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balkan beauty is a different kind of beauty


On this blog I will write about: - fashion, -beauty,- school,- love,- boys, -girls, -dating,- well about daily stuff!!

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it's me

HallOo u all, Im really excited to do this, writing my own blog, jayyy im so happy.. and why am I doing this... well just because I can and just because I like it! Mi bloggers name reveal a bit of my identity: Balkanqueens.. Yeah bitchess Im from the Balkan, most of u should know where that is, and if not: shamee one U!!... so start searching it on google, then you also have learned something for today!! I love working undercover, for that reason I am not going to tell u a thingg... well only thiss than. Im a girl (what a surprise not?:)), 22 years old. student of International Business, got a lovely family, some AWESOME friends, a few crazy ex 's.. and maybe like many of you.... I am searching for THE ONE, Amen to that!! well bloggers, I hope u will enjoy reading my blog!! x0x0 Balkanqueen

Posted: 08:19, 7/6/2012
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