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~ Villa Surga at Paradise Island Bali ~ Home | Profile | Archives | Friends

~ Private Family House ~ Villa Surga at Paradise Island Bali ~23/9/2010


Villa Surga - "Villa Paradise" - is a brand new two private bedroom house, built in 2008 and ideally located in a quiet area at walking distance to many delicious restaurants and traditional shops in central Seminyak. The house is located within a 5 minute walk from white sand beaches and the famous Hotel Oberoi and sunset lounge bar KuDeTa.

This serene villa location is ideal for a family or 2 couples seeking Balinese traditions in the neighbourhood and relaxing at home in their private garden, while still being able to enjoy the dining and shopping facilities in the vicinity of the house.


The villa has a large 70m² open living room with views overlooking the swimming pool and the well maintained garden area. This open space is cosy, giving a warm soothing atmosphere especially at night. It is equipped with a large 42” LCD TV, audio system and Blueline internet connection. Two en-suite air-conditioned bedrooms are cool, roomy and nicely decorated, with two separate bathrooms. There is an open quest toilet and maid/storage room on the ground floor.

The large swimming pool measures 9 x 3,5m and is suitable for a few laps, while the sun lovers can rest alongside the pool to get a deep brown Bali sun tan.


The staff includes a cleaning maid who takes care of the house during the morning as well as doing the laundry on request. As extra she can prepare you a breakfast with a fresh tropical-fruit salad as well as an indonesian nasi-goreng for lunch, she is also able to take care for your children as a babysit.

The gardener and pool-boy come by on a regular basis to maintain the tropical garden and to clean the swimming pool.



Details ~

-  fully furnished livingroom with TV 42" LCD.

-  audio equipment, Blueline-voucher internet connection.

-  two bedrooms, fully air-conditioned, one with balcony.

-  two bathrooms, with showers, hot and cold water.

-  fully equipped kitchen.




-  property area 450 m².

-  building area 180 m².

-  private parking inside the gate.

-  located next to Chimera villas and C-151 villas.

-  airport transfer available.



Neighbourhood features ~

-  close to the old Balinese Temple Petit Tenget

-  close to the beach and surfing facilities.

-  close to famous dining restaurants and shops.

-  fitness clubs, spa and massage centers nearby.

-  nightlife of Seminyak and Kuta.


open livingroom with views on garden and swimmingpool view at the side garden with garden sit view at kitchen, and staircase to upper bedroom and balcony


bedroom downstairs, with open doors to garden.



Allthough Villa Surga is set up as a private family house,it

We hope you will enjoy Villa Surga at Paradise Island Bali


~ Contact ~

- e-mail :  villasurga@gmail.com

- Region: Oberoi / Jln Laksmana ~ Seminyak ~ Bali.


~ ------------------------------------------------------------ ~




is also for rent as your holiday house.



~ Usefull links ~

- www.indahnesia.com

- www.thejakartapost.com

- www.cursusindonesisch.nl

~ ------------------------------------------------------------ ~

bedroom upstairs with balcony.










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