s dress is usually in the ball gown silhouette. The style is the classic victorian style except the colors. It is a nicely try to fuse both the gothic and victorian style together. And the look of such dresses is fantastic and dramatic.
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5/1/2013 - Dressing in Lolita Style

Posted in Lolita Clothing
The lolita style has become very popular among the girls. Within the lolita style, there are also some different kinds. Here I would like to introduce three of them: the classic lolita style, the sweet lolita style and the gothic lolita style which are the most classic and popular in the lolita style.

First of all, let’s come to the classic lolita style. Classic Lolita is a slightly more mature version of lolita style. There are a few frills and less cutesy. Generally speaking the decoration on the classic lolita dress is less than the other kinds.
Secondly, it is the sweet lolita style. The dresses in the sweet lolita style are more likely to be in the color of pink and the blue. And there are also some colors. The most characteristic in the sweet lolita style is the sweet decoration which includes the bow, the ruffle, the flower accents and the lace detail. They are key to make the dresses sweet.
Last but not least is the gothic lolita. It adds the gothic element to it. Though the black and white are mostly recognizable, not all the dresses in the gothic lolita style are in the black or white. This style incorporates the darker colors and themes from goth into the more adorable Lolita style to produce a very unique style. For those who are favor in gothic style and still want to reveal the sweet side.
There are also some other variations in the lolita style. The above three kinds are the most popular and commonly wore on the street or the parties. I hope it is helpful for you to choose the lolita style you love most.
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21/12/2012 - Steampunk Clothing

Steampunk is a concept which can be defined as a fusion of alternative history, fantasy and fictional science in the Victorian period. And the victorian period was the period when big and heavy technologies just started. As time passed by, people loved the new inventions and combined the technological element into the clothing field.
In nowadays, people consume it in the form of steampunk clothing, accessories, lifestyle and literature. Though the steampunk is a sub genre, it has widened to the worldwide.

Through wearing the clothes in the steampunk style, you can show to the others that you are a fun in the steampunk fashion. And such dressing may make you the most attractive one if you attend to some themed parties and some informal occasions. Any steampunk clothes you wear, remember it has a Victorian element. You don’t need to look like victorian women in every respect. After all you do not go back to that period and the clothes with the victorian element is just fine.
In the question of what to wear, there are plenty of different ideas from different people. And the steampunk is also not excluded. A corset is popular to add extra glamour and femininity. And the bustles and shrugs can also help create fantasy world of past. For women, a skirt is a must have. For it is the classic in the steampunk style clothing. When choosing an outfit in the steampunk style, remember that the victorian element is indispensable. And a corset is a better choice to add more femininity to the whole look.
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7/12/2012 - Gothic Appearance--Many Peoples Pursuit

Posted in Gothic Clothing
Many people may ask the question that how to make themselves in the gothic style. They may do not have a clear idea. So here I would like to give a answer about this popular question especially on the clothing part. People in modern world grew more and more attentive to their appearance. The individuality has also been the popular pursuit. Then to combine these two factors the gothic style has become more and more popular. Appearance is a key factor in how to be gothic.

The newly appeared gothic style is a strong presence of the vintage kind of clothing. The sensual textures are various. It include the leather, lace, satin and velvet. Though the fabrics I just mentioned are applied into the other kind of the clothing style, with the gothic accents and detail the gothic style may be strong when using these fabrics. Fishnets, high boots, shoes and boots with platform soles along with spikes and chains also are part of the appearance that adds to the Gothic look. Corset is good in gothic style. It can add additional gothic flavor to the diverse outfits that one may wear to style as a Goth. Many gothic followers are individual and create their own styles of clothing. This is a great thing as we are allowed to see many different variations of this type of fashion. Black is a very popular color among the Goths as can be seen in the slide show presented and the second video as well as in your day to day travels.
The gothic style is special according to its dark tone and heavy feeling. It is also sexy revealing. Gothic fashion is here to stay and that is a good thing! And that is the reason why so many people pursue this style.
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