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The Never Ending Story

4/10/2011 - First Blog

Hi all you bloggers!

So this is my first blog from just another normal girl.. Well this morning I wasn't very normal.. Just a little clumsy.. First I couldn't use my creditcard.. Secondly My train departed too early! So I was LATE! Finally I was at my school and what happened?? I was one hour too early! So I paid for a ticket for that stupid train, which I couldn't use and then I'm too early at school.. In the end I did everything for nothing! Well at least I AM having a lot of fun at school. I was very lucky, my first two hours were drama, that's something I like. After all I learned something.. I must now take a closer look at my schedule before I depart.

So to all you bloggers: If you've had a bad day, you're not the only one!! To all you guys: I know what you're going through!

XxX Just Another Girl, With A Normal Life...

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