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the north face

Nike Zoom Soldier III

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

Nike Zoom Soldier III Tamika Catchings PE

  While the NBA’s next season is not yet on we may want to pause and discover other basketball sneakers not from our favorite NBA icons but from the other side of the court. The WNBA also shares few pairs and that Indiana Fever prolific scorer, Tamika Catchings has her own player exclusive version of the Nike Zoom Soldier III.

  As seen during last year’s season, Catchings was up on the court with her pair of Soldiers dressed up in an Indiana Fever road jersey colorway. The originally LeBron signature sneaker adopts white base with navy blue patent leather on the toe and heel. The duo straps on the midfoot gave Catchings an enhanced support as the upper strap reveals the patented L23 branding whereas the lower strap flaunts “T CATCH” in her recognition.

  To continue the Indiana blaze on this Nike Zoom Soldier III PE, royal blue liner fills the interior, golden yellow Swoosh appears on the quarter panel, and red trimming goes along panel borders and as detailed strap stitching.


 Parezco un loco, lo sé

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
El dise?ador Manolo Blahnik.

  Manolo Blahnik nunca toca sus zapatos una vez han salido a la venta. "Hay una leyenda en Piamonte y Lombardía -dos de las regiones más industrializadas de Italia- que dice que si tocas un zapato no lo vendes y ?yo quiero venderlo!".

  Durante nuestro encuentro en su tienda de Madrid (Serrano,canada goose resolute, 58), el dise?ador canario mantiene su empe?o de no tentar a la suerte y sujeta su nueva creación enganchada al bolsillo de su traje. Hasta el mismo se ríe de tan cómica situación: "parezco un loco, lo sé". Pero nada de eso, el hombre que ha revolucionado el mundo del zapato femenino está bien cuerdo y, además, gasta un gran sentido del humor.

  En cuanto a imaginación... la tiene toda. El modelo 'Espa?a' que acaba de presentar,Parka, y que estará a la venta exclusivamente en nuestro país, dice buscar la inspiración en fiestas populares como en San Isidro y El Rocío, los madro?os y los mantones de Manila. ?No será que has querido celebrar la victoria de la selección espa?ola en el Mundial?,Arc'teryx, le preguntó sabiendo la respuesta y un poco para chincharle -sin intención de resultar hiriente-. "?Qué Mundial? ?cuándo es? ?Ah,christian louboutin shoe sale, ya, el Mundial! No, no,christian louboutins, yo me mantengo ajeno a todos esos espectáculos", y empieza a divagar sobre un montón de cuestiones, como la 'blahnikmanía' que la serie Sexo en Nueva York ha desatado entre las adolescentes. "Sé que hay mujeres que se vuelven locas por unos manolos pero intento que eso no me preocupe demasiado,The North Face, es mucha responsabilidad. Aunque,canada goose, siempre gusta, claro, que tus dise?os gusten y se popularicen".

  Es un tipo sensato,canada goose down coat, con los pies muy apegados al suelo que pisa, que, en este caso, son las fábricas donde se producen sus zapatos. "Me gusta visitar las fábricas,canada goose down jackets, ver cómo van las cosas por allí, siempre controlo todo de principio a fin. Y si me equivoco la culpa es mía,canada goose down coat, no le echo la culpa a nadie". Para estos tiempos de crisis, es consciente de que no sólo las fábricas rentabilizan esfuerzos, también los consumidores. Por eso nos recomienda: "mejor ir a lo seguro, comprar un buen par de zapatos que no se rompan y que te sirva para muchas ocasiones". La mejor elección serán siempre unos 'manolos'.


Arise fashion's Queen Victoria

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link


  IT HAS been a long time coming but five seasons in it seems that Victoria Beckham has finally won the seal of approval from the fashion pack.

  With a nomination in the British Fashion Council's Designer Brand of the Year category already in the bag she unveiled her spring/summer 2011 collection to a select bunch of fashionistas.

Thumbnail image for US Beckham 1_946.jpg

  And it seems they loved it. But then what's not to love? Packed with colourful day dresses, slinky evening dresses in shiny metallics and sexy little nude numbers, it is easily her best yet.

US Beckham 5_964.jpg

Thumbnail image for shoenew.jpg

  It even included a pair of shoes which she says are designed to match the rose face of the Rolex David bought Victoria.

  We admit that we haven't always found it easy to accept Victoria Beckham as aserious fashion designer but we are totally bowled over by these pieces.

Thumbnail image for US Beckham 4_967.jpg

  Sadly with prices ranging from £800-£1000 we don't expect to be swanning arund in any of them soon. But a Girl Behaving Stylishly can dream can't she?


Prabal Gurung’s Geometric Gamble Pays Off

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

  Prabal Gurung, the charming young designer who took New York by storm last season, threw caution to the wind with vivid colors and daring geometry in his show at Lincoln Center on Saturday.

  From the roar of approval that greeted his appearance on the runway, it’s clear that the collection will have many supporters on the editorial side of fashion,Parka Store, where magazines are looking for fresh, often startling,christian louboutin shoes, styles to decorate their pages.

  He handed them that aplenty. The opening series of dresses came in saturated turquoise,Canada Goose Expedition Parka, red and gold, with blocks and strips of color placed off-kilter. It was a modern take on early-70s fashions that came at a time when women were trying new silhouettes and throwing off society’s restrictions in clothing as well as behavior.

  He followed with a delightful series of off-white dresses and tops, decorated with whirly swirls of pink lines � Spyro-gyro gone mad with the screen printing. There was a terrific pair of slim black cropped pants. More,CNN News, please.

  But Mr. Gurung may have gone too far with the shag-rug looks that had strings and strips of textile that failed, even, to flatter the gazelle-like models. They look looked better toned down on the front of a blouse � that would do for an art opening.

  And that may be the key fault in the highly creative Mr. Gurung. He is an artist, without doubt. I look forward to seeing his clothes in magazines and the red carpet. But he fails,canada goose expedition, in this collection,christian louboutin on sale, to consider how real women wear clothes as they climb in and out of a taxi (or limo),canada goose coat, sit at a dinner table, or pack for a trip. Complex, revealing backs on gowns are hard to wear.

  Mundane details? Maybe. But Ralph Lauren,Canada Goose Chilliwack Parka, Michael Kors,canada goose down coat, and more lately, Jason Wu,canada goose down parkas, are taking wearable details straight to the bank.


Fashion’s Power Players

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

  The fashion industry is a notoriously glamorous and cutthroat world. Fashion designers,canada goose down coat, public relations moguls and it-girls move voraciously from one “it” bag to the next. Inside Beat takes a look at some people to keep your eyes on for fall 2010.

  1. Sarah Burton

  The Central Saint Martins graduate takes on one of the most daunting design tasks in the fashion world ― designing for the Alexander McQueen label after the eponymous designer’s suicide. McQueen ― fashion’s undisputed bad boy ― was notorious for high drama runway shows featuring elements of performance art. Ever capable,cheap canada goose jacket, Burton has produced sumptuous fall collection,canada goose down jacket, featuring a mashup of Gothic and Oriental brocade designs.

  2. Kate Lanphear

  Despite the onslaught of overtly feminine dresses on the runway,canada goose jackets, Lanphear has determinedly stayed focused on her androgynous and edgy personal style. As Elle Magazine’s style director,canada goose down coats, Lanphear is known for her choppy white-blond hair,canada goose down parka, parachute pants and sky-high heels. Fashion bloggers love to photograph her at runway shows throughout the year. She brings a unique voice to Elle,canadian goose coats, often highlighting avant-garde designs for her magazine readers.

  3. Billy Reid

  A Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)’s Fashion Fund finalist,canada goose down coats, Billy Reid is attempting to bring back “Southern luxury” to the American menswear market. His clothes bring to mind the troubled men of William Faulkner novels downing whiskeys.

  4. Jen Brill

  Brill is today’s fashion party princess. Brill currently serves as Director of Business Development at Fred & Associates and is engaged to celebrity photographer Terry Richardson,Canada Goose Jackets, whose work is frequently featured in Rolling Stone.


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