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my wow experiences

Here we are as far as possible for each to produce the maximum effect of talent to add some.

04:40, 20/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

The first is arcane talent, in order to ensure that the fill soul master arcane system at least 40 points, then in order to reflect the efficiency of Frostbolt, we have all added to the remaining 21:00 of ice line, so that there will be two kinds of additive. These two additions arcane system is constant, the focus is whether a piercing (6% increase frost spell damage) of this talent.

So no matter how talented we are able to list plus the following formula:

No piercing: ((X + Z * (1 +15%) * 25%) * 0.85 + 656) * (1 +3%)

A piercing: ((X + Z * (1 +15%) * 25%) * 0.85 + 656) * (1 +3% +6%)

Some people may not understand, I explain, where Xgold wow  is the player through injury and equipment to maintain the value of law, Z is the player's intelligence value, 15% is caused by natural arcane mind, 25% was mind control, Z * (1 +15%) * 25% of this is the piece of intelligence brought by the looks gorgeous part of 0.85 is the addition of Ice Arrow of law injury rate, 656 is the Ice Arrow damage itself (636 ~ 686 went to a Comparing the middle value), 3% arcane efficiency, 6% are piercing.

With such a talent, the player's value should be a law show 815 injuries, it is tempting, right? Suddenly raised the 115-point method injuries, and then let us look at these two formulas damage value:

Not biting: 1389

A biting: 1470

These are the natural next Frostbolt Arcane output results.


Then let us look at Frost talent bar under the same conditions. We must measure the Ice Arrow damage, then there is no doubt want to add a few talented out, namely, arctic winds, Ice Arrow efficiency. One piercing we still use it as an optional talent. After at least 41-point talent, the remaining 20 points talent in any other talent is also there will not be able to enhance the power of natural selection Ice Arrow, then we can list two formulas:


Not biting: (X * (1 +10%) * 0.85 + 656) * (1 +5%)

A bone-chilling: (X * (1 +10%) * 0.85 + 656) * (1 +5% +6%)


Continued to explain, X, or equipment to maintain law hurt the value, 10% Freezing Arrow synergistic talents, 0.85 is the addition of Ice Arrow of law injury rate of 5% arctic winds brought talent, 6% are biting . With such a talent, our numerical method is still injured 700, and then we look at the result:

Not biting: 1376

A biting: 1454

Here I would like to see a lot of people have already seen, and that the so-called 100 + in France to bring the effect of injury but the effect of the value of 20 points. wow goldThis is our previous stress does not involve sharp blow to hit the premise, if we consider it? Clearly, not considering the case of natural ice, arcane explosion rate of ordinary talent can list this formula: intellectual burst rate +3% + * 15% intelligence to bring the rate of violence; and the Department of natural ice is: intellectual burst Rate +5% +10%. Of which 10% is to bring the depths of winter, and now it is not popular, however, brought intelligence * 15% of the violence rate is almost negligible, in order to prevent some of the audience prick, and we give him 1%, it is so arcane, but also four %, the ice was 5%. Department of elements is more accurate because of the ice brings 3% hit, I think we all know that on the basis of the same equipment, multi-hit effect of 3% - not to mention what the overflow, I do not believe Minato France wound up and there are no martial arts Cou Cou hit.


It really is such a long time, the purpose is one, so that people understand that an Austrian law 810 Law injury Law injury worse than a 700 copies of the ice method of efficiency good. I also advise those who are considering Master friends, you have to do so is tantamount to the same time to cause trouble for themselves and others, particularly those with more than 600 loaded 700, and others YX this reluctance to you, it may eventually eliminate stupid do not know where the problem lies, but the know your conscience can ever go?

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World of Warcraft: Hunter's world to survive

07:39, 11/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
I have three areas of blood teeth Beelzebub Union dwarf LR, play LR has been a long time, but also read a lot about this site LR articles, many of which are these two days to write Altered Beast, and as I live, can not help but quietly silent, and for the first time to write, do not know the consequences of how the like, does not matter, I just want to talk about our survival LR experiences. Do not know why, and now the momentum seems to return a great Altered Beast, survival appeared to cold, and tell you, if we think they want the challenges of high technology, difficult to wow gold kaufenoperate, you are in when a real LR, survival of LR! LR not only will be hunting and the use of using toy guns, but more importantly is how soldiers panic disorder in the horse survived. Survival LR good indication of the talent on the nature of the LR, survival, how important these two characters, some bad choices in the LR area, I do not have more comments, Altered Beast has his own advantages, BB is the rage of terror, However, since the set of your own game to survive. The following talk of PK survival and Beastmaster, and I think this is what everyone is most concerned about and sensitive topic, so-called always someone to take the lead to eat crabs, and I said, wrong place today, just criticism, I humbly Qiujiao.

   Talk about the duel, duel, of course to say that the premise is equipped with a balanced situation, such as all monsters plus a set of ice thorn dwarf cannon. The duel began, then the survival far LR warfare, which is to survive LR and other LR duel of the taboo and began following him on the run, not to accept a duel, this depends on his route running, he will first try to put a trap, and then back and forth, where run, want you in the trap of judging a good distance, he ran back and forth is the midpoint of the general location of the trap, when you put a longer there, to accept a duel, no accident, then we all get away. Which fool would not have lost with the BB bite you? And when the solution of the emblem can not trap, this time the survival advantage to make money, plus an enhanced survival of natural freezing trap, frozen time, a lot more, a solution of ice on the fear of his BB, and then aim for others, does not have a shot take a look at his BB, running out of patience, then back to open rage, fooled, and not to fight others, and his BB deal to open a deterrent to his solution of the ice, if not open, then hit the shock on the target, despite all the rush to go, where attention , aiming at the time not to Pao Yuan, 8M behind him just right, you make a rush to go to his target in turn you have to run Long, he can not open the gun. Close to the mix as soon throw him, and kept the wrestling mix, wow gold strengthen good wrestling mixed use, cut his long term resident non-stop, in short, have a mixed effect of throwing him so that he could not pull open distance, Beastmaster LR will use this time BB faint beat you, so to pull 8M, Two shots were fired, whether to continue to shock, he rushed into the mix to throw him, then at least out of two counter-attack, he did not pull to open the distance. Here is a key hub in front of you BB will not beat him, but stepped on his suspended animation when you opened 8M release trap. Has been pulled, he will not open from the depressed to death, imagine explosion hit a high, strong LR melee hit him does not hurt? From time to time on the 500 + in the blood, strengthen the birds of prey add more terror, burst on the 800 + too common.
   Then if the Beastmaster mixed slap shot faint furious if you drive, you die, he opened the red, open deterrence and a stone guard (dwarf talent, and now diminished the pace of) onto the chop ah! Deterrence plus 25 per cent of the parry and dodge, this time he attacks a small semi-BB are = 0 and there are 10 seconds without a deterrent, and will depend on its own technology, and kept jumping in front of others of the cut, he would occasionally have been bypassing the BB, you can always pay less the next two. When he BB a smaller, immediately to disperse the feign death + trap. Here is also a key, a trap must be fast, to be accurate, we must cast it to others at the foot of the slow his BB to let you into battle, first hit by his rage and now if you can not bear to continue, the ice to his BB a not good, not harm to others while you are high, but you had just been beaten half to death, the blood must not have more than him, they must be iceman, ice to the people would immediately press TAB to switch targets to his BB, intimidation BB, best not intimidation set to shortcut keys, or you find is a waste of time, he is not plastic BB's teeth, I set up F2, up to bite his BB under the three went on the side of cool. This is a look at your blood ratio, much lower if you want, then add a bandage trouble, do not fill, he added, and as much as we're OK, and then targeting plus shocks, if you want insurance, points, plus throw directly birds of prey mix in order to avoid the time, he aimed at thawing, and to continue to cut, do not stop, if so you lose, you really can only say that inferior technology of the
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3V3 arena team combination thieves (I)

07:46, 11/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
  CWOW arena by the third growing season, the concern of multi-player, the population served, as well as the enthusiasm of players on the playing field so that an unprecedented fierce competition. Whether it is a week mixed with 10 friends lunch, or to the impact of revenge Gladiator title. contingent portfolio to become the largest in the arena to discuss the topic. Banditry lasting combat capability, as well as the flexibility and anti-control in the ranks of the combination of high-end occupy a large proportion.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
1 livestock thieves law
   3V3 portfolio in changing with each passing day, most of the emerging combination of restraint and thieves have been the primary law conditions of animal husbandry. The number of its portfolio since the patch can not be shaken and .2.4, respectively, of the Master, priest BUFF. In 3V3 is the most common combination. Master thief is a combination of thwow golde strongest 2V2, together with the precepts of the attack to disperse grazing form 2.5DPS. powerful control chain, instantaneous power, and good defensive capabilities. simple, brutal and effective is the image of Good description of the robber law.
Attack, control: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
   Master is the core team, is a thief to attack, the pastor assisted DPS. Effective control in a chain. Banditry Master kidney to help his ice-crushing hit, the minister to keep up with the break up, heart bursting, out. RUSH fire set in an instant out each other. pastor of reperfusion + power combustion energy is an important means of attack, stations for the thief, animal husbandry is very important law, the Master can read comfortablesheep and change is the key to victory or defeat.
Defense, endurance: ★ ★ ☆
   Master of the refrigerator, the thieves to get away, cloak, vanish, played dead, the suffering of depressed pastor. Defensive ability is not bad. But once the opponent into a war of attrition, the life of the poor is obviously exposed. For thieves Act is pastor Time is life, have a good rhythm, the pressure pushed the past. 2 times the water in the Master element full energy kidney thieves hit game at the end.
Recommended talent, race: Rogue (Shadow Step) human (perception), the dead (the souls of inhibition).
           Master (deep ice) dwarf (master escape), dead
           Priest (discipline) Dwarf (Dwarf form).
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
2 thieves surgery Germany
   Thieves law the sworn enemy of animal husbandry, animal husbandry, if the thief Act likened "Ming" in an instant spike after the outbreak of nine opponents, then the thief operation Tak interpreted as "loss of crane Shou Luo I love" (the rise of dual-chopper) at the right of all. Although the 2.4 patch in the control of small German market capacity weakened, but the thieves Tak surgery still can be a war of attrition against the blood, drain a little bit of blue.
Attack control field capacity: ★ ★ ★
   Operation in Germany is the team's core, dual-control (Warlock fear, fatigue, language curse, small Tak hurricanes, winding, wild charge) to slow down the rhythm of the game, thieves and geographical harassment dogs. To match the time delay The more time the thief operation of the German side the better. In appropriate cases, the wizard sets cheap wow goldcan cancel DOT, fear + thieves blind, nausea disappeared. RUSH out the other side. around the pillar is the basic technique and Germany, it is recommended surgery more than one job to another German team 2V2.
Defense, endurance: ★ ★ ★ ★
   The emergence of dual-chopper before the thief can be said to be surgery Germany the strongest combination of defensive ability. Dual chopper chop wizard no brains. Really embarrassed (also afraid of the high toughness kitchen, equipment, and a hammer.) Surgery because thieves there is no magic solution in Germany, so dogs can manually geographical magic solution is critical. a large number of control skills, a powerful wizard to blood, together with the small effect of the HOT Adechi, the thief surgery super endurance Germany. (defensive skills: the soul link to disappear, to get away, cloak, played dead, travel patterns.)
Recommended talent, race: Rogue (Shadow Step) dead
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Here we are as far as possible for each to produce the maximum effect of talent to add some.
World of Warcraft: Hunter's world to survive
3V3 arena team combination thieves (I)


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