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Silk Dreams - Posted at 08:31 on 11/6/2011 by janetlover

Chinese silk was known 3,000 years ago and until now, this well-noble of all substances not lost its fascination. It is still pure, shimmering silk of the stuff that dreams are made.


Are dreams in hand pocket offers Brokateria. Small, exotic works of art in intoxicating colors, and not simply be overlooked. These silk bags are not for daily use to be they do not own stuffed with all sorts, they are only for very special occasions.


A touch of 1001 give the mini bag in beautiful colors and traditional oriental patterns. The dress is a minor matter in these elegant bags made from pure silk in red, blue, copper or pink.


Unusual in its form, the "banana bags" are. In green, blue or yellow with matching decorative stitching and a handle with a playful bow. Again, the material seductive shiny silk.We recommend the finest silk hermes handbag in casual style.


Simple, almost puritanical, the evening bags in black and white. But here is the stuff of the highlight: Shimmering, magic silk.


The raspberry-red shoulder bag with long handles is a bag for the summer. The perfect complement to the airy summer dress and an accessory that draws envious looks up.


All silk bags are manufactured in India and Vietnam by hand and as the owner of the shop emphasizes, not of children.

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