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In the past season - Posted at 07:27 on 13/6/2017 by amkokp

In the past season, Ibrahimovic is no doubt that Manchester United lineup is the most critical core figure. Before the injury, Ibrahimovic played for Manchester United 46 games, scored 28 goals, is Manchester United's striker king. In this 28 goals, there are many key goals. Community Shield into the lore a ball, the Carling Cup finals scored twice and once again staged lore, Ibrahimovic this season for Manchester United played two finals scored three goals Bob Gainey Jersey, directly help Manchester United took back Two trophies. If there is no Ibrahimovic, it is hard to imagine Manchester United to be successful at the end of the season for the club honor room put three new championship trophy. The Belgian striker refused to renew the contract early and announced that he would not stay in Everton Alexander Semin Jersey, hoping to join a team to play the Champions League, the ability to win the title in the Premier League team, 3 years ago to leave Chelsea, Have the opportunity to return to Stamford Bridge, but his worth certainly than 3 years ago, 2800 pounds soared, there is news that the Everton Lions big opening to ask 100 million pounds Lars Eller Jersey, and Lukaku last season for the toffee 26 balls. BBC, Sky Sports at the same time follow up, Manchester United will not give Ibrahimovic to provide a contract, Ibrahimovic's injury to 2018 years to come back, almost sure to bid farewell to Manchester United. In the Red Devils of a season, 35-year-old Swedish tower for the Manchester United contributed a staggering data Peter Budaj Jersey. 28 goals - in the 2016/17 season, Ibrahimovic played 46 times, scored 28 goals, which also made him Sir Alex Ferguson since the only one single season goals more than 20 goals Manchester United players. Which Ibrahimovic's league goals to reach 17 goals, Manchester United is a well-deserved striker king.

Van Gaal departure from Mourinho office - Posted at 07:27 on 13/6/2017 by amkokp

Van Gaal's departure from Mourinho's office, Ibrahimovic came to a reconstruction period of Manchester United Mike Brown Jersey. Here, Rooney's glory has long gone, 31-year-old Rooney in the field as 41-year-old generally staggering, although he is still the captain of Manchester United, but it is not already that no adverse small tanks; Ma Charles in the stunning debut season after the stable Hit the "second grade wall" Alexei Emelin Jersey, the Premier League on his targeted defense made him feel at ease, more young Rushford has not grown, genius may be amazing, but the real pillars still need time and experience accumulation. It is Ibrahimovic, his presence, perfect to fill the gap in the transition period of the year. In the middle of last season, Costa and Chelsea fitness coach quarrel, a few days ago, Costa also received Kong Ti SMS, said Chelsea no longer need him, and Costa later announced the contents of the message Brendan Gallagher Jersey. It now appears that Costa and Lukaku, like, will certainly leave the team this summer. Although Costa is more inclined to return to the old club Atletico, but Atletico has a transfer ban, only AC Milan and Super League public club, Chelsea is unlikely to sell him to the Premiership opponent. 35 years old - despite being 35 years old, Ibrahimovic still came to the rhythm fast against the fierce Premiership with strength to prove himself Maurice Richard Jersey, he became the oldest player in the Premier League single season with more than 15 players. And after the age of 30, he has accumulated for the national team and the club scored 250 balls, unparalleled interpretation of what is old and hard.

Ferguson period of Manchester United - Posted at 07:26 on 13/6/2017 by amkokp

Ferguson period of Manchester United to the hard-working Lars Eller Jersey, tough based on the European, and the first to join the Ibrahimovic as if the blood born with the Red Devils blood With Ibrahim's reputation and age Bob Gainey Jersey, the Swedes could have had some privilege in Mourinho's tactics, but Ibrahimovic was still able to do everything in every game for victory. Continuous season for a high load of fighting the accumulation of fatigue, but also lead to Ibrahimovic Ibrahileer injury to the end of the important reasons. But as long as a set foot on the venue, Ibrahimovic is always a tenacious fighter, in order to victory to make their last drop of blood, his efforts and tenacity, is around the young Ma Shar and Rushford the best study example. Arsenal had been quoted 87 million pounds to buy Mbapei was rejected, allegedly Real Madrid has been out for the French demon front 120 million pounds, but still by the Monaco side of the refusal. There is news that Monaco is more inclined to renew the salary to keep Muba Pei, and Mbapei himself will not take the initiative to request transfer, but if the new offer continues to appear, Monaco and Mbapei are difficult to refuse. Manchester United previously announced no longer and Ibrahimovic Maurice Richard Jersey, the Swedish kings of the future trend to become the focus. According to the latest news from the British media, Ibrahimovic has decided to go to the US Major League, he will join the Los Angeles Galaxy. Ibrahimovic had been injured in the European Cup game, he also missed the end of the season with Manchester United Sven Andrighetto Jersey. Because the injury can not be restored in the short term, Manchester United final decision not to renew Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic's agent Rai Aola had revealed that the Swedish kings want to stay in the UK, and even some British media, said Ibrahimovic, although not and Manchester United contract, but he will follow Manchester United training, once the injury is expected to resume again and Manchester United Signed.

Just a season Ibrahimovic hurriedly - Posted at 07:26 on 13/6/2017 by amkokp

Just a season, Ibrahimovic hurriedly bid farewell to the Red Devils, Manchester United history from the addition of a legendary striker Tomas Fleischmann Jersey, Ibrahimovic is just a history of Manchester United passing, but has its own name deeply engraved in the team On the monument Henri Richard Jersey. It seems to be Ibrahimovic, he will never stay, from the sexy fashion of Milan to the romantic splendid Paris, from Apennine to Iberia. God should be so, the light sprinkled on the earth, never preferred. To be sure, the data does not fully reflect the importance of Ibrahimovic for the Swedish national team, because as long as the tower god can go into battle Lucas Lessio Jersey, then the Nordic pirates have to defeat any opponent's confidence and courage. In the international competition qualifying, Ibrahimovic is always playing well, without his key goals, Sweden absolutely into the 2006 World Cup, as well as 2012, 2016 European Cup finals. Especially in the 2016 French European Cup qualifying play-off stage, Ibrahimovic in the home and away games scored three goals, he almost by virtue of their own efforts to help the Swedish team out of the Nordic neighbors Danish team. In the national team, Ibrahimovic also left a series of classic goals. 2004 European Cup group stage, Ibrahimovic played Scorpio tail stunt, and ultimately help the Swedish team 1-1 draw with a strong Italian team; 2012 Morgan Ellis Jersey, Ibrahimovic in Sweden against England warm-up match in a single quartile , The first four goals is a distance away from the goal 30 meters away outside the super hook. There is no doubt that Ibrahimovic is the most prestigious international star in the history of Sweden, so after its withdrawal from the national team, the country built a statue for him, is a reasonable but a result.

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