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Baby names and other things

Starting to get bored29/5/2016

Blogging really is not all it's cracked up to be. Random thoughts are just that. Random thoughts that go through your mind. Do we really always want to put them down on paper. Suppose in the "olden days" we would simply have kept a diary.

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Something to ponder for the weekend. I read that the name Elana (girl's) means tree in Hebrew, but could it not also mean God answered? I read that ana means answered in Hebrew and EL means God.  Are all names a strict interpretation of the root elements?

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I should not have started this14/5/2016

Top baby names in Scotland, England and Wales for 2014 - Number 56 Luca. Not exactly a common name in my experience especially as it is Italian in origin. Are there really that many Italian born people in the UK now? Or was it used in a TV series I don't know about?

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Names are funny things. Often we expect it to mean something or have soem historical background (maybe just even a relative). As someone who is interested in baby names you would have thought I understood where my own came from. Apparently I have a Welsh Boys Name -  real name is Banys which means son of harry (although my father isn't called Harry!) . Should never have married an Irish girl, who obviously has an Irish girls name  meaning little fire. Never a truer word!


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