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international art competition


art competition CELEBRATION connected with www.arpsgallery.com

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CELEBRATION !!! International art competition with www.arpsgallery.com


Arps&Co fine arts since 1902

This year at November 2007 Gallery Arps&Co celebrate its 5 years anniversary of the website www.arpsgallery.com .Last year we received 500.000 visitors! The artwork is selling well. So there is a good reason to do something nice. After some debating we decided upon an international art competition. We hope that  both the gallery, the good spirit and some artists all might end up in a win-win situation.


How does it work.


We are looking for great talents, not too presumptuous, loose approach, yet still precise in their perfection. Dynamic and authentic. Artwork that does tickle the public.



A.  interdisciplinary  -  B.  fine art photography - C.  painting or mixed media


General conditions

Artists should be of professional practice since at least 5 years and be able to give us some examples of participation at an art show (solo or group).


How to respond

If your are interested to participate and want to know more, please send us an email, also including your website address. If you are qualified to participate we will send you the application-form.

All qualified artist will have a place on the website.

You can mail the form together with a maximum of 5 pictures.  We expect clear pictures of your work in a format of desktopsize and with 150 dpi.

Your participation is confirmed when you make a payment of 35 euros, this is a handling fee and also because all participants will receive a validated professional art-advice report in return. In this advice we will give you suggestions on how and where in the netherlands you could make contacts to propose your art.

From all qualified participants one picture with their web address will be put on the arpsgallery site during the period of the competition (6 months).


Procedure of the competition

6 months - 6th selections in 3 catagories

Every month the curators of Arpsgallery will make a selection. So every month new candidates can join in!

1st selection: . Everybody who is qualified will be exposed on the website of arpsgallery and will participate in the competition of the month.

The first 50 selected in each category will be marked with 1 (celebration) star.

We will bring starred candidates to the attention of our international network of galleries.

monthly deadlines 

Each month from March through September 2007 there is a deadline at the 25th.

The awarded art will be announced every month at the 2nd. The artist can only subscribe once during the whole competition period and with a maximum of 5 pieces. The curator of Arpsgallery will pick the choice and only one image can be put on the website of arpsgallery. The name and address of the artist will be part of the exposure (if wanted)


All copyrights of the picture of the artwork, or of the fine art photographs remain with the artist. The selected images will be exposed with a Arps&Co watermark on it on the site, so as to prevent unallowed reproduction on other websites. The artist can at all times retrieve the artworks.


What can the winners expect

The final deadline is the 25th of September. hat is the last time we will give a the celebration stars.

The final selection: from each category  will be 3 artists still choosen from all the participants during the period of the competition.

These 9  awarded artists are invited to exhibit their work in Amsterdam.


The awarded artists will be actively promoted through the arpsgallery site and the daily practice of Arps&Co fine arts and their worldwide network.


Last procedures

The Arps&Co commission of experts and curators will announce the final 3 winners in each category at November 2nd 2007 (day of the 5th anniversary of arpsgallery).


Arps&Co will announce this with an extensive press-release.


Between November 2007 en January 2008 Arps&Co will remain in tight contact with the winners about the details of the exhibition of the artworks and their specific needs to expose the work with a maximum result. The final exhibition in Amsterdam will be at February 2008. We are looking forward to it!!!!

Apply here: info@arpsgallery.com





Posted: 12:25, 1/3/2007
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