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ESPN invited five Las Vegas bankers

Posted on 6/6/2017 at 07:33

ESPN invited five Las Vegas bankers, so that they give the 1995-96 season Bulls and the current warriors out of Handicap, there are four bankers unanimously optimistic about the Warriors, some people even out of the Warriors to 8 points Handicap Nick Foligno Jersey, which is the lowest Handicap is also a warrior to 3 points Kerby Rychel Jersey. "The two teams are very close, whether it is scoring, the series or what they can control the rhythm of the field, who will be able to win. This summer, the Heat will have about 38 million US dollars salary space Corey Tropp Jersey, you can give big players out of the top salary contract, to chase Gordon - Hayward, Paul - Millsap, Blake - Griffin and other stars. Whitehead said he would lobby the free agent to join the Heat, he said: "I will carry out some recruitment work, help the team to sign two outstanding or even big free agent, I have proved their strength with the players are friends. One of Paul's reasons for doing so is that the move will increase his chances of defeating the warriors Josh Anderson Jersey, and he will enter the West and impact the championship, similar to his situation is Durant, who has been through the media voice willing to pay down to keep The team core competitiveness. Paul's entry will make the Spurs and the Warriors very close? Let's take a look at some of the Spurs how to get Paul's statistical forecast.

Now the times are different

Posted on 6/6/2017 at 07:33

Now the times are different, and now play faster than the 90s of last century David Clarkson Jersey, the players are taller Ryan Craig Jersey, stronger, faster. "A banker said he opened the Handicap for the Warriors to 6.5 points. Compared to the dealer, some of the bankers seem more rational, said the results of the two teams and the applicable rules of the relationship between the rules Curtis Mcelhinney Jersey. Peripheral players use the hands to attack the players, then the bulls will prevail. The Heat scored 30 wins and 11 losses in the second half, but they missed the playoffs because of the bad results in the first half. Whitehead firmly believe that the Heat without the formation of super warships can be the next season title. I think we have a chance next season, I am telling the truth, "Whitehead said," You do not know what Vetters can bring to the team Michael Chaput Jersey, as well as Dragic, the players themselves can become super players, So maybe we do not even need to sign other big names, our current lineup may have been enough to red crown.

Warriors coach Cole has missed the previous

Posted on 6/6/2017 at 07:33

Warriors coach Cole has missed the previous 11 games because of injury, before today he announced the game back. Warriors general manager Myers can agree to Cole comeback coaching, but also bear a lot of pressure, although Cole has been the head coach, but the replacement of the implementation of the coach will make the team distracted, if the Warriors lose, he and Cole will be unanimously condemned by everyone. Myers said and Cole fully aware of the risk of this decision Jack Johnson Jersey, the team has been winning streak before 13 games Marko Dano Jersey, worse than three wins can win the championship, the decision, Myers said: "Maybe you That's right, but you need to trust someone else, I think it's not just about competitive sports, at some point in time, you just need to believe in other people.You need someone else's bet, and I'll always be in Cole's body bet. In the Warriors 132-113 victory over Knight's second finals, the average number of people watching the game is about 2012 million people, the peak when the number of people to watch 23 Dean Kukan Jersey.09 million. This is the highest ratings since 1998, the finals of the second game. Compared to the 2016 Finals second game Cam Atkinson Jersey, this year's finals second game ratings increased by 13%, from 17.76 million to 2012 million.

The main reason why Myers

Posted on 6/6/2017 at 07:33

The main reason why Myers made the decision was that Cole had been feeling good for the past few days and called him and said he was ready to coach. Before the press conference before the game, the two met again, made the decision to let Cole comeback coaching, and directly by Cole participated in the conference Matt Calvert Jersey. This summer, Vettels will become a free agent Rene Bourque Jersey, Whitehead firmly believe that this season will usher in the outbreak of the scorer will stay in the team Sonny Milano Jersey, including will also become a free agent James - Johnson, Whitehead said: "I did not even think they will Leave, I think they will stay in the team next season, they also want to stay here. If Paul chooses the Spurs, it is tricky for the Spurs to clean up enough salary space to accommodate his $ 35.3 million salary. Even if Gasol gave up his 2017-18 season player option to free up $ 16.2 million in space, and the Spurs chose to give up all other free agents - including Ginobili, Mills and Simmons Sam Gagner Jersey, at 101 million salary cap , They can only free up less than 23 million US dollars of salary space.


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