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• 10/12/2017 - The two sides have not played this season

The two sides have not played this season Jean Francois Jacques Jersey, clash last season three times Lauri Korpikoski Jersey, the Heat to maintain its victories. January 25 this year, the Heat away 109-106 win over the Nets; January 30 this year, the Heat home 104-96 victory over the Nets; February 10 this year, the Heat away to the Nets 108-99. For the Clippers, how to defend Bill will determine the game trend, Doug - Rivers coach said Bill will be the key to the game. Clippers recently suffered a four-game losing streak, Gallinari in a game with the Timberwolves only 13 of 13 shots, poor performance after the first battle back, Jordan got 18 points and 21 rebounds in the last battle, the Savior. It is worth mentioning that it is because of the success of the Warriors Brothers backcourt combination, only to strengthen the other teams after the field double-gun as the core of the team's determination, only the pioneer billion contract renewal Michael Lemme, Wizards double billion contract renewal of double guns and so on Adam Pardy Jersey. So when it comes to the backcourt pair of guns, brave Shuihua Brothers in the era of the ball is a pioneer, they are indeed the best years ago and Star the most brilliant combination Leon Draisaitl Jersey.

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• 10/12/2017 - Despite the Knights winning streak

Despite the Knights winning streak ended, but James has not been affected, he just wants to play every game. "Listen Ryan Smyth Jersey, this is a great streak," James said. "But we never talked about that. We just wanted to play every game and every game. It is clear that the winning streak itself means Will be broken, we have already experienced, however, less than 24 hours, you will once again usher in a fight, this is the best thing. No. 17 seed Cincinnati University, but an easy, they have achieved 7-1 record, but the whole team did not put down the alert, after all, the overall strength of the University of Florida to win more A chip. Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said: "For any opponent you should be aware of their best and be prepared to respond to their best Cam Talbot Jersey, and we look forward to their more than 19 of 2 A good three-point shot. "In addition, he also stressed that the team needs to do better on the defensive end, after all, after they also ate the season's first defeat. These combinations are very strong, but from the star point of view, only the water Brothers and Lori + DeRozan combination are All-Star Tyler Pitlick Jersey, but Lori and DeRozan combination does not have a superstar, most of them two and Thompson a Star, and Curry is a superstar, is recognized as the top 5 players in the league, which makes Clearwater dominance. Can be seen before the formation of the bulb combination Teddy Purcell Jersey, the water brother is indeed the most brilliant combination of Star Alliance.

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• 10/12/2017 - As the 76ers have been decadent in recent years

As the 76ers have been decadent in recent years Dillon Simpson Jersey, Cavaliers have an absolute advantage against Philadelphia, having now won 10 in a row against the 76ers and have won 13 of the last 14 games the pair have played Mark Fayne Jersey. The two teams played on November 28 this year once, when Cavaliers 113-91 victory over 76 people. The Heat did not start well this season, with signs of recovery some time before, allowing everyone to see the shadow of the Lien Chan winning streak at the end of last season, but they now suffered a two-game losing streak and the team lost one after another in the past two games Strong warriors and the Spurs Darnell Nurse Jersey, lost an average of 120 points during the game Luke Gazdic Jersey, they urgently need a victory, let the team out of the tide. The Nets are currently in two consecutive victories, their consecutive victory over the Hawks and Thunder, the team overall performance is very good, the players are very united. The team clinched a deal with the Sixers, sending Trevor Booker, Okafor, Stascons and a second-round pick in 2019 from the Sixers. After this operation, the Nets have a better strength, but due to Okafor almost no appearances this season, his game need to gradually wake up.

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• 10/12/2017 - Knight had 13 consecutive victories

Knight had 13 consecutive victories, tied the team history longest winning streak record Luke Gazdic Jersey, but in the war against Pacers, they played very difficult, 5 minutes 55 seconds before the last section, the Knight only rely on free throws to get 1 points, although they fight to the last minute, but still regret lost, missed the record breaking team history. The Sixers have recently started to decline, losing 1 of 3 in nearly 4 games and currently face two straight losses with the teams losing to the Suns and Lakers at home Zack Kassian Jersey, respectively. The youth army also needs a victory to reshape the morale. The University of Florida, which started out with a 5-0 record before the season, has been in a slump lately and has lost three straight games this week as they took home the week with a 59-69 upset and a weak tour of Loyola University Chicago . In addition they also lost before the same state rival Florida State University, the team's atmosphere is self-evident. Talking about the team's morale, Alligator boss Mike White said, "We have to become stronger, we must help each other to find a better chance, if we start with a five-game losing streak, we have to More powerful in spirit, and to ensure that we make the right choice, we must have confidence in ourselves. Before the combination of Harden and Paul bulb Adam Cracknell Jersey, Warriors Brothers indeed is the league's most brilliant and most powerful combination of stars. To 2016-17 season, for example, when the Union there are several pairs of stars backcourt very eye-catching, namely, the Brothers, Portland pioneer Damian - Lillard + CJ McClelham combination Ryan Nugent Hopkins Jersey, Toronto's Kyle - Lori + Dema - DeRozan combination, Wizards of John - Wall + Bradley - Bill combination and so on.

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