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My baking world


I'm going to talk about one of the most nicest things in the world in this blog: baking. I love it, I want to become world's best baker. :) :) :)

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Making a blog because I have to

So... this is my first blog I guess.. I have no idea what I'm doing actually, but I'll figure it out :)

I'll just tell something about myself.

Hi! I'm Kim, I'm a little big girl from Holland, which I find the most boring country every made by god. Not that I believe in God or something, I just can't. I tried for a couple of weeks. A little bit stupid maybe, but I really wanted to believe in it because it made a lot of people happy. But things happend and I just couldn't believe anymore.

So, traveling. It's my dream actually. I want to see the whole world, every piece of it. I'm looking at photographs everyday and I see more and more places I want to visit. I actually already have seen a lot of places... here they come: Mexico, St. Maarten, Miami, Panama, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Ft. Lauderdale, Aruba, Curacao, Bahamas, Egypt, Thailand, Tortola, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Antigua, Las Vegas and St. Lucas! :) That's a lot right? I love traveling. I've seen all this places with my parents and brother. Only Las Vegas I visited with my nephew and Egypt I visited with my dad, brother and my dad's new girlfriend and her kids.


That's it. :)


Byebye! xox

Posted: 12:37, 3/9/2013
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