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Ardon - There is no magic pill, you are it!

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The beginning pt.1

Posted at 18:07 on 3/12/2009
How many times in life can you tell yourself: from now on it is all going to change? Not that many I can tell you. I am a breathing organism on this planet for 21 years, and recently experienced my first life-changing moment. Now you might think: what the hell did this kid do? And I donít want to disappoint you, because it was not something spectacular. Havenít you woken up one day with a feeling that you have never felt before? And just to be clear on this matter, I am not talking about feelings such as love, hate, sadness etc. Iím talking about this feeling that you just canít seem to describe, canít seem to place, and for some reason canít seem to understand. The feeling that you canít seem to figure out whether itís physical or mental. I am positive that everyone reading this, youngsters, oldies, and everyone else, has felt this feeling before and is nodding his or her head right this second. So hereís the deal, for people who know me, and people who donít. In my friendly and familiar environment, I am a very outgoing and social human being, but in the other hand, when in an unknown environment, I am the complete opposite, the outsider, the average frustrated chump, a chode if you will. Scared of meeting new people, scared of making contact with the unknown, I progressed in life, moving from high school to college life. I donít know if scared is the right definition of what it was. It wonít be the first time something cannot be properly explained in a way to prevent unnecessary confusion. So instead of boring you with the past, and creating irrelevant sympathy for the has been situation, I will tell you what happened to me as a person the past couple of weeks, maybe even a couple of months. There is no magic pill, you are itÖ. To be continued
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Posted at 16:26 on 2/12/2009
Welcome, whomever is out there reading this tiny blog. To formally introduce myself, my name is Ardon W., and I am a Dutch/Israeli citizen currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands, where I am currently a third year student at the institute for Hospitality Management. I was born on September 2nd 1988 in the Southern-Dutch city called Maastricht, where I was raised by my parents and was living until my 18th birthday. After finishing High school, I felt the need of change in my life. I decided to move to Israel and study at the Herzliya college for one year. Why Israel you might ask? Simple: being Jewish, having an Israeli mother, and the majority of my family living in Israel. After up till then, the best year of my life, I decided to come back to Holland, and attend the Hotelschool in The Hague. This being my dream since being a little boy, finally about to come true. So that's where I've been since then, but I will always have love for Israel. I even did my first internship in Israel for the school I'm currently attending. What else do I do besides school? Plenty! I love music, going out with friends, dancing salsa, cooking and traveling. That's basically it in a nutshell. This is not my first official blog, that one is currently under construction! So please be patient a bit more ;) Feel free to leave comments, feedback or just say hello. Welcome, and see you again soon! Ardon
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