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Let you have a stylish wedding

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You want to fashion a perfect wedding ceremony for some of the traditional areas, there need to know, for example: how to select the most suited to their wedding ceremony area? New entry of the order is what? Ceremony, read out the oath when they first opened the veil or the first ? all issues must be resolved in advance.

Ceremony Venue
Select wedding dress should be like,Moncler, like,Ugg Classic Tall, select the appropriate location of your ceremony. Whether you choose a traditional church in a grand wedding, or choose to host a fresh and natural in the garden lawn fashionable wedding, will be you and your fiance love to you the most appropriate expression.
The wedding ceremony, the choice of location will affect the style and type of wedding ceremony, because you want the whole layout and the surrounding environment to be suitable.

If you have long been a dream in a small rural church weddings,Vibram Five Fingers Kso, then you should choose a warm candlelight wedding, then the ceremony will be a very simple arrangement of flowers and scenes of natural simplicity. Then fragrant flowers and warm candlelight for a romantic fairy-tale wedding to increase atmosphere.

If you like the ocean, you can fashion a wedding held on the beach, so the sea for you to witness. Pick a place where you can see the sea, or in the soft sand. In a summer weekend, you and him walked the corridor paved with shell, promise you Haishishanmeng.

If you choose to hotel weddings, often hotel staff will be organized to introduce you to some of the usual venue for the ceremony, if you do not want to, like others,Ray Ban, you can take a closer look, you may find more suitable place.
No matter where you choose to hold a wedding, every wedding ceremony,Herve Leger, a fashion must have a central location. The center of the church wedding of course,Ugg Boots, is the altar. Choose a ceremony held in other places, if this place has a small pavilion, as long as a little decoration on the pavilion can become the center of the ceremony, but also can be studded with green plants and flowers arches, tents and parasols, potted shrubs can also choose to and so on, as long as the look creative,Abercrombie & Fitch, no special restrictions.

Bride Note: For any kind of ceremony, the most important thing is to create an intimate atmosphere. If you choose a place with 300 seats,Ugg Boots, while only 125 of your guests, you should be encouraged to sit in front of guests. The best place arrangements collar workers, they can directly compare the guests into the front position.

Seating arrangements

If it is a just family and close friends to participate in a small wedding, just in advance for you to stay out of the older part of the seat. For a large-scale fashion wedding, you need to prepare for seating cards,Ugg Boots, to reduce the guests to spend time to find a seat.

Traditionally, the bride’s family sit on the left, the groom’s family sit on the right. Relations become more sitting relatively close to the front position,Vibram FiveFingers, elders and brothers and sisters sitting on the left in the first row, if the parents divorced, want to sit separately, depending on which side of the relationship between parents is better, if the relationship between father and Comparison Well, you can let my father and his wife are now sitting in the front row, the mother sat in the second row.

For a large wedding, with seating cards will be able to put all the problems have been resolved. Each seat at the card, write the guests name, and placed on the seat or back of a chair. Seating card design must be eye-catching, you can hand write your guest’s name in order to express respect for the guests.


Bride-select the suitable dress manual accessories

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Dress and pearl accessories of tie-in skill,Christian Louboutin Bridal, the first to determine the main accessories and dress, if the bride wore style simple pearl accessories, Appropriate tie Star Wedding can choose design fancy dress, the reasonable wear jewelry to face can balance.

The bride,Christian Louboutin Boots, short neck to select slightly slender necklace.
The short neck: choose such slender necklace,Ray Ban, slightly increased in the length of the neck on the vision, avoid wearing have short and coarse,Moncler Jackets, the neck and neck, it would make necklace looks more short,Discount Christian Louboutin,
Neck and neck long: short people opposite,Moncler, this kind of person or wear collars will clinch necklace or good-looking, but choose long necklace will let you become a giraffe.”

Like a pair of underwear with the wedding of a close loved one heart consonance. However, often the bride will choose most of the time spent on the wedding and the dress,Ugg Bailey Button Triplet, often overlooked with underwear. In fact, a fit of the underwear, is the soul of wedding,Moncler Outlet, it can improve the stature and wearing a wedding dress from time to time to make a better effect,Ray Ban, bring out the wedding for graceful lines. So, we need to wear a beautiful wedding,Hollister, underwear selection must trip from the city.


How to select wedding color

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Marriage gauze of pure white bride is not required to connect tire body matchs is snow-white, began in Victoria empress times, when white represents happy,Hollister, and then is to strengthen the holy and loyalty, the significance of the lady, can’t remarry wear white wedding gown, more formed pure monolith noble status.

Before this,Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Greece is to “white” as the bridal gown, the most common color, but not strictly to systemic snow-white, Rome, the bride would face with yellow, China is in the red dress for radical auspicious symbol, At the beginning of the 20th century, the silver wedding reveal the royal honour status, visible gown for its “color” no special provisions shall wear white wedding dress

With the tide, but white gauze time change, ivory, cream-colored color, in recent years, the traditional increasingly popular wedding, such as the whole pink, orange and pink blue, pink is violet powder, powder and shallow pale green, very downy and pleasing to the eye, If you tried, blackish green, red, purple, pink dress in the form of color, the effect is very special,Moncler Outlet, dress, As the most popular course is ivory lubricious gauze or pure silk flower on compose pink butterfly, and add color.

Actually, the marriage gauze “color, the less important precondition of color matching is the bride. Oriental dark skin and yellow,Christian Louboutin, wear XueBaiSe marriage gauze,Vibram FiveFingers, can appear dark dumb,Ugg Classic Tall, wear ivory color is harmonious nature will pink blue, pink,Ray Ban, purple and yellow skin,Abercrombie & Fitch, can coordinate green powder,Vibram Five Fingers Kso, powder orange and yellow color match. As to the skin white, red or in bronze skin,Ed Hardy, wear white will be very good-looking, especially the latter, match the groom’s coattails “is a special dress ashdod.


Flowers make sexy underwear bride married and fash

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Festival red,Ray Ban, white, constitute the sanctity of the intention of flower series, give each heart with love and are feeling happy and sweet love woman of happiness. Love on two big style marriage gauze underwear to help you perfect collocation, give this beautiful bride.

Choose the Swiss dribbling embroider design feeling WangDe embroidery lace,Christian Louboutin Boots, rich Chinese complex,Moncler Jackets, flower design modelling is contracted, fashionable and elegant highlights a anaglyph effect and stereo feeling level.

Life is only once this precious moments,Moncler, each detail should delicate,Hollister, a close underwear is indispensable. Western-style wedding holiness gets more and more the favour of fashionable women filipina-american, dress collocation autumn of flower love 09 intention helps you become series underwear most perfect modern bride.
Use the enduring “absolute height” improved edition cup,Ugg Boots, excellent effect on chest, low heart design highlights the grace for different type of breast milk ditch in women. And embroidery lace clever show sex appeal delicate women flavour, foil female elegant temperament. More than double bounce lientang including increased stability and good tolerance, from the function and visual guarantee the perfect type chest.

We are mostly bride wedding dress design. Waist Oriental beauty skeletons are reflected the waist. But not all of the bride,Discount Christian Louboutin, and sometimes, Marriage on the ring clever apply bowknot can ascend the marriage gauze of romantic feeling.
Tie-in proposal:
The ornament of bowknot can very good remedy some brides wear waist line long gown in vision will receive waist in the blank. Compose can very good remedy some brides wear waist line long gown in vision will receive waist in the blank.
Color to white gauze bowknot is very conspicuous adornment,Abercrombie & Fitch, which requires the bowknot of material to be very good itself,Uggs On Sale, delicate degree view point to distract. When the waist is big enough, bowknot in our photo shoulds not be held a bouquet at the point too easily, the adornment that a person dazzling,Ray-Ban, window will lose luster.


Marriage gauze fabrics spins no.3-knowledge

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The product is spun silk spins products, fabric, transparent,Moncler,wedding soft, light and elegant name from CHIFFE French pronunciation,Ed Hardy, frivolous transparent fabric.
“Snow,” the “georgette” – - – georgette, say again Jo its strong twisting crease in crease the crease, the material of a kind of silk weaved, georgette name comes from France (georgette). The silk warp and fine twined by S and Z twist to two different kinds of yarn, according to rob 2Z alternate arrangement, ZS,Discount Christian Louboutin, with tabby fabrics, organization weft density is small. After scouring the billet silk thread because of twisting function and contraction, full of crease up silken face evenly regenerated, structure of georgette. According to the material can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, cleanse silk georgette, georgette, interweaving and warp if only by a twist to weave, georgette, called the fiber filament georgette georgette to present the concave and convex plait jian shape irregular regenerated. Georgette, feel soft texture thin transparent, elastic, bright qing quietly elegant appearance,Christian Audigier, has the good permeability and drape, dress, elegant,Abercrombie, comfortable. The light and heavy georgette, thick, thin, transparency and shrinkage effect etc, crease silken face mainly depends on the thread, and indicated, twist and weft density. Women’s dresses for making georgette, senior gown, turbans, palace lantern handicraft.

How to discern what is truly advanced snow?
Secret is to cut a piece of fabric with lighter to burn a burning.
True: from white smoke, scent,Moncler Jackets, dry after the ashes were broken open the drift.
False: if all is not broken open and focal flavour, a touch knew composition.

Chiffon maintenance
1. Don’t spins dress for a long time in the closet hanging,Ray-Ban, otherwise flabby prolapse of snow will deformation.
2 don’t touch water carefully. If the local touch water, soaking catharsis,Vibram FiveFingers, finally stretching flat iron avoid shrinking.
3 after catharsis forcibly naturally drip dry not twist dry.
4 heavy adornment is better in the snow,Ugg Boots, and this is not easy in the closet.
5 are placed in your pocket, breathable fabric will cling to dust.
6 spray perfume should pay attention to distance. Lest leave macular.
7 if at the party was stained with red wine,Christian Louboutin Bridal, or oil, has two tricks.
Method one: first, use towel to find the suction machine or flour, blot moisture, and then gently on the surface of the blow powder, besmirch nature is sucked.
Method 2: use soda water wipe stain is more effective.


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