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Reduce Man Boobs

09:24, 22/12/2007 .. Link
If you're a grown man who has found himself growing "boobs", or developing extra tissue in the chest area, you're probably wondering what's the best way to reduce them. If you have been developing man boobs in the prime of your life - in other words you're not in the midst of puberty and you're not elderly - those man boobs are most likely caused by extra fat deposits in your body.

Reducing man boobs is fairly simple to do, but it's not always considered to be easy. When men develop boobs from weight gain or obesity, the best way to reduce them is to simple start losing weight. You can't just lose weight in general though, you have to actually burn excess fat off your body.

Man boobs develop from extra fat being stored in your chest area. Just as you start getting a large belly when extra fat is stored there, you'll also develop boobs when fat is stored there too.

Now you can actually reduce the man boobs quickly and easily if you're willing to get a small surgical procedure. Cosmetic surgeons can do a simple procedure which involves removing the extra fat and tissue from between your chest muscles and your nipples. This will drastically reduce or remove the man boobs from you completely and you'll be all healed up within just a few weeks.

If you decide to reduce your man boobs through exercise though, your whole body will benefit in the end. Realize though, that you can't simply spot reduce in the boob area only. There are no known exercises or activities which can help you reduce or eliminate fat from just one part of your body. It's all or nothing.

Since burning off extra body fat is the best way to reduce man boobs, you'll want to choose exercises and activities which work best for this purpose. These include strength training, cardio activities, and interval workouts.

Strength training will tone up and build your body's muscles. Don't concentrate on just those muscles under the man boobs though, because instead of reducing them you'll only make them stick out further as the underlying muscles develop larger.

You can reduce the appears of your man boobs by focusing on your upper chest muscles though. Doing push ups for instance - especially ones where your feet are on the seat of a chair and your body is angled - will help to target the upper chest muscles. As these muscles get larger, they'll help reduce the appearance and noticeability of your boob area.

Strengthening all muscles will help you burn body fat though, because muscles tend to use more calories and energy even when you're sitting still or sleeping.

Looking for more information on ways to reduce man boobs? Head on over to http://www.squidoo.com/How-to-get-rid-of-man-boob/

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