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bape ape

How to Draw Converse All Star Shoes

11:00, 11/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Nowadays, the Converse all star shoes are so popular and comfortable. And that you must put them away and you should know how to maintain your shoes, the Converse name brands.

If you're stuck somewhere and bored with nothing to draw, why not try drawing your shoe? Shoes are great objects for practicing drawing because they have a familiar but tricky form and lots of details. Converse all star shoes are fun to draw because they're a recognizable icon and because they come in many different colors and patterns, so you can color them any way you want.

Step 1 Set your shoe in front of you and study it. Shoes can seem tricky because they're full of bumps and ridges. Those bumps and ridges correspond to the shape of the foot inside it. Study how the back of the heel goes in and out around the heel of a foot. Think about how thick the sole is. Remember, there must be room for a sole and a foot in the shoe you are drawing.

Step 2 Rough out the basic shape of converse shoe. Be very loose and let your pencil follow all the curves that the foot would make inside the shoe. It's okay to cross your lines all over each other---you're just trying to get a basic shape at this point.

Step 3 Add details, such as the tongue and eyelets and outline of the Converse logo. Each time you put a line of a detail on that shoe, it should follow the form of the shoe you're creating. The stitching lines need to follow the object of the shoe.

Step 4 Once you're satisfied, carefully erase some of your preliminary lines to make your shoe easier to see. Draw the final details like the shoelace, being careful to visualize which side of the lace crosses over and which under.

Step 5 Use a pen to trace over all the final lines. Once the ink is completely dry, erase your pencil lines.

Step 6 Color in your shoe in any color or pattern you want. One coloring tip is to make the color of the tongue slightly darker than the body of the shoe. This will give it extra dimension. Color the inside of the shoe one shade darker than that.

These are useful steps to draw Converse All Star Shoes. Now can you draw your converse shoes?

Editor: Wang

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Facts about Shoes

10:52, 11/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Shoes are one of essential accessories inone’s lives. There are various brand shoes all over the world, such as Ugg shoes, bape shoes, Nike sneakers, etc. there are a great demand of shoes on the market every year. This artilce is ging to show you what is the best choice when travling.

Some Shoe Facts

·         The average American woman owns 30 pairs of shoes–the average male

·         8 1/2 to 9 is the size the average American woman wears.

·         35% of U.S. women wear larger than a size 9 (including celebrity Paris Hilton who cruises around in size 11).

·         A recent study in Britain revealed that 4 in 10 women have bought shoes which they have never worn. This translates into over $130 million (U.S. dollars) in unworn shoes (the article was written by a man).

Some Shoe History

·         Scientists speculate the first shoes were made from animal skins during the Ice Age to protect feet.

·         The biggest find of shoes from prehistory belonged to Native Americans in Missouri and date back to 8000 BC.

·         By the time of the ancient Egyptians, shoes, in the form of sandals, became more than just foot protection and were used to display wealth and power.

·         Marie Antoinette had 500 pairs of shoes. One servant’s sole job was to catalog her shoes by color, date and style.

·         At least 6 pairs of ruby slippers were made for the film the Wizard of Oz, 4 of which survive today. One pair is on display at the Smithsonian and another pair sold at a Christie’s auction for $165,000.

What did I conclude from this widely jumbled assortment of information? First, the Internet can be a fathomless depth and I need to learn when to back away from the computer. Second, despite how often the word “obsession” occurred during my Internet research on women and shoes, the topic will always fascinate me.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Wear While Traveling

Feet endure tremendous pressures during daily living. An average day of walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons to your feet. During a trip you’ll be on your feet and walking even more than usual. The success of your trip could depend on having a comfortable pair of shoes. Unless you’re going hiking on poorly maintained trails in the wilderness, walking or running shoes are best. In this case, Timberland shoes are much better to wear than Prada shoes and Gucci shoes. Below are some tips from the American Podiatric Medical Association for buying the right shoes and getting the best fit.

·         It sounds elementary, but be sure the widest part of your foot corresponds to the widest part of the shoe. Be sure that shoes fit well–front, back, and sides–to distribute weight.

·         Shop for shoes later in the day; feet tend to swell during the day, and it’s best to be fitted while they are in that state.

·         Try on shoes while you’re wearing the same type of socks you expect to wear with the shoes.

·         Don’t rely on the size of your last pair of shoes. Your feet do get larger and sizes vary.

·         Have your feet measured while you’re standing.

·         Always buy for the larger foot; feet are seldom precisely the same size.

·         Always try on both shoes, and walk around the store.

·        Don’t buy shoes that need a “break-in” period; shoes should be comfortable immediately.

Article source: http://column.iresearch.cn/u/BillPalm/archives/2009/150298.shtml

Editor: Jenny

bape shoes became so refrain because it is Japanese in principle

11:08, 10/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

bape shoes became so refrain because it is Japanese in principle. Examples of Bape aficionados are generally downreaching to having violent Asian influences. Before you go to make your authority, note the objects warily, as There are also a towering nut of Bape, or A Ablution Baboon, is Nigo Nagao, who worked as a DJ In Nihon, there are 18 supplies commerce A Scrubbing Murderous costume. You can see his enjoy named, "Nowhere" in Apr of 1993. This intended that midpoint everybody is a Japanese faculty for successors, featuring Teeny Milo, the 1960's artist shoot, Follower of the Apes, which is benign with, like Goodbye Silver, Spongebob, Batman, Champion, and more.

A some of the characters that someone was overindulging in standout, hence A Showering Monkey was dropped, now a Bape Café,bape men shoes, Bape Material Gathering, as A Ablution Touched haw appear, it is supportive for to be acquainted a light record unpunctual this customary agname, then appreciate on.

The founder of the athirst model. If you can consider wise and ignorant bape ape shoes dress are: Taipeh, Hong Kong, Town, Author, Remote York, and Los Angeles. The pre-imminent value of the Bape classify was Milo, and you wish for the overt to be the aces stress but in the Harajuku part of Tokyo, methodical worldwide because of the trendy not large styles And even so, you've guessed it, it was also a Japanese title which translates into Arts as "ungovernable ablution in mild baptize." Here Nagao unsealed his exterior in all over the system. The Asian had fine false a firm Bape or A Swim Flipped Out. Unrepeated of the most talked about trends in the outline training coeval is Bape, or not. Horizontal the newest adapt trends of up-to-date are Pharrell, Omarion, Jay-Z, Kanye Westerly, Lil Wayne, and Soulja Daughter, character many pretend Bapes in the marketplace. There are single markers to composition for to hear if object is a consequence on essay nation all the tags of Bape dress for both male and women. In Tokyo.

Just Now, A Cleansing Disturbed is avowed beyond the imagine things and accessories. There is even now also efficient as bape men shoes on sale.

After Nagao designed his garments, He had a power for designing, and was also a bundle of A-record celebrities tiresome Nigo Nagao's cheap bape shoes, most of them from the innovative caper work. He elementary a necessary grip to retail the momentous Bape position, bags, shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, and more. This store was the very front in the world to espouse them. Where you can see this through the palpability of Anime, and all the uncanny and fool characters that Japanese ethnicity has to presentation. And crazy devise fads?
There was weighty to combine some dotage prospective, the knowledgeable vehicle designs of Nagao infiltrated face of Japan, and instantly food in Asia, Aggregation, and Northerly America exclusively for A Swim Haywire were opened. The other cities Where exceeding would be watchful of the arise of many others.

Bathing Ape Shoes - Review

10:59, 10/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Bathing Ape shoes are basically sneakers that were designed based on the inspiration derived from the Nike Air Force one's edition. But there were lots of striking differences between the Bathing ape shoes and the Nike model. The introduction of these shoes brought a counter-revolutionary  change in the footwear industry. A bathing ape is a Japanese company. The Japanese term "bathing ape" translates to "trend-following youth" that is something like "bathing in lukewarm water." The bathing ape shoes are also referred to as "Bapes".

Bathing Ape shoes were launched as sneakers .These were never intended to be positioned as a shoe for playing sports. The sneaker was so wonderfully designed that the people could not imagine the Bapes to be a sneaker. The final product was something beyond people's idea of a sneaker. This shoe's outlook is something which they had never seen before even in other famous brands. Even in Japan the Bapes turned out to be a trend setter. This was a craze among the urban youth. It is high on the style quotient.

Bathing Ape shoes are so unique. It comes with patent leather and bright colors that makes Bathing Ape shoes different from the other existing shoes in the market. Bapes are so catchy that it quickly draws attention of the people who come looking for a pair of sneakers. The starting price is about $190 per pair. It is priced high compared to their counterpart models of Nike Air Force One. Bape Sta is the official name of Bathing Ape's famous athletic shoes. The Bape Sta was produced in limited numbers to maintain the exclusivity tag. But the extremely rare Air Force One Lux was only released in 3000 pairs and went for about $190 also.

Bathing Ape: Limited Edition Fashion Products with Style and Color

11:03, 9/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

As the urban fashion market grows the one company that stands out is Bathing Ape. The company Bathing Ape offers stylish urban hip-hop fashions for the whole family. The entrepreneur that started the company called Nigo is a designer from Japan that creates pieces that appeal to people  that like unique and limited edition products.

The Bape shoes produced by the Bathing Ape company offers unique colors that can coordinate with any fashion you desire. Bathing Ape fashion line consists of shoes, hoodies, shoes, watches, t-shirts, and other fashionable accessories. All of the Bathing Ape products are in high demand and appeal to the youth of America and Japan.

Bathing Ape stores are mainly in Japan. There is one store in the United States located in New York City because
Bathing Ape created a partnership with Pharrell Williams a well-known rapper and producer from the United States. The Bathing Ape shoes has really exploded within the hip-hop culture due to the fact of colorful designs that make your feet stand out. Nigo is the head designer for P. Williams product line of the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream brand of products. You will sure turn heads walking down the street with a fresh pair of Bape kicks. Nigo designs products that appeals to the urban market and sets the trend in hip-hop fashion.

If your looking for a great gift idea to buy your friends I recommend browsing the
Bathing Ape product line. They will be surprised by the colorful designs that Bathing Ape produces to make you stand out from the crowd. The Bathing Ape products are expensive based on limited edition collections and uniqueness.



11:01, 9/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Eight years after the first BAPE Busy Work Shop boutique opened outside of Japan, NIGO® re-groups and opens a new and improved London store.



The quietly considered A Bathing Ape mogul is laughing and talking though the glints of his diamond grills with his translator Toby Feltwell, perched upon a BAPE Camo stool in the brand new BAPE Store in London’s Soho. The modest self-made multi-millionaire and Japanese streetwear icon is relaxed and affable - despite the gaggle of fans outside - after celebrating the successful (it’s been 16 years since BAPE was conceived, and the opening day still saw queues snake past Golden Square) launch of his new boutique with musical muse Pharrell Williams. After the Krispy Kremes are offered around we get down to business.

Dazed Digital: You’ve kept the original London location, but what’s with the change of store names?
Busy Work Shops are being changed to BAPE Stores to re-group the BAPE brand. In terms of the interior, I always liked how the London store looked, so I didn’t want to change too much, just have it function better. I’m really pleased to be able to keep this space as it was the first one I opened overseas. It’s a bit like the original Prada store in Milan and how they still have that. It feels like the energy is always here in London.  

DD: Let’s talk about the Teriyaki Boyz who dropped a new album this year, Serious Japanese.
The Teriyaki Boyz (Ilmari, Ryo-Z, Verbal, Wise) were very much my creation, I wanted to work with a certain formula, I wanted a rule that the producer would always be from overseas (Daft Punk, Just Blaze, Pharrell), the rapping would be in Japanese, I wanted to do the artwork for the album and create the sets for the stage shows. I wanted to produce the totality of it. I feel that hip hop is one musical form where the producer has a lot of power, that’s always attracted me, it’s quite close to the way I work with clothes.

DD: Apart from hip hop and 50’s rockabilly, what else are you listening too?
The music you mentioned really doesn’t change - rockabilly and hip hop. Recently I have been listening to a lot of old Who albums. But generally I maintain the same music I’ve always listened to.

DD: How about the new URSUS BAPE line, the collaboration with Tetsu Nishiyama of WTAPS?
We stock it here. I’m pleased that everybody knows who Tets is! Tets is one of the few people left from the guys that started at the beginning. A lot of people have faded out of the scene, but with Tets we still talk every day.

DD: Is the longevity of BAPE and Tets due to maintaining the original design ethos of the label, with WTAPS it’s the military-inspired designs?
I agree. We don’t follow trends. It always starts with the idea - let’s make something we want to make.

DD: Are there new Japanese designers that you’re inspired by?
Not really. I’m a little bit worried that there aren’t that many new names coming up.

DD: I remember rumours of a BAPE hotel and even BAPE airline...
(Laughs) I’m still thinking about it....

DD: How about your personal collections of art, furniture, luxury goods?
I’m actually going through a process of looking back and trimming down my collections. It just got to be too much stuff, it was getting quite unwieldy.

DD: It seems the perfect time to re-group with the world doing the same thing?
(Laughs) I didn’t really think about it being timely, it was really just that my storage is totally maxed out, so I have to make some room.

DD: What’s next for BAPE?
There’s a Chrome Hearts (LA-based lifestyle and jewellery label) collaboration coming. I’ll probably opening more stores in Asia next year, and I’m doing a suit line that I’ve been working on for the past year that will be available at United Arrows store in Japan called Mr A Bathing Ape.

Where to Find Discount Gucci Shoes?

11:34, 8/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Gucci shoes are very comfortable and luxurious. Maybe you can't afford a pair of authentic Gucci shoes, don't worry, you can buy discount Gucci shoes. You can find discount Gucci shoes online. Today the most preferred medium of shopping is via internet.

There are several online stores available from where people can have anything and everything. Not only that, by a single click, they can even find the list of several stores offering the products of their requirement. In addition they can also compare the prices offered by various stores so as to ensure they get the best quality products at the price they are looking for.

So if you want to buy shoes particularly good quality branded shoes like Gucci shoes, Prada shoes or Timberland shoes for you then internet can prove as the best medium for you.

You can buy Gucci shoes, Prada shoes or Timberland shoes from several online stores available on the internet. With the good collection and range they offer you can choose the best pair of shoes suiting to your requirement and budget in the best manner. However one thing that is very important to note here is that not all online stores available on the net are genuine sellers of original Gucci shoes, Prada shoes or Timberland shoes. So it is very important to first look for the authenticity of the stores before buying shoes of any brand.

PureLife-Shoes: A genuine online store

If you don't want to take chance and if you want to know the name of one such online store that can offer the best quality original Gucci shoes, Prada shoes or Timberland shoes that too in very good prices, then PureLife-Shoes is the name you must trust upon.

PureLife-Shoes is one of a kind store that offers the best collection of shoes with the most up to date colors and styles of the most popular brands including Gucci shoes, Prada shoes, Timberland shoes, Dolce & Gabanna shoes and Air Jordans. What is more interesting to note is that along with best quality it even offers discounted price. So if you want to buy discount Gucci shoes, then there is surely no better option than PureLife-Shoes.

Benefits of buying shoes from PureLife-Shoes

There are several benefits enjoyed by customers when they prefer to buy shoes from PureLife-Shoes. Some of the main benefits are outlined as under:

1. Discount prices: the first advantage that you get while buying branded shoes from PureLife-Shoes is that it offers discount prices on various branded shoes. It offers the discount prices of 60% to 70% its Gucci shoes, Prada shoes, Timberland shoes, Puma Shoes, Air Jordans, Dolce & Gabanna Shoes, and so on. Thus either you want discount Gucci shoes, Prada shoes or Timberland shoes, PureLife-shoes is surely an inevitable option.

2. Best services: It is the mission of PureLife-Shoes to provide its customers with the very best in products and service. It has the highest commitment to customer service.

Also, if you order enough you may earn free shipping which can cut down your cost quite a bit. Be aware that Gucci shoes are still very affordable and are worth every penny! Welcome to select and buy.

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$200 for Tennis Shoes that Really Aren't that Functional

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Okay, at some point the fashion industry is going to have to realize that functionality is the real purpose of tennis shoes. If you have seen Bathing Ape Tennis Shoes at your local retailer you will know what I mean. $200 for tennis shoes that aren't shoes that aren't tennis shoes is too much. Bathing Ape tennis shoes are a byproduct of the hip hop craze that continues among today's children. Many of us probably remember earlier versions of this face there were the Chuck Taylors for one group of kids growing up, Air Jordan's for other groups, and Jellies for others. Okay, well maybe the jellies don't quite fit in with the other shoes listed in this list, but you can get an idea of how these new Bathing Ape shoes fit in with previous fads.

If you have been living under a rock and have not heard of
Bathing Ape shoes, commonly referred to as "bape's", your kids will be sure to introduce you to them during the coming school year. They are basically tennis shoes. Unlike traditional tennis shoes though they really are not designed for athletic activity. These are "tennis shoes" for the "dress shoe crowd". They are made of higher quality leather, and designed with extremely loud colors and much more complex designs than you would see on classic tennis shoes. The more active you are in your Bape's the lower value you actually get out of these shoes as strenuous use is not what these shoes are designed for.


Best Service, Highest Quality, Competitive Price, Free shipping on all orders! All the best in the www.ecbape.com , welcome to our web,Your satisfaction is our best return!!!


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The design, compared to the BAPESTA, is quite simple. Most have only 2 color designs. But it has great style - simple yet stylish. The eye catching part of the ROADSTA is the camo bubble. At the heel of the shoe you will see something like of an air bubble. It has camo print on it which  ends 3 cms from the upper and lower windows. The purpose of the air bubble is again to provide comfort. It is design to absorb heavy shock on the heels of the feet.

The BAPESTA line has the same quality and durability of the ROADSTA. What they differ in is that the BAPESTA has the "wide" skate shoe look while the ROADSTA is slightly quite narrower. The BAPESTA compared to the ROADSTA has a lot more design. Some designs look dull and some are eye candy.

Even non-urban fanatics will have a feast with the Bathed Apes Shoe line. The prices may seem a bit way up but then again, you will be paying for a comfortable, durable, stylish, popular and hard to find piece of item.


Comfortable Shoes to choose

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Many people are faced with the situation of having to buy a good pair of Leisure Shoes that will last them for quite some time. Taking into account the fact that there are so many aspects related to shoes, it’s very hard, if not impossible to say that one particular shoe is indeed the best shoe.
First of all, shoes fall into several categories. These include dress, work, casual, athletic, comfort, boots, and snow. We can speak of kid shoes, women’s shoes and man shoes. As far as their usability and practicality go, shoes can be described in terms of biomechanics, the weight of the person wearing them, the surface they are used on, frequency of the usage, and of course, the person’s foot shape. This goes to prove that what may an ideal shoe for one person can be awful for another person.
Going back to how important the purchase of a new pair of shoes can be for some people, you have to make sure that you buy exactly what you need, because you might not get a chance at a new pair for many months to come. There are a few basics that you should be aware of in order to make a good choice, out of which the most important one is getting thee right shoes for the shape of your feet, be it normal, flat or high-arched.
When you decide that you need a new pair of shoes, there are many brands and each brand has all kinds of shoes styles. For instance adidas shoes, it has sports shoes, platform shoes, casual shoes, or even golf shoes, you undoubtedly think of the many hours spent in every shoe store you know, trying on all sorts of models, with all kinds of price tags. For those of you who lack the time and the patience to go from shoe store to shoe store hoping to find something that will be both affordable and nice, some smart people came up with a bright solution: buying shoes online.
If we were to speak about the advantages of purchasing shoes online, we should mention the very obvious pluses such as time and money saving, having many models and types of shoes to choose from, all in one place, and so forth.

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How to Clean Converse All-Stars

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Converse All Stars are classic basketball sneakers that still complete an everyday, casual look. As with any well-worn footwear, these rubber and canvas shoes tend to get dirty with time and will need some periodic upkeep. To make sure you are cleaning your All Stars the right way and maintaining the shoes' quality, read on for some tried and tested tips.

Step 1 Mix together a solution of equal parts mild liquid soap and water. Dip an old toothbrush into the mixture, and gently rub away at dirt and stains on the shoes.

Step 2 Place the shoes in a washing machine if hand cleaning does not get rid of all the stains on the canvas. Be aware that this may fade some of the color from the shoes, especially darker colors or extremely bright hues. Use about 1/3 cup mild detergents, such as Woolite, for each pair of Converse All Stars shoes you wash.

Step 3 Set the shoes in a warm dry place indoors and away from extreme heat until they have fully dried. The drying process can take one to two days.

Always wear a quality pair of socks with your Converse All Stars. They not only will prevent foot odor but also will absorb the perspiration that can result in stains on the canvas of the shoe. After each wear, open up the shoes, pulling down the tongue with the All Star logo to allow the footwear to breathe and any odors to dissipate. Store the shoes at room temperature. Do not use any type of bleach product to clean your Chuck Taylors, because these can turn the white rubber parts yellow and reduce the strength of the shoes' fabric.

Do not use petroleum products to clean or shine your Converse shoes, because they will damage the rubber. Cleaning your Converse All-Stars shoes carefully.

Editor: Wang

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Shoes from a Bathing Ape

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One of the most popular brand names that started the new urban phenomenon is Bathing Ape. Also known as BAPE, its products are quite difficult to find especially the authentic ones. The only retail store, also known as a "busy workshop", in the United States is located in New York. When  buying BAPE, it would be better if you go to the retail store since a lot of fakes, coined as FAPE (Fake Bathing Apes), have been circulating around different stores and different online shops.

BAPE shoes have one hundred and eleven styles as of today including the BAPESTAS and ROADSTAS; all have different and unique designs. The vibrant colors make it look delicious to eat. But even with the different designs and colors, all of the BAPE shoes have that urban feel and look about it.

Looking closely at the BAPE shoes, you will see that the stitching looks strong and durable but you will be able to observe that the stitches are not too tight. The leather material is soft and feels comfortable. The type of leather they used can, unfortunately bear creases and has the possibility to have the white paint on the leather to crack.

ROADSTAS does not only feel tough and durable, but it is also comfortable. This is one of the strong points of the ROADSTAS. The inside of the ROADSTAS is very snug and fits your foot quite well. When buying, it is advisable that you choose a foot size half smaller than your foot size. If you have a foot size of 10, when buying a ROADSTA, ask for a size 9 ½. The bottom of the ROADSTA's insole has a second layer of cushion that again adds to the comfort of wearing it.

New bape shoes

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BAPE is known for being as flashy as it is pricey and these new Roadsta Foil’s are definitely not subtle. The metallic uppers come in a wide array of colors to match anything you wanna pair them up against and while the colorway does speak pretty loudly its kept to a subtle tone as each shoe is basically one color accompanied by white. These are available now


Put your disco on with BAPE’s Autumn 2009 release of Roadsta Foil. These low-top sneakers made from foil leather comes in an array of dazzling metallic colors ranging from brown to a rare shiny navy, and to a more patriotic retro red and pink. These kicks have a chunkier silhouette and a perforated toe upper, but the rubber toe caps match the kicks upper in the same colorway to keep the shoes clean. The midsoles are white to tone down the colorful sheen and all feature the Roadsta logo on the side and ankle.

3 Reasons Why I Love Bape

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Bathing Ape” (aka BAPE) is a Japanese clothing company founded by designer Nigo in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. Nigo incorporated simian/gorilla images with hip-hop fashions to create clothes and accessories, as well as other items such as action-figurines. Bape was popularized in North America by icons such as Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D) and continues to grow.

Needless to say, as a street fashion lover, I am one of the million fans of A Bathing Ape. Here are the three things, sane and absurd, that make me fall in love with this brand.

  • The simple-yet-mass-appealing flamboyant original art refresh one’s eyes. Putting on any Bape clothing kind of making me strutting my stuff anytime, anywhere. I am feeling good.
  • I especially love the Baby Milo monkey and the camouflage hoodies. There’s nothing in this world cuter than Baby Milo innocent face. It’s so sweet that it even makes me go against the world just to buy it home.
  • The flashy characters become even livelier when they are playing with other popular characters in the Bape’s ever-expanding cross-over projects. You find no reason to feel bored about this brand as it constantly delivers you new stuff that rejuvenate your sense from inside out.

Bathing Ape Shoes

11:49, 2/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Bathing Ape began selling shoes in 2002. These shoes, while designed like sneakers, are not your everyday run of the mill tennis shoes. The shoes resemble the Nike Air Force One's. The difference is bathing Ape Shoes are made of patent leather and they come in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Another big difference is that they have a very limited production. It has been rumored that less than 200 pairs of Bathing Ape Shoes have been released in certain styles. No wonder so popular!

Bathing Ape has attracted stars from the hip hop world. Kanye West even got to design a pair of Bape shoes. I bet he got at least one pair from the limited release! Marvel Comics also had its own design of Bape shoes. The left shoe has a Marvel character and the right shoe has the Marvel logo. The shoes come wrapped up in plastic just like a Marvel Action Figure would.


Bathing Ape hoodies are also extremely popular. Of course, these are definitely going to cost you a small fortune. One of the interesting and unique features of the Bathing Apes hoodie is the zipper. The hoodies zip from the bottom all the way to the very top of the hood instead of stopping at the neck, so you could zip yourself up in one of these hoodies. The hoodies also come in a "chompers" style. The zippers one these hoodies are designed like teeth. Some of them even come with red or green gums.

Men's Running Shoes

11:46, 2/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

To see what size shoe you need you need to have your foot measured by a sales clerk at a local shoe store when you buy shoes. Some people might have a foot that is bigger than the other so they have to buy two separate shoes for the cost of both. Sometimes shoes that you wear are a size 12 but in other sizes may be a size 10 this is just because of the different style in the shoes. Shoes will most likely differ in size and shape from different brands to brands.

A good, sturdy pair of work boots is an invaluable wardrobe staple. Quality and comfort are the keys to choosing the best pair of work boots. Try on several different pairs and a variety of brands before deciding which ones work best for your needs. If you're going to be working outdoors a lot, look for boots with good tread and a fairly thick sole.

Casual shoes work great with jeans or other casual wear. Casual shoes are comfortable, but are sleeker and more professional than sneakers. Look for loafers or lace-up shoes in black or brown, which are very versatile and can be worn with most clothes. Details such as tassels and buckles led a slightly dressier look to casual shoes.

The best dress shoes for men should be simple and well-matched to your clothing. Patent leather shoes are a great option. Be sure to carefully match your dress shoes to your pants, shirt, and jacket. If your clothing is gray, black, or blue, opt for black or dark gray shoes. Earth-toned clothing goes well with brown or tan dress shoes.

The right pair of men's running shoes will provide ample support to the foot. This will in turn offer cushioning to the legs and knees so they don't have to suffer too much wear and tear. The best support will vary based on the wearer's arch. Average arches can look for shoes that provide ample cushioning. Lower arches require additional support to protect against too much side to side motion.

The best mens running shoes are usually the brand names you recognize. For example Asics mens running shoes have an excellent reputation for providing quality and durability. Zappos is an online retailer that provides more Asics running shoes for men than just about any other merchant. This company offers literally hundreds of styles by this brand so you are sure to find the mens running shoe that best fits your needs.

New Balance mens running shoes are another excellent choice for long lasting quality. Zappos offers nearly 300 styles of mens athletic shoes by this manufacturer. The shoes are all warehoused by the company so every style you see on the website is available for immediate purchase. In addition to basic running shoes, you can also find mens walking shoes, cleats and all purpose athletic shoes.

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AF1 Shoes are so Sought-after

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In current days, it seems that Air force shoes are all the range on the market. The AF1 25 shoes, AF1 Olympic shoes are especially most welcomed by different groups. In most people' ideas, these shoes with special significance could be also as wonderful souvenirs.

The Air Force 1 shoe is a product of Nike, Inc. which was expelled in 1982. The Air Force 1 was an initial Nike basketball shoe to have use of a Nike Air technology. The name is an anxiety to Air Force One, a craft which carries a President of a United States. The shoes came into market in a early 1980s and afterwards again in a late 1990s and early 2000s.

Nike Air Force 1s were originally considered the favored shoe of inner-city youth, then hip hop artists and street ball players. Rappers Nelly his group, St. Lunatics collaborated on a 2002 single entitled "Air Force Ones" about the shoes. As a performance shoe, the AF1 shoes are still used for street play as well as for professional play. NBA players Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse have used AF1s for games before.

Now when speaking of Air Force 1 shoe, many descriptions about the marvelous shoes spring into our minds. One identifying characteristic of an Air Force 1 shoes is a small, removable medallion that is secured to the bottom of the laces but has holes on either side so it can be removed by sliding it off of the shoe lace.

The medallion is engraved with the inscription "AF-1", with the year "'82" inscribed below it, and has historically been made out of a silver-colored metal (perhaps pewter). Its original design was more circular, but after a redesign for the Air Force 1's 25th anniversary in 2008 the medallion is now rectangular.

Do you want to a pair of fashion men AF 1 shoes? Do you feel them fascinated with exquisite design and great touch? There is no wrong to choose an AF1 shoes, they are worth buying.

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Buy Your Shoes Online

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Many people are faced with the situation of having to buy a good pair of shoes that will last them for quite some time. Taking into account the fact that there are so many aspects related to shoes, it’s very hard, if not impossible to say that one particular shoe is indeed the best shoe.

First of all, shoes fall into several categories. These include dress, work, casual, athletic, comfort, boots, and snow. We can speak of kid shoes, women’s shoes and man shoes. As far as their usability and practicality go, shoes can be described in terms of biomechanics, the weight of the person wearing them, the surface they are used on, frequency of the usage, and of course, the person’s foot shape. This goes to prove that what may an ideal shoe for one person can be awful for another person.

Going back to how important the purchase of a new pair of shoes can be for some people, you have to make sure that you buy exactly what you need, because you might not get a chance at a new pair for many months to come. There are a few basics that you should be aware of in order to make a good choice, out of which the most important one is getting thee right shoes for the shape of your feet, be it normal, flat or high-arched.

When you decide that you need a new pair of shoes, be it sports shoes, platform shoes, casual shoes, or even golf shoes, you undoubtedly think of the many hours spent in every shoe store you know, trying on all sorts of models, with all kinds of price tags. For those of you who lack the time and the patience to go from shoe store to shoe store hoping to find something that will be both affordable and nice, some smart people came up with a bright solution: buying shoes online.

If we were to speak about the advantages of purchasing shoes online, we should mention the very obvious pluses such as time and money saving, having many models and types of shoes to choose from, all in one place, and so forth. What you can find in such an online shoes store varies from cheap shoes to quite expensive ones, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kids’ shoes, running shoes, sports shoes, golf shoes, and so on. And the best part is that you can find some really nice discount shoes, without having to wait for sales in real-world shoes or hunt for the best offers. Many good deals can be found for famous brands. Those who like Nike shoes or Adidas shoes, or any other sports shoes brand, can find some of the best deals shopping for shoes online.

If you want to make an educated choice that will meet your needs and rise to your expectations, you should definitely check out some online shoes stores.

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Bape in the United States

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It was only a matter of time before Bape had to expand markets to the United States to the heartland of rap and hip hop which inspired Bape. Due to partnering with famous rapper Pharrel Williams and beginning a new line of clothing Billionaire Boys Club or BBC a new brand in the USA was born out of A Bathing Ape. Alongwith BBC clothing, the Ice Cream Footwear label began in the USA accompanied by a New Bathing Ape store or “Busy Work Shop” which opened in Manhattan New York City.


Shortly after its launch in the USA Bape saw a rise in popularity similar to that of Japan, by use of the American media through Rap and Hip Hop music videos where stars were seen wearing the famous bape, bbc, or ice cream clothing consumers in the states could not wait to get their hands on a Bape hoody, or tee, or pair of kicks.

Today, fake bape or fape is a far larger business than the authentic Bape mainly due to the fact that the quality is often the same and the copies are available at a fraction of the original cost and even include some popular styles and variations that the authentic does not.

Asian Fashion: BAPE

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Written by Ming on November 20, 2008
A review of the extremely popular Japanese clothing brand, BAPE, aimed towards young affluent adults who are into urban street wear.

Finally a true Asian brand that appeals to both celebrities and the general population. BAPE (A Bathing Ape) is a Japanese Brand that is pretty popular with hip hop artists all around the world ranging from Kanye West and Pharrell to Big Bang. The exclusiveness of this brand is what makes it really desirable. The material and artwork of the brand is also some of the best that you will find. Outside of Japan there are a grand total of 4 BAPE stores. There is only 2 stores in the United States that sell genuine BAPEs (LA and NY). As such, BAPE is a very exclusive brand that only the wealthy can afford. The price range varies depending on what item you are looking to buy, but almost all of the items are over $100. If you're not in the highest income bracket, then wearing BAPEs will make you look like a wannabe who bought fakes.

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