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As today cover points out10/12/2017

As today's cover points out, Liverpool's asking price for Kudiniao reached 145 million euros, a drop of 5 million euros from the previous 150 million-euro asking price. "Daily Sports Daily" cover today also focus on the transfer of Kutigno and Barcelona Nate Schmidt Jersey. The West Media revealed that Barcelona President Bartolome will personally intervene in the transfer, hoping to successfully introduce decent Brazilians Zach Sanford Jersey. The last three league games, Stirling have scored, and are very crucial lore ball. According to statistics, Stirling Champions League in all competitions have scored 5 lore at the last minute, fans ridicule this have become a routine operation, not worth the blow. The Premier League Brooks Orpik Jersey, Stirling's goal to Manchester City brought 9 points. Stirling only 22 years old this year, he and Manchester City contract until the summer of 2020 due. However, in order to prevent being taken away by other teams Rod Langway Jersey, Manchester City already intends to renew negotiations with him. This summer, there are rumors that Arsenal are interested in Stirling.

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In the middle of the week just half10/12/2017

In the middle of the week just half an hour later for Waterford Chris Conner Jersey, Matic quits early because of muscular problems and Mirror reports that it's hard to recover from muscle problems in a short period of time Ilya Samsonov Jersey, and Matic mostly missed Contending with Arsenal, Mike Mussina is also worried about the worst situation now - Matic threatened to catch up with Manchester City next weekend. It is reported that now Matic has been tested on the injured site, and did not give up hope of playing Arsenal, but now it seems unlikely that time is too short, after all. And Mike Mussina wants Matic to catch up with Manchester Derby next Sunday. Manchester United Doctors make every effort to help the Serbian midfielder comeback, because that same Derby will be Manchester United to narrow the 8 points with Manchester City, the best opportunity. And if Mathieci missed this weekend, Herrera will replace him. In order to be able to get more playing opportunities, and selected for the 2018 World Cup in England, Luke - Xiao now has no choice but to leave Manchester United Dale Hunter Jersey. Recently, there is also news that Tottenham may also become Luke - Shaw's next home, because it is the team coach Pochettino Southampton first hand Luke - Xiao Pei cultivated Justin Peters Jersey.

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Pogba who played four games10/12/2017

Pogba, who played four games after his comeback, claimed his status has not yet returned to optimum: "Obviously, playing all the games will be very tiring, but that's exactly what I want, and that's what it means to play , I want to be better and help my team as much as possible.I have been playing 3 games in a row and I have played 90 minutes in both games because I need more time to recover 100% Status, but I feel good now. After the Premiership 14 rounds, Manchester City, 13 wins and 1 level unbeaten record leader, has been the leading city rivals Manchester United 8 points Karl Alzner Jersey. Stirling's outstanding performance as Manchester City strong one of the key factors Jonas Siegenthaler Jersey, he has scored 9 goals in the league, and Aguero, tied for the top scorer in the team, in the total striker list also lags behind Liverpool's Sarah Kahn and Tottenham Kane Eric Fehr Jersey. Mascherano joined Barcelona in 2010, in the past seven seasons has helped the team won four La Liga titles and two Champions League. However, after the start of the new season, has changed midfielder Zhongwei Mascherano did not get the new coach Valverde reuse, so far, the Argentine star only started seven games Nicklas Backstrom Jersey, more often Is a substitute play.

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In order for Coutinho to come to Camp10/12/2017

In order for Coutinho to come to Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona is preparing for the transfer price between 130 million euros to 150 million euros, which basically reached Liverpool's expectations, therefore, the possibility of both sides in the winter window transactions Big It is worth mentioning that the West also pointed out long ago, Barcelona's locker room welcomes Coutinho, in particular Messi and Suarez hope he joined. In fact, in the last two years, the news about the departure of Mascherano has been continuous. In an interview with ESPN, 33-year-old brother said: "My career in Barcelona is almost over Philipp Grubauer Jersey, in effect for such a long time Alex Ovechkin Jersey, this is normal, I can contribute to the Barcelona have been running out. But I did not say that with a heavy heart. I have dedicated my best career to this club. I will never forget it. In the FA's official website notice, "In the 43rd minute against Chelsea and Swansea Aaron Ness Jersey, Conti charges allegations of misconduct following his foul appearance, and Conti can be charged at 18 o'clock on December 5 (local time) To respond Dale Hunter Jersey. "Conti Chelsea and Swansea war before the end of the first half, Conti think Swansea players deliberately delay time, emotionally complained to the fourth officer, the referee was punished the stands, then he still misconduct behavior.

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