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How to Gain a 2moons Rare Item

04:37, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


cheap 2moons dil allows you to upgrade the game faster, faster get what you want equipment.

Working on skills and raising levels in 2moons is one thing, but the goal does not change, you just need to mine the amount of coal or iron to get the level or fish some amount of lobsters to get the fishing level, but one target that is forever changing is the goal of earning enough 2moons gold to buy a 2moons rare item.

The cheapest of the wearable 2moons rare items are selling for 25 million gaps which are far in excess of most 2moons Player budgets. So to be able to work for and save up enough money to purchase one of these items cheap 2moons dil is surely one of the greatest 2moons achievements.

This achievement does not even take into consideration the fact that the inflation in the 2moons rare item market is insane; we are talking 100% every year. So unless you can make millions of buy 2moons dil virtually overnight you will no doubt be paying more that you original expect to pay for such items.

This increasing price makes this one of those challenges where the level of achievement is forever ever moving upwards making you work harder, smarter and longer to reach your goals.

Some Ways to Make Money in Cabal

04:34, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


buy Cabal Online Alz is a mysterious game, many people that they think that leveling up with an assassin is pretty difficult.

Cabal Online Alz has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. As a game play, gold is very important.

Without doubt, there are a lot of ways to make money, such as mining, carrying out missions, crafting and trading and so on. As everyone knows, being a merchant, you can buy and sell things. The price difference is the source of profit. The tactic is to buy low and sell high. You can buy some useful objects, equipment, weapons, and even rare materials at a low price, and sell them at a higher price. By this common way, you can get a lot of gold gradually.

It is the most common way to update Lotto Europe levels and make Alz that as for completing missions. With a different level, the player is able to ask for mission with a different difficulty from the NPC. If your level is not high enough, you can not get the mission. However, if you can complete the mission, you can get good awards. You can get some gold, advanced equipment, or the character leveling. The third common way is to kill monsters. Once you kill a monster, there guild wars gold will be some drops. Sometimes, it is a useful weapon. Sometimes, you can pick up some buy alz. At the same time, you can gain some experience.

There are two important ways to make money: mining and crafting. As two living techniques, players can make or mine something to sell for wow gold eon a living. You can get precious stones, metals. If you come across a good market, you can sell them at a high price. That means a lot of gold. It is necessary for everyone to explore. Have a good time in cabal gold.

The Guide for Guild Centered Chats in wow

04:29, 8/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


wow gold is necessary for each player is the hard-won!

The information in wow which we get from other site, hope it can help you more or less, just take a few minibuses to have a look. In order to have more guild centered chats, votes, and so on, we would like to gather all World of Warcraft Tip Dynasty names. It would be very difficult for us to find each of your MT names in game wow. Because we can not always catch everyone online, so it is much easier for us if you simply post it below. If you are a MT Dynasty Member in any World of Warcraft server that we have a branch in, please reply below with your in game IGN.

The overall point of this is to change titles to MD Members or if you would prefer not to change into an MD Member in game World of Warcraft, please state that. By becoming an MD Member you can see the sub-forum in the World of Warcraft Tip Dynasty forum that can only be viewed by the MD Members. So please help us collect your names in order to take place in all guild discussions!

Many topics will soon be added to the MD Member sub-forum and it will help us strengthen the guild overall. Including the much awaited MD Member color change, which we will re-vote on once we get everyone, if not most peoples names. Be sure to specify if you would like to be an MD MEMBER or would just like to be able to see the SUB FORUM.

If you are not a member of MTD and would like to join the fun, please apply in the following sub forum: Application Sub Forum. Thank you! Change is coming to MTD, we are sure you will be happy with the results.

Major Events of prius about prius online gold

06:25, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


buy prius gold as always attracted a large audience and are widely spread the use of the!

Horse Racing

Players level 40 and above who want prius online gold can participate in this event, and a mount for prius online money is not required. However, you are unable to fly. The course of the race is spread over a large variety of terrain. The winner will receive a medal that allows them to continue other quests for prius online money leveling. The consolation prize is a speed badge which can be sold to other players or exchanged for sp.

Treasure Hunts

All players who want to buy prius online gold are able to participate in this event; there are four different locations to find prius online money where this event can take place. Players who wish to participate will need to enter the major cities battle dome for prius Power leveling and open up the treasure chest for prius online money. Each chest for cheap prius online gold can only be opened by one player and the player who does so is vulnerable to attacks. Surprises are released when a chest for prius online money is opened. For example, an ancient monster might appear, or a few potions.

Forest Hunts

Participants are transported into an area containing invincible monsters that drop cheap prius online gold. Players are required to run from room to room, avoiding the monsters when you buy prius online gold, which can kill players with one hit. The objective is to make it to the last room as quickly as possible. Players who succeed in doing so will be rewarded a great amount of exp and sp. There is a time limit of 3 hours for making cheap prius online gold. As time passes the exp and sp value of the reward will decrease. There is no penalty for death. Prius has recently removed the Forest Hunts and Jungle Ruins expeditions from the game due to player exploits.


How to Protect Yourself from the Clans

06:25, 2/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


buy HOT Gold is necessary for each player is the hard-won!

A small group of players get together and start to buy a certain item at max price to get the price of the item Heroes Of Telara to start going up, next this group of players start recruiting others to buy the same item at max price to keep the item going up, when 200-300 are recruited the clan leaders set a dump price that they tell to the non-ranked members of the clan.

Now here is where the scamming starts, the clan leaders tell everyone to keep buying at max price till the dump price is reached, in the meantime the clan leaders are all dumping the item and letting all the non-ranked members buy the item. The clan leaders all make a profit, the rest of the clan is stuck with items that are at inflated prices because of an artificial demand that the clan has created.

It is like the stock market, you are right, but in the real world there are laws against the kind of price manipulation that is going on with these merchant clans. First of all, it is insider trading, the clan leaders have information that no one else has and they act on that information. Secondly, it is a pyramid scheme. The players who get in early and get out early make money, the players who get in late will lose every time.

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